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arcanisgk • 2 years ago

i need it for lastes version 4.X.X and 5.X.X

Kai • 2 years ago

Hello, how to use bootswatch lux theme with bootstrap? Thanks much!

lefty P • 3 years ago

Where would the filter panels be located here , I can't seem to find them. Are they called something else in Bootstrap 3?

Andre Greeff • 3 years ago

Is it possible to calculate the colours used in generating a theme from the final `theme.css` output file..?

I'm currently updating a project that uses a stylesheet generated by this tool, but now I need to update Bootstrap and I don't have any way of re-generating the same theme again. :/

Any suggestions?

Meleo • 4 years ago

The "Live" customizing does not appear to be live-customizing....

Meleo • 4 years ago

I have used this before...in fact love it... but nothing is changing in the main panel when I change details in the right panel...such as colors, etc...(and now, suddenly it is....gremlins?)

Davy Nixon • 4 years ago

Is there a paid version of this app? Also, wondering if the tool plans to support Bootstrap 3.4 and 4.x versions?

István Ujj-Mészáros • 4 years ago

There was a paid version on Codecanyon, but I have removed it as their cut was way too high. I am just considering starting a Patreon page and making it downloadable with a pledge. Let me know if this may work for you.

FYI the paid version is basically the same as this hosted version (in fact it knows a bit less as the bootswatch theme selector is not built into that). But it can be used with any less project, not only Bootstrap.

I didn't notice that 3.4 came out, just added it :)

I do want to support v4.x in some way, but it is possible that I will just use the less port of bootstrap 4. But I want to generate a variables.scss file even if I use the less version, so it will still be helpful with the original sass version of v4.x

Dagg • 4 years ago

It would be good to have possibility to change/download only part of Bootstrap theme. If I for example buy template and want to change only buttons, by inserting your .css file it will override all other settings on that template

István Ujj-Mészáros • 4 years ago

Unfortunately I can't add support for it, you have to manually filter out the css that is required for overriding those styles.

If the theme is built with less and you have the source less files for it, then FYI there will be a downloadable version of the tool (maybe for Patreon supporters, but I have to figure out this possibility) which can be used with any less project, so is able to recompile the whole project with the customized variables (and you don't have to load the original css file then, the recompiled.css file will be sufficient - but you must have less source files of the theme for this to work).

Lucio Pelinson • 4 years ago

Great tool!, It's perfect...
Good Job!

Martín P. • 4 years ago

Great tool! But now it seems it' s completely ignoring the theme.less contents... and the "load bootstrap default theme.less" does nothing.

Andreas P. • 4 years ago

Same for me. Could you please fix this? It worked just fine in the past…

István Ujj-Mészáros • 4 years ago

Hey guys, thanks for reporting it. FYI this issue is just fixed, please let me know if you see any other issue!

Guervyl • 4 years ago

The nav tabs border colors are not replaced on theme.min.css. Examble: @nav-tabs-link-hover-border-color

Adnane ZA • 4 years ago

Hii, I have Purchased your item from codeCanyon to use later and now when I try to download it I find that you have deleted it and no longer available :s !

István Ujj-Mészáros • 4 years ago

Please drop me an email and I will send it: styu007@gmail.com

Matteo • 4 years ago

Hello, and congratulations for this wonderful tool.
I wanted to know if and when compatibility with Bootstrap 4 will arrive.
Thank you.

István Ujj-Mészáros • 4 years ago

Hi Matteo, I am actively working on it, I do really hope that it will be ready in the next 1-2 weeks.

David Lewis • 4 years ago

Great tool, but some buttons are missing? When I import United and then save the theme.css none of the btn-outline- buttons are there and so cannot be referenced in my GUI. They also dont appear on screen. Thanks

István Ujj-Mészáros • 4 years ago

Hi David, currently the tool doesn't support Bootstrap 4 and there were no outline buttons in Bootstrap 3. You can expect the BS4 version of the tool in the next couple weeks.

David Lewis • 4 years ago

Thanks for the quick update István and looking forward to the update. Thanks

Oleg Berman • 5 years ago

Hello guys! I also created a similar tool for Bootstrap v4, https://bootstrap.build . It's open source and has way more features than anything out there (like Google Fonts integration, Sketch-like color picker, variables suggest, live code snippets editing and more and more... You can also export SASS variable file or a custom Bootstrap build.

Gaurav Panchal • 5 years ago

Can we add a custom theme file for our over ride which is available here?

Gaurav Panchal • 5 years ago

Awesome Work Mate. I am sharing it everywhere

István Ujj-Mészáros • 5 years ago

Nice work Oleg, congrats!

Oleg Berman • 5 years ago

Thank you so much István! :-)

Simpleqode • 5 years ago

Just wanted to share that we've created a similar tool that works with the latest Bootstrap v4: http://bootstrap-4-live-cus.... Feel free to give it a try and send us your feedback!

Michael Blijleven • 5 years ago

I tried but it does only generate css? No option for scss?

Evgeny • 5 years ago

variables.scss generation will be added in the next update. Stay tuned!

juspin • 4 years ago

but ....

Michael Blijleven • 5 years ago

Great, good job!

Ana Ramirez • 5 years ago

I don't know if it helps, but you could zip your code and sell it at Itch.io
You can adjust the amount of their fee from 0% to 100% (10% is default though). There are a bunch of people selling scripts there. You wouldn't be out of place. (:

Steven Barnett • 5 years ago

Just followed the link to the commercial version and it tells me that its no longer available. Is there no way to buy wthis wonderful tool any more? If it's been removed from CodeCanyon, is it likely to be removed from here too?

István Ujj-Mészáros • 5 years ago

Hey Steven, thanks, this free version will definitely stay here.
I have to find an other way of selling the script as Envato is not fair in my opinion, I got only 31% of the price as they were deducting many different fees (despite almost all my buyers came from my site), and I just got tired about it.
I am looking for alternative ways on how to sell it (and I welcome any suggestion), but if you urgently need the script then drop me an email at styu007@gmail.com and I will just send it for now.

Atta • 5 years ago

I'd suggest Paddle.com. Create a free account, upload your script and sell it directly to your customers. They charge only 5% fees.

István Ujj-Mészáros • 5 years ago

Looks interesting, thank you.

Steven Barnett • 5 years ago

I was mostly worried that this site would disappear and I'm so relieved to find it won't! You've saved my colleagues many hours of trawling through less files and it seemed a reasonable thing to do to pay you something for that. Pity you can't use Amazon Marketplace or eBay as a shop front, but I guess that might be expensive too. Not sure how much Digital River charge - they're in to selling software.

It's not urgent. We will have a need for a simplified version of this page, but that can wait. I'll just keep checking back for ways to give you money!

István Ujj-Mészáros • 5 years ago

Thanks Steven, it looks that Digital River has a payment gateway, that looks interesting.
FYI I am already working on the Bootstrap 4 version, but it is a pain thanks to the move to sass.

Steven Barnett • 5 years ago

Most of the "small" packages I buy generally end up at the Digital River site.

The main reason our app hasn't gone Bootstrap 4 is because of the horrors of re-coding our less files as sass files. We just don't have the time for something that isn't a great deal of benefit to us. At some stage, I'll have to write a converter.

Tấn Nguyễn • 5 years ago

big thanks

Robin Islam • 5 years ago

WooHoo!! Loving this ^_^ Thank you very much

AKEEL AHMED • 5 years ago

i love it .thnx

Yonghwan SO • 5 years ago

hello, I confused on the 'color' of error and warning for the forms.
I recently used this customizer as recent version, v3.3.7, it generate:

associate @brand-danger to .has-warning
associate @brand-primary to .has-error

Is it right?

Bradley Baysinger • 5 years ago

Appears to be broken in both FF and Chrome, actually. Error: NameError: variable @dashboard-gutter-width is undefined in bootstrap.less on line 58, column 4943:

István Ujj-Mészáros • 5 years ago

It seems to be an error in the theme.less, which is editable if you click on the "Edit theme.less" button.
Was it caused by a bootswatch theme?

Bradley Baysinger • 5 years ago

Oops. Looks like this is broken in Chrome, as of this weekend. Looks good in FF.

Bradley Baysinger • 5 years ago

Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit), OS X. Let me know if you need more details.

Hyeonil Choi • 5 years ago

I think, good remaking css design on bootstrap. so Useful that~.

Ingy K • 5 years ago

Hi, does the paid version allow for importing the css files created by Live Customer on this page for editing later?