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originalblackhebrew • 1 week ago

if you rich and black you are a target. Either a target of the police, a target of dirty bitches trying to get rich or a taget for racism in general. If you are a celebrity please listen...the era of the groupie and free love is OVER. These bitches grew up watching men dog their aunts, their mothers, many have been molested as children and are now man hating feminists. Be careful out here. And remember haters its innocent until PROVEN guilty!!!!!!!

AnastasYah • 1 week ago

Innocent Until Proven Guilty?How about Guilty Until Proven Innocent While Black.There.I fixed it for you.Shalom

originalblackhebrew • 1 week ago

No you didn't fix it I already said we are targets. However I am reminding people before they get on the Nelly guilty like they did with Cosby the man is INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty fuck this racist system.

BXWarrior • 1 week ago

Bill Cosby is innocent. He was framed up because he tried to buy the NBC network. The rape charges are a way to punish him and lower his finances. That way he will never be in a position to buy the station again.

timessquare100 • 1 week ago

Yea right, Bill Cosby is a fuckin creep. People in showbiz knew this for years...stop the fuckin celebrity whorship! We cant continue to support scumbags just because their black. Dont compare the Cosby situation to Nelly. Nelly is innocent until proven Guilty Cosby is old school pervert, who been slipping pills to woman since the 70s,,stop it already!

originalblackhebrew • 1 week ago

we go by evidence not by heresay thats why he free. You wait 30 years to try to prosecute? lmao

cromthelaughinggod7 • 1 week ago

You are correct brother!

AnastasYah • 1 week ago

Upvote Granted

Qent64 • 1 week ago

Being a rich blackman he's Guilty if you can prove your innocence.... FUCKIN SHAME

oppa • 1 week ago

If you're Black period, you're a target. People can see a brother in a suit and think about getting paid all day long, even if he doesn't have any money.

news.globaldailymedia • 1 week ago

Must agree

mineisbigger • 1 week ago

Cosign...times have changed...a nigga with money is like a walking, talking lotto ticket mf's are looking to cash out

BlackDude • 1 week ago

Better do like 50 cent, make them hoes sign a confidentiality agreement and a consent form before he hit it. Thirsty hoes will sign it as long as Lisa Bloom ain’t present!

mineisbigger • 1 week ago

I'd be interested in how Derek Jeter swam with the sharks during his baseball career

Jutuyn Rush • 1 week ago

Bingo. Derek Jeter needs to write a book on this.

Yawdan • 1 week ago

All this, and he wasn't even charged with anything? Bruh if this lady is lying sue her and jail her.

TheGodfromNysa • 1 week ago

Need to start burning these hoes at the stake

#Salem Thot Trials

cromthelaughinggod7 • 1 week ago

Haha aww man! God you are 2 for 2 on the comedy tonight. Salem thot trials. I am using that. Haha

THE BLACK MAN IS "GOD" • 1 week ago


Ridgewood • 1 week ago

They need to make a new law that when a women makes rape allegations and than the celebrity beats the case the women need to do at least 1 year in jail for lying and trying to assasinate someone’s character

Iaintbias • 1 week ago

celebrity? any females that lies on any man about rape should automatically get 5 years no parole and put on a list of false rape accusers.

Blazingorilla • 1 week ago

No, they should get the same amount of time the man would get if he was convicted. Plus she pays all lawyer fees, AND can be sued in civil court. Oh and she can not profit off the story on lifetime or a book deal. Victims Services will handle that portion. But yeah, fry these thot pockets up.

Penny Wise • 1 week ago

They should be treated as a sex offender registry and in they own neighborhood telling me he gonna rape you on a tour bus and you gonna drive back home with him and get dropped off and you don't run off the bus and at least tel the driver lmao feminists are going in on nelly they almost worst than vegans lmao

NO, I hope that them hoes who have done this or is waiting to flase accuse a nigga of rape DIE in a plie of ape shit.

THEROCKSAYS • 1 week ago


YallNiggasHoes • 1 week ago

Shoutout to the black community for not feeding into this 💯

Brown Sugar Babe 💋 • 1 week ago

Nobody believed that whore anyway. 😒

Infinite • 1 week ago

he pissed someone off, they always use this tactic to take someone down.. esp with black folks.. bet you anything the accuser is a white bitch

Larry • 1 week ago

After nelly get found innocent they gone legalize rape

Wendell smith • 1 week ago

In the words of Chris Brown...oooooo these hoes aint loyal

TheGodfromNysa • 1 week ago

'Every nigga pimpin knows,
The name of the game is cop and blow,
Bitches come and bitches go,
Best to always stay on your toes'

-Ancient African Proverb, author unknown

Executive • 1 week ago

Only a stupid nigga would even think ho's and loyalty belong in the same sentence, might want to quote a nigga with some common sense.

Wendell smith • 1 week ago

You must be captain save a hoe or something...but there is a such thing as a loyal hoe...its called pimpin you sucka ass duck ass nigga

Executive • 1 week ago

A ho is only loyal to money you fuckin simp. Expecting a ho to be loyal means you have some real bitch made tendency.

Nelly b aite

Mr.G • 1 week ago

I think he fucked her, swiped his credit card in her crack & she didn’t like it so she’s crying rape

New Sheriff👺 • 1 week ago

Just like pops "Roc" said in menace to society "The Hunt is on". First Mystikal, now Nelly, who's next, Lil Yachty or Bow Wow, smdh. I'll have my tour bus and hotel looking like Family Dollar with all them damn cameras I'll have in there.


illdaniel • 1 week ago

This man is innocent. He fucked Ashanti.

Ridgewood • 1 week ago

Just another Lisa Bloom lawsuit

Mandingos_Uncle • 1 week ago

Hope so.

WRITER1 • 1 week ago


G.o.d.d.e.s.s. • 1 week ago

I'm glad he hasn't been charged

wilfrid fred • 1 week ago

Nigga still at 40,let unknowed groupie thots get into their shit...

Wisdomain • 1 week ago

Even if you're found innocent your image is tarnished

BXWarrior • 1 week ago

He needs to get lawyered up quick and store as much evidence as he can. This is a targeted attack and if the police are on the payroll of the perpetrator evidence will be misplaced or disappear.

Animal in Man • 1 week ago

She's an agent Nelly pissed sombody off

J DOOM • 1 week ago

The prosecutor going to play the jury that tip drill video in court and the jury will be like GUILTY!

Greenwood3838 • 1 week ago

That's crazy am aint even charged. Dunn fucked up this mans rep over this. Even if he beat the case its always will get brought up like kobe years later they need to charge that groupie. He got money already but restoring your rep will the a long time

Was this nigga in jail or not . Murphy Lee was the best rapper out of all of them

Penny Wise • 1 week ago

Nelly been with Floyd chick for the longest he gonna rape you on a bus smh why you ain't tell the driver no security on the bus y'all parked at Walmart why you ain't get off the bus women put they selves out there and then cry rape its 3 am and you on a tour bus lmao should been home with your kids groupies are the worst they actually bring feelings with them.