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Mike H • 1 year ago

YouTube did shut one of my channels allegedly due to many complaints! All I did was to show already published news regarding Islamist hate mainly where I live in North EU / Finland -Sweden ! There are very many Muslims out there who work as a trolling network ....What I wish to see who is directing these Islamist media Trolls!

George Parker • 1 year ago

Just another example of Google - YouTube prejudice. Project Veritas has all the dirt on the Google and it's wrong doings. I tried posting a link to their site but the censor bot prevented it.

maggoting • 1 year ago

I'm not Israeli, but would be proud to be one. But I am a fighter for the under-dog. Well my dear Jews, it looks like we will have to continue to fight these communists which are disguised as unwra. As we are all aware that this most corrupt and above all EVIL organisation will one day all be in Hell for the misdemeanours of their earthly actions....Shalom.

Steve C • 1 year ago

This is how sick the world is.. When YoU Tube can close of a group that preaches hate and talks about killing and destroying Israel, you know the world is out of wack.. We just read the portion in the Bible called Noach last week in the synagogues when the world was out of wack.. If the Messiah doesnt come soon, we the wolrd will have craziness whether by each other or by G-d, which we havent seen in 4000 years.. To bad the left who doesnt believe in anything will laugh.. But when it happens they wont believe what is happening....

Cecilia Robarge • 1 year ago


alpcns . • 1 year ago

Even within the whole corrupt, ineffective quagmire that is the UN the UNWRA has a special place - seldom a more corrupted organization has survived so long. A complete farce.

cammo99 • 1 year ago

The culprit is the UNWRA which has deceived the west for decades in order to sustain its "refugee" programs which is its pay day. No refugees no UNWRA. And given the level of corruption at the UN s there really any wonder how this came about? The question should be what did they threaten You tube with?

Marvin Feil • 1 year ago

None of the Comments seem to address the issues raised in the article. It would be nice to see YouTube's response, if any.

duncanmc • 1 year ago

I rarely comment here any longer because of this guy. I'm not sure if he's mentally challenged or just bored but you'd think the moderators would rein him in a bit.

Marvin Feil • 1 year ago

Read and Comment as you wish. Personal attacks, I think are inappropriate.
This is the gist of what I object to:
"The center has concentrated much of its efforts on exposing
corruption within the Palestinians’ dedicated United Nations agency
(UNRWA), producing a number of mini-documentaries relating to the
None of the videos actually violate the platform’s policy, nor did YouTube follow its own rules.
So why was the channel really shut down?"
I would love to see what, specifically, YouTube objected to, and what rules were violated.
Also,why do you think I am "mentally challenged or just bored".

duncanmc • 1 year ago

The comment was an answer to the Messiah Persian King. He posts nonsensical blocks of text.

Marvin Feil • 1 year ago

Apparently this was a misunderstanding caused by Disqus. As you can see above, your comment was recorded as directed at me.

Some people post silly things, just to have an argument.
Be well.

idiot put a battery of cannons, and radius all to zero! Allah is the culprit and Allah will pay his own!
TEL AVIV, NOVEMBER 3 - "It must be clear that as far as we are concerned Hamas is responsible for every attack coming from the Strip. I will not go into details about our plans but will continue to act on all fronts for Israel's security both openly both under cover, by sea, on land and in the air ". Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu said this at the opening of the government meeting in Jerusalem after the 10 rockets launched from Gaza to the Jewish state between last Friday and Saturday. Netanyahu also said that Israel is "in a period of volatile and delicate security on many fronts: in the north, east and south".

#PARIStan, #Londistan etc.. etc.. NOVEMBER 3 - Violent night in the #banlieue (Erdogan Islamic #enclaves UMMAH mecca 666 kaaba) in #Paris, where clashes and looting began last night south-east of the capital, in particular in #Chanteloup-les-Vignes, where - as always happens more often - police patrols have been the subject of stones and incendiary objects.
The violent attacked a circus, setting fire to the tent.
Interior Minister Christophe #Castaner spoke of "vile and idiotic" actions. The mayor Catherine Arenou spoke of a Chanteloup as a center "prey to any kind of aggression for several days", recalling among other things the continuous power cuts and public lighting caused by young people who then indulge in looting and fire protected from the dark.
it's all Macron's fault: why before sending the police to Erdogan's territory?
he must first ask permission from him!

PARIGI, 3 NOV - Nottata violenta nella banlieue (Erdogan enclavi islamiche UMMAH mecca 666 kaaba) di Parigi, dove scontri e saccheggi sono cominciati ieri sera a sud-est della capitale, in particolare a Chanteloup-les-Vignes, dove - come avviene sempre più spesso - pattuglie della polizia sono state fatte oggetto di lanci di sassi e oggetti incendiari.
I violenti hanno attaccato un circo, incendiando il tendone.
Il ministro dell'Interno, Christophe Castaner, ha parlato di azioni "vili e idiote". La sindaca Catherine Arenou ha parlato di un Chanteloup come di un centro "preda di ogni tipo di aggressione da diversi giorni", ricordando fra l'altro le continue interruzioni di corrente e di illuminazione pubblica provocata da giovani che poi si abbandonano a saccheggi e incendi protetti dal buio.
la colpa è tutta di Macron: perché prima di mandare la polizia nel territorio di Erdogan?
prima deve chiedere il permesso a lui!

in fact Assad told me: that he is dying to host all the Palestinians definitively, because Erdogan scares him!
GAZA / TEL AVIV, NOVEMBER 3 - Indicated as a possible rocket launcher to Israel, the military wing of Islamic Jihad has today called a press conference in Gaza in which it did not take the paternity of the attack but specified that it did not fear Israeli threats. "Our task - a covert Islamic militia militia told reporters - is to protect the people. The threats of Israel have the sole effect of strengthening our determination". In Israel, some media reports that the launch of ten rockets from Gaza to the Israeli city of Sderot on Friday was probably ordered by Baha Abu al-Atta, referred to as the commander of Islamic Jihad in the Northern Strip. According to these media, it is an independent military leader, not always coordinated with Hamas nor with the political leaders of his own organization.

Lurene • 1 year ago

I am glad you mentioned in your comment above the distinct messages/threats from Islamic Jihad's spokesmen compared to threats from other, often break-away factions within the terror groups and threats from government leaders in the region. Terrorists do not sign agreements with each other like, say, nations that oppose each other. Intelligence about terrorists is difficult to gather. For one thing, terrorists often work as lone wolves and strike out when they alone do so. Sometimes, as well, terror organizations keep lone wolves in the closet, at arms length. Whatever the case, lone wolves don't like conference tables with governments or with even other terrorists. One feature of terrorism in general, though: Terrorists always claim some kind of legitimacy, claim their goal is to protect themselves or their populations. In fact, terrorists are not politicians or accountants. If their targets disappear, the result is anarchy and/or dictatorship which is not out to achieve law and order for any population.

your analysis is completely wrong.
one cannot understand the jihadist galaxy, if one does not reach the head of the serpent Mecca idol Kaaba: the demonic possessed Wahhabis in Riyad: Aziz-Salman and therefore the Koran is not studied from the theological and Cabalistic point of view ..
the jihadist Galassiah (financed by all the ARAB LEAGUE) serves initially to terrorize:
1. all secular-laicity Muslims,
2. all Islamic governments,
3. all infidels kafir and dhimmis,
4. all the apostate takfiri and Murtidi
initially it serves to condemn to death all the muslims country who want to dissociate themselves from the dogmatic paranoid approach that ISLAM sharia law, his Ummah genocide produces!
this is a demonic infestation against the human race of free men

la tua analisi è completamente sbagliata.
non si può comprendere la galassia jihadista, se non si raggiunge la testa del serpente Mecca idolo Kaaba: i wahhabiti indemoniati: Aziz-Salman e quindi non si studia il Corano dal punto di vista teologico e Cabalistico..
la Galassiah jihadista(finanziata da tutta la LEGA ARABA) serve inizialmente a terrorizzare:
1. tutti i mussulmani laici,
2. tutti i governi islamici,
3. tutti gli infedeli kafir e dhimmis,
4. tutti gli apostati takfiri e Murtidi
serve inizialmente a condannare a morte tutti i popolitici che voglio dissociarsi dalla impostazione dogmatico paranoica che ISLAM sharia law Ummah genocidio produce!
questo è una infestazione demoniaca contro il genere umano degli uomini liberi

50% of all crimes taking place in the world?
all are signed by the devil Allah

**** Journalists killed, 55% in countries at peace
Unesco, murders against those who denounce corruption are on the rise
Syria, car bomb in the northeast: 13 dead
Middle East.

**** In Tal Abyad, under Turkish control. Militiamen among victims
Afghanistan, 8 boys killed by bomb

**** It was on the roadside in the northeast of the country
Pakistan, protests continue

**** Siege in Islamabad. From an ultimatum Islamist party to Imran Khan
Zarif: 'The US returns to the nuclear agreement'

**** 'Instead of imposing sanctions'
Impressed military post in Mali, 53 dead soldiers
In Indelimane, in the Menaka region

#Khamenei (jihad Erdogan cult): #Iran (genocide and replacement theology: Ruhollah's father Khomeyni was Jacob: called Israel) not respects the dialogue with the USA, because it is useless !!
"In the world there is a government (of demons Allah infestation) that does not bow to the dictatorship of the satanists Morgan Rochefeller Rothschild American FED 666 FMI NWO," said the: Guide supreme of the known dogmatic maniacs: sharia law hamas

Khamenei (culto jihad Erdogan): #Iran (genocidio e teologia della sostituzione: il padre di Ruhollah Khomeyni era Giacobbe detto Israele) respinge il dialogo con gli Usa, perché è inutile!!
"Nel mondo c'è un governo(di ingìfestazione demoni Allah) che non si piega alla dittatura dei satanisti Morgan Rochefeller Rothschild americana FED 666 FMI NWO", ha detto la: Guida suprema dei maniaci religiosi: sharia law hamas

Hong Kong
Clashes in the mall, 4 stabbed
China in theory is 100% right
but, who managed to make the two systems?
this nobody in the whole world could say!

Hong Kong
Scontri in centro commerciale, 4 accoltellati answer.
la Cina in teoria ha ragione al 100%
ma, che sia riuscita a realizzare i due sistemi?
questo nessuno in tutto il mondo lo potrebbe affermare!