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Lisa Slade • 3 years ago

In 2010, I was planning a trip to Egypt which required me to have a tetanus vaccination... At that time, I had a normal, regular, like-clockwork menstrual cycle... A month later after returning from Egypt my menstrual cycle went haywire... and ceased... I havent had a menstrual period since... My GYN says, Its just early menopause... I told her what happened and she doesnt believe... I'm angry and I am hurt. I WILL NEVER GET ANOTHER VACCINATION EVER!!!!

longtallweek • 3 years ago

I believe it. I had a bad experience with a vaccine too, but it was a flu shot. I had to get a flu vaccine because it was required for nursing school. The very next day, I started getting hot flashes. These hot flashes continued on nearly every day for about two years (they slowly tapered off). I also did not get my period for 6 months after getting the flu shot. I was so sick after getting the flu shot that I had to take a medical leave from school and it was terrible. At this point, I dont ever want to be vaccinated again.

Jeannie Johnston • 4 years ago

Thank you so much for your research. My husband (just turned 50) and I have been married for 20 years. In the first couple of years of our marriage we started trying to have children. We were shocked to find out he was azoospermic showing absolutely no signs of sperm at all. He does not have a history of the mumps. Blockage was a possibility however, we've often wondered if any of the vaccines in the late 60's and early 70's have been linked to this condition. It is also of interest to note he was a slow reader as a child and was placed in a special program to help him learn to read. Any information you may have would be appreciated.

barrrio • 4 years ago

my daughter has the same problem she got 3 shots of gardasil and her period stop now the tests showed early menopause doing more test but she no longer will be pregnant and a natural way.so sad and angry

Psalm 23 • 3 years ago

Fasting and prayer is helpful. I pray that the Lord heals her.

A Female • 4 years ago

I am one of the unfortunate ones that was sterilized by my Countries' Military Medical Industrial Complex. I'll give you the background. I am in my early 40's, was married, wasn't on any birth control because we not necessarily wanted or not wanted children. However; I kept having miscarriages, I originally thought it was his faulty sperm but as I got older and did more research on the world in general I put two and two together.

I went and got my wisdom teeth out at the ripe age of 20 and while I was under the Dentist most likely gave me the tetanus shot to make me sterile. How I know this? I remember that my cycles were bang on every month then a month after the wisdom teeth procedure my periods were out of whack and I gained weight. Had another procedure 3 years later called a Laparoscopy and received another shot, again my period was out of whack. Then 3 years after that I actually received a tetanus shot at the hospital because I hurt my hand really hard on an old rusty nail and was worried about getting blood poisoned. This was in the year 2000. I was 26 then, again in my supposed "fertile years". About 6 month after that I had problems with my pituitary gland. My breasts would get big and hurt and my periods had completely stopped and I gained weight. Went to an Endocrine Specialist and he prescribed me medicine to bring down the swelling of my gland. I only took the medicine for 5 days because it gave me very bad stomach aches, nausea and diarrhea. My gland magically healed in the 5 days and my hormones went back to normal.

At the time I was not on the internet and was not educated on things. My marriage failed when I was 32, still in my so called "fertile years" so I started to experiment. I went out and had unprotected sex with younger males then myself, of course legal age. I finally got pregnant 2 years later but again my body killed it off. And that is why I had thought that I might be rh- blood but found out that I am 0+. This was 7 years ago, I am now a dried up old prune. Thanks a-holes!

Curious tho.....I am a First Nations female and wondering why they chose to ruin my life when all the other native females out there make horrible dysfunctional mothers but me a loving individual was not able to bore a gift of being a Mom? My sister is having problems as well, she is only half Native and Scandinavian and is happily married to a younger gent then herself. Wondering why the Gov't f-cked up our lives? Why not fck with the fat ugly reserve hos?

Guest • 4 years ago

I have a theory about Down Syndrome aka Trisomy 21 which is more common nowadays than ever before. It used to be that women who were approaching menopause had the risk of having T-21s. Now it seems like it is more common to see them being born to much younger women. Could it be that vaccines are causing women eggs to age faster thereby increasing the risk?
Does anyone know?

HoustonGrandma • 5 years ago

https://www.lifesitenews.co... Consider this in view of the ZIKA babies, and ask yourself: Is it impossible the UN would cause something like the ZIKA mess, intentionally trying to abort people without there knowledge? Consider the arrogance of the people of the bubble, they know best....

Cathy McMahan • 5 years ago

it was developed in 1947, Rockefeller owns the patent. And they just happen to have a vaccine for it coming out. hmmmmmmmmm

Lavazza • 5 years ago

And these studies were presented at the WHO-sponsored session of the Third International Symposium on Immunology of Reproduction, Bulgaria, 1975.

I know • 6 years ago

It's here in America too. Im a 39 y o woman, never able to have kids. I couldn't even get pregnant! 4 yrs ago, during a pelvic exam, my gyno found a tumor the size of a baseball near my left ovary. During my surgery to remove it, she later told me that my ovaries looked horrid, the worst that she had ever seen in her 20+ yrs of practice. So, she had to do a complete hysterectomy!
But there are so many brainwashed fools that will never accept the truth about the toxic vaccines. If you are incompetent enough to believe that those shots are safe, and take them, at least leave your children out of it, and let them have a fighting chance! Please don't be a mindless drone! RESEARCH! It won't kill you! But believing the government and the CDC just might...

Psalm 23 • 3 years ago

Fasting and prayer can help. I Pray the Lord heals you.

Dr. Tim Morrow


Spekx • 6 years ago

The creepiest thing about vaccines (in my mind) is that you don't see stories in your local media when a vaccine treatment goes wrong at your local hospital. You don't see vaccine makers allowing some 3rd party to put their products through rigorous scientific testing to assure the public of the safety of there product.

I could say the exact same thing about the GMO's that many governments around the world have banned. But I digress

Agenda 21: Turns its monstrously hideous head towards us again......

Please remember its the job of the UN to reduce the world population by 95%. They will not hesitate to use our food and water and vaccinations/medications against us.

Auntie51109 • 6 years ago

They have
gone to great lengths to obfuscate the damages. From splitting lots, to
discouraging doctors on reporting, and then topped it off with heavy lobbying
and marketing. https://therefurbishedrogue...

Dilbar • 6 years ago

These arguments all are based NOT on any real case study, but on loose assumptions. ... I recall an old joke

The joke below is about a scientist who is experimenting on frogs jumping…

The scientist yells “JUMP!” at the frog and the frog jumps one meter.
Then he cuts off one of the frog’s legs, yells “JUMP!” and the frog jumps half a meter.
Then he cuts off another of the frog’s legs, yells “JUMP!” and the frog jumps a fifth of a meter.
Then he cuts off a third leg, yells “JUMP!” and the frog does not jump. He yells “JUMP!” again, and the frog does not jump.
“Aha!” he says. “I have my result!” So he carefully writes in his lab book: “When three legs are removed, a frog becomes deaf.”

This is obviously a humorous example of bias in a science experiment. What do you think of his experiment and his results? Is this an example of extreme sampling bias or extreme measurement bias?

Take some time to think about one or both of these examples and return to make a comment.

D Thomas • 7 years ago

Best argument FOR vaccines evvaar. I mean.. uhm if this is true it is morally in the darker shades of grey, but environmentally and pragmatically brilliant.

Chris Sydney • 5 years ago

The golden rule always applies.
If you aggressively kill in war, you permit others to aggressively kill you.
If you sterilize others, you permit others to sterilize you.
If you yourself accede to being sterilized then you are morally correct.
If you rather others be sterilized while you remain fertile you are morally incorrect.

Lou • 7 years ago

"What I have discovered, I am sure that many would agree, is absolutely
horrific. It appears that many of the recommended vaccinations are known
by the governments and pharmaceutical industries to cause infertility.
Many of these vaccines are mandatory. We need to ask ourselves why our
governments are deliberately force-vaccinating us with vaccines known to
cause infertility."

The UN Agenda 21 is THE master political plan being implemented in almost every country on this poor earth. UN Agenda 21 has a population reduction [Depopulation] section.

If we fail to see what is right in front of our noses we are finished.




The freedom to say NO is in the end our MOST important freedom. Please use it and use it OFTEN.

When they start to truly "force vaccinate" by smashing our bloody bodies into the pavement as they force in the poisoned needle, It will be obvious to ALL they do not intend to help us. Is this what it takes? I hope not but if it is required to save our children and the human race I hope we have the stomach for it. IMO anything but the stealth genocide we now have with "vaccination".

Depopulation is just the FIRST evil use they have in mind for "vaccination". How can anyone accept a needle and syringe of SOMETHING from people who have repeatedly lied, misrepresented, covered up and then lied about it all?

Huff • 7 years ago

You know why Whopping Cough was eliminated-vaccines. See a lot of Polio-oh vaccines again. You people are literal idiots. The reason we have outbreaks of these diseases (like mumps on the Ohio State campus-also preventable with a vaccine) is because you people are ignorant-can't follow correlation, probabilities, or basic empirical evidence.

Eliza Ryde • 2 years ago

I had the whooping cough so no its not eliminated pretty sure never was.....and I was vaccinated. Very vaccinated...we had all the recommended shots including whooping cough. This didn't happen just to me...but me AND 4 of my siblings. We also got the the MMR again when it was recommended so they could eradicate measles. That would have been our third shot. My brothers got mealses. I didn't but my brothers did. Now I am a HUGE skeptic now. Something is very wrong with vaccines. I also can't get pregnant now. I have very early miscarriages. Be careful who you call idiots. Sometimes there is a reason why people are skeptics.

not an idiot • 7 years ago

No huff you are an idiot. If a doctor plainly said that getting a vaccine could possibly cause infertility, no one in their right mind would take it. Would you agree to go into an operation where the surgeon said there is a chance I'll take out your reproductive organs while I'm at it and the surgery may not even help what I'm trying to do? Hell no. Vaccines are not 100 percent effective and the new world order has made no attempt at hiding their depopulation agenda from vaccines to putting fluoride into drinking water. If you don't think it's true, call your local water treatment plant and ask if they do, also ask about the Federal regulation requiring all water treatment facilities to chlorinate the water, even better test your tap with a pool tester. I bet you anything it test ideal for a swimming pool. You say we're ignorant, but just take the word of people in power assuming they give a crap about you. Lol sure I'm the idiot. Oh and by the way I have an I.Q. of 148. So yes I'm the ignorant one.

Jacob Pitt • 4 years ago

You are a priceless piece of gold. My IQ is 175. It's here in writing so there's proof! And my IQ says that you are totally right about the depopulation agenda, I mean look at how much the population growth has slowed during the last 50 years... smh


Truth Seek • 3 years ago

My IQ matches yours Jacob. Wow, that's great! Now, Imagine how much more the population would be without disease, war, etc, most of which is planned and implemented by those with power and wealth? (In whose interest - cui bono - it is to keep the masses under control, including the numbers)

Just because the population is still growing for now and hasn't yet flat-lined, doesn't mean the goal isn't being aimed for. It means the goal of depopulation is some way off, but hasn't reached the tipping point of a downward curve on a chart.

Sorry, but your nugget just lost its glitter, fool!

The following chart may be a tad more illustrative.

You'll note that the growth peaks and starts slowing just post introduction of vaccines (among other "innovations")

Lou • 7 years ago

About 70 people die of mumps each year. Many of these people have received NUMEROUS "mumps vaccines".

Now what is the COST of injecting the MMR and other "vaccines" into hundreds of millions humans?


Guest • 7 years ago

Probabilities are under reported and frankly are quite irrelevant when it's your child who has died or seriously been harmed by a vaccine. Neither whooping cough nor polio have been eliminated. Perhaps you should evaluate the empirical evidence before you berate others as being literal idiots rather than just parroting the standard bylines. The Bill Gates Foundation is actively vaccinating for polio in India, with a form discontinued here that already caused lots of harm in the past, and in 2011, almost 48K children were harmed by the vaccines and those harmed by the vaccine are twice as likely to die than those who contract polio. Trying to get these children access to more hygienic conditions would probably be a more effective use of the money and go a long way toward combating disease in general. Here's one link regarding the polio vaccine campaign in India. http://nsnbc.me/2013/05/08/...

WebDebunker • 7 years ago

That you believe everything you read on the internet, is the issues with most of these discussion. nsnbc. is not a new or credible source for information:


Just a blog started by someone who wanted to get people to find him by mis-typing msnbc in their browser. It's Cyber-squatting at it's best, journalism at its worst.

Lou • 7 years ago

"Trying to get these children access to more hygienic conditions would probably be a more effective use of the money and go a long way toward combating disease in general."

Yes this is what CLEARLY what has solved our "Childhood Diseases" problem.






Guest • 7 years ago

Basic imperial evidence - of the 28+ people who have contacted mumps in Ohio, only 1 has not been vaccinated. --- now, for some basic logic, if the vaccine works, the vaccinated person has nothing to fear. If it doesn't work, it's not the miracle you're claiming it to be. Finally, for some basic morality. Vaccines do cause harm to some people. If you are in doubt, go research the basic empirical evidence. VAERS was set up for a reason. However, trying to file a VAERS Report is a bit of a joke since they ask the filer to state which vaccine caused the problem when there is a good chance the victim was vaccinated with several all at once making it hard to pinpoint the culprit. I don't acknowledge that anyone has a moral right to forcibly or deceitfully harm one individual to possibly save another. To argue that you must force a child to get vaccinated to possibly save another child from a possible future disease is no better than to argue that you are going to take food away from and possibly starve one child to possibly save another. In fact, I would argue that the first case is worse given that the danger is not imminent.

Nat Philosopher • 7 years ago

A survey of the scientific literature:

The Published Data Shows Early Adjuvanted Vaccines are Dangerous

Abstract: We survey numerous publications on injections of
antigens or vaccine relevant quantities of aluminum salts into infant
animal models, all of which report that they induce autoimmune disease
or brain damage if they occur during critical periods in development or
are sufficiently repeated. We survey epidemiological studies bearing on
the same issues, and find they support similar conclusions. We are
unable to find cogent support in the peer-reviewed literature for the
safety of injecting vaccines into infants. We make a few predictions
about what other proposed epidemiological analyses would show. We remark
on previous surveys that have failed to include any of the evidence
surveyed here.


Christine • 6 years ago

My daughter developed 2 autoimmune diseases after the mmr. The vaccine reporting site has always made it impossible to report.

courageandhope • 8 years ago

There is Imravax (or Improvax, various brands I guess), the vaccine given to male pigs to cause sterility to prevent "boar taint." They call it "immunocastration." FAQ's said if a person should accidentally get injected with it, it "....may produce similar effects in people to those seen in pigs. These may include a temporary reduction in sexual hormones and reproductive functions in both men and women and an adverse effect on pregnancy. The risk of these effects occurring is greater after a second or subsequent accidental injection than after a first injection. A single injection, however, may prime the immune system to react to subsequent injections, in the same way it does in the pig so anyone experiencing a single injection should not use the product again."


courageandhope • 8 years ago

A person could also look at each individual ingredient in a vaccine for reproductive toxicity. For example, thimerosal, or for that matter, mercury in any form, is a reproductive toxin, although thimerosal is too toxic to have been ever adequately studied (and yet it is still present in some vaccines given to children and pregnant women, and the World Health Organization was fighting to keep it in vaccines given in third world countries--which happen to have high birth rates:
http://shotofprevention.com.... There are safer vaccine preservatives that are not cost-prohibitive. It is odd that when eugenics is the goal, human life is no longer inestimably precious.
A few material safety data sheets for thimerosal: http://www.sigmaaldrich.com... (p. 6)


Jim Bob • 8 years ago

So over 6.5 million doses of HPV vaccines given over a 6 year period in Australia and Dr. Little identifies one patient who had ovarian failure and somehow she draws a conclusion that the HPV vaccine is the culprit? POF was identified three-years after vaccination. What happened between that time?

What the deuce? How did this shit get published?

How did she draw that conclusion with absolutely no causal mechanism identified or no attempt to verify her findings elsewhere or even a remote explanation of how her hypothesis works? How did the vaccine cause POF?

More to that point, how come no one else here asks these questions?

Seattle Girl • 7 years ago

There are thousands of serious adverse reactions to this vaccine. Just research it. Better yet, get the vaccine and try it for yourself.

Seattle Girl • 7 years ago
Seattle Girl • 7 years ago

Wake up Jim Bob! There have been many complications, even death, from the HPV vaccine...she simply pointed to one. Brain injury, neurological effects, ALS or MS type symptoms....on ad on...and on....Not only that, topical flea treatments. These flea treatments work by causing parasitic or bacteria infection in the fleas causing parasitic castration so they can't reproduce. One of my cats is very ill. I gave him this topical flea treatment a few months ago. He lost the use of his back legs, and I thought he had had a stroke or heart attack. I also noticed that the hair on his hind side was growing like cracy. I had lost or threw away the package accidentially, when I was looking for it to put on my other cat - thank goodness. I have brought the sick kitty back by use of DMSO, sodium chlorite, artimisinin (antiparasitic) B50 (full b vitamins), unrefined seasalt and ACV (also antiparasitics).

Lowell • 8 years ago

What would it take, Jim Bob; the evidence of more harm than good being done by such as Gardasil and Cervarix is all to clear, and those cases are everywhere. How many young womens lives need to be destroyed before it is enough? Again, the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines in reality, remain highly unproven. These vaccines need to be taken off the market until proven safe and effective, and they never will be. They clearly never should have been approved; either of the two. Studies funded and connected to the corrupt pharmaceutical company Merck, are simply no longer unacceptable, at this point. GSK as well, how much corruption have they been proven to have been responsible for? The DOJ site clearly has the record of it and the amount of penalties paid, go there.

Gardasil Victim Speaks Out After Two Years

Gardasil, The Real Truth

Lou • 7 years ago

"What would it take, Jim Bob; the evidence of more harm than good being
done by such as Gardasil and Cervarix is all to clear, and those cases
are everywhere."

Let us expand this thinking a little. Our children are the most "vaccinated" and "medically treated" in the world; often by a factor of three to five times. Naturally one would expect EXCELLENT results from this "EXCELLENT" care and treatment.

How then do we explain that US Childhood Mortality ranks 46th in the world? Our children 1 - 5 are DYING at a greater rate than 45 of the 187 or so countries in this world. Is BIG Medicine INC helping to kill our children?

Something is VERY wrong and we had better figure it out.

Markus Heinze • 8 years ago

At it again Jim Bob? Questioning the independent minded while supporting special interests. I believe you never showed any of your expertise. Here again a chance to show us how to design a study proving safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

Jim Bob • 8 years ago

Yup. I'm at it again. I know that you have distaste for critical thinking but its what I do.

As for your second point, I see no point in creating a fictional experiment that won't be implemented. Dealing in hypotheticals is not scientific. Its a useless and pointless exercise that you continue use to detract and evade from the information I post.

Perhaps you would like to do something useful like tell me why my comments are incorrect or invalid?
I'd love to engage in a meaningful debate but I don't see any takers.

Seattle Girl • 7 years ago

You have no supporting evidence for what you say. How about you take and injection of this HPV vaccine, and tell us how you feel 6 months from now. Can you say, Chemical Castration, Jim Bob???

Markus Heinze • 8 years ago

Jim Bob ... Methods and design to prove causation should always be the same. Proving causation (whether in social science or in medicine) should be based on the same design no matter the variables introduced. The reason why you will not provide such a design is because you need to know the outcome first in order to match your methods and design to that outcome. I don't understand your hesitance as all you comment on is based on fictional studies. There are no independently funded and conducted trials and when it comes to doing a real and not fictional study proving safety and effective as of vaccine you object. Such a study would of course consist of true placeboes and withing independently conducted trials and comparing vaccinated to non vaccinated in double blind studies. Vaccines have never been proven to be effective and you are not willing to show how to design a study that would prove effectiveness as, for your own safety, need to stay within the boundaries of the studies designed to prove an already determined outcome. That makes you either uneducated or a coward.

Jim Bob • 8 years ago

I'm a coward because I won't design my own fictional study? Or do I just see it as a waste of time?

As for your double-blind study, everyone knows why its not done and it has nothing to do with who funds it.

Taking two groups of people, giving one group a vaccine and the other a placebo and then intentionally exposing both groups to a viral agent is unethical. Especially knowing that one group is completely unprotected. I'm surprised that you don't value human life enough to see this.

There are loads of epidemiological studies showing the inverse relationship between vaccination rates and infection rates. That is scientific despite your attempt to suggest otherwise.

Seattle Girl • 7 years ago

Take the vaccine, Jim Bob (here, drink the koolaide) We are all waiting to see how you fare. Don't go whining when your gonads shrivel and rot.

Markus Heinze • 8 years ago

You don't have to design your own study. The design is already established. You just have to pick the correct one and show us that you actually know what you are talking about. I see Jim Bob as a fake and cowardly character not only hiding behind a fictional character, rather than disclosing his full name, but more importantly hiding behind a scientific community that relies on methods and design created to match a predetermined outcome. You have yet to put anything in writing that stems from your own creation. For once, step up to the plate and let us know what methods and design look like to determine safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

Jim Bob • 8 years ago

Or we could look at the established evidence and critically evaluate it instead of completely pulling new data when the data already exists. Which is what I did by asking those questions above about said research. You can choose to ignore my analysis or you can choose to tell me why I'm wrong. You chose the former.

As for not disclosing my identity, given that you and your ilk tend to threaten death and other harms to those with pro-scientific views (see Offit death threats or McCaffery hate mail), I'm inclined to keep myself and my family safe.
That being said, my identity (or lack there of) doesn't erase the critical analysis that was posted above.

Markus Heinze • 8 years ago

Yes, it is unfortunate that some people will stoop so low as to threaten others. As far as you implicating me threaten ANYONE, please provide the evidence as I can assure you I haven't. On the other hand I can post some of the threats and derogatory messages I received from your friends for the simple fact of sharing stories of vaccine injured children. So, back up your words and provide the evidence.

I chose to put forth my own ideas as in my book and the articles I am writing. I haven't seen anything that establishes you as having a valid opinion. Please provide me with anything you have written. Or simply provide me with some expertise - for instance the design of a study proving vaccine safety and effectiveness. Here too, back up your words by providing anything you have created.

John Lagan • 8 years ago

If vaccines were just a placebo then this phenomenally profitable $23 billion business would just be a gigantic fraud, but add in all the gunk, and it's sinister beyond words.

Tetanus jabs deceit from ' Assault on the Species' by Patrick Rattigan:

"During World War II there were 12 recorded cases of tetanus, of which, 4 were vaccinated.

Persons wishing to contract tetanus, or to endow their offspring with it, should first collect samples from the soil, dustbins, sewers etc. This should then be sent for analysis to determine the presence of tetanus spores. When the confirmed spores are returned, a deep gash should be made in the arm into which the spores should be placed, the skin pinched to trap the spores and the arm bandaged to exclude the air. Persons not immune to tetanus should then contract the disease.

As the above practice is widespread, it is understandable why every child and every hospital case involving broken skin needs to be jabbed routinely with a vaccine whose side effects include seizures, high fever, Guillane-Barre Syndrome, fatal anaphylactic shock, neurological damage, abscess, inner ear damage, myelin damage etc."

VaccineRisks • 8 years ago

Excellent and most important article.

Merck subscribes to the Norwegian vaccination and medical birth registries which are linked. How much have Merck paid for this subscription? Who has received this money?
Gardasil approval letter From FDA to Merck:
Includes the following
3. You have committed to conduct a study in collaboration with the Norwegian Government, if GARDASIL is approved in the European Union and the Government of Norway incorporates HPV vaccination into its national guidelines, to assess the impact of HPV vaccination on the following in Norway:

e. The interaction between administration of GARDASIL and pregnancy
outcomes, especially congenital anomalies, by linking the vaccination registry with the Medical Birth Registry.

(Gardasil was included in the childrens' vaccination schedule, corruption being implicated in connection with the negotiations. Thousands of young Norwegian girls are unknowingly part of a gigantic research project).

courageandhope • 8 years ago

All safety and effectiveness studies should have been done before the vaccine was given to our kids. Pharma is pushing hard to give this vaccine to every young person, male and female, of childbearing age or approaching it, even full knowing that cervical/anal/throat cancer--with which HPV is associated only as a co-factor--are diseases of older adults.

When you think about it, the whole thing is ridiculous. By the time the kids are old enough to get these cancers, surely any possibly immunity to the rare, cancer-causing strains (out of 40 sexually transmitted HPV strains known, out of 150 known strains total) will be long gone. Regular pap smears and early treatment are still needed and effective to save lives. HPV is so common, with 50% of adults and 40% of children infected with it at any one time, according to Dr. Christiane Northrup's book, "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom," Ch. 9 on HPV; worth reading. A healthy immune system clears an HPV infection within a reasonable time on its own, so why is this vaccine necessary? We have trusted; perhaps our trust has been misplaced.