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Box Back • 1 month ago

For the portrait, why the bust have no glow?
I had a custom portrait for you if you want

Nate • 1 month ago

Thanks I Would Like It If You'd Make A Portrait

Sicon183 • 1 month ago

do a xv1 version

Nate • 1 month ago

I'm Sorry but i Don't Play xv1 anymore

brennen stahl • 1 month ago

make him have more health since he has the kaioken other than that nice mod

Nate • 1 month ago

K . I'll Do It When I Come Around To It

Spire64641 • 1 month ago

Hey Nate, I'm sorry but I lost my discord account, if you or someone could help me, it would be great!!!

Nate • 1 month ago


Tio KKX • 1 month ago

The portrait used was done by me a while ago, I would like you to give me credits ...

Nate • 1 month ago

Now You Have The Credits In The Mod Description

Nate • 1 month ago

Oh Sorry i will

Tadao • 1 month ago

the kaioken version add the skill kaioken x10

Nate • 1 month ago

When I Tried The Outfit Broke

Hammad khan • 1 month ago

plzz make ripped shirt vegeta and ripped shirt gohan
base form

Sammerick Thomas • 1 month ago

I wish someone could do all variants of Goku in this form.