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JGray1 • 3 months ago

let me know in two years how this worked out. nothing the arabs say can be trusted until it is proven by time and their efforts to remain as working partners. fake photo ops and smiles no longer mean anything. those who want to partner with Israel or have an enduring peace are treated by hamas as collaborators and shot dead in the streets. hopefully this ends well. for a change.

Erica Ling • 3 months ago

Doubt if Hamas will ever change, but ordinary people get so tired of living in the past, on promises, in squalor. And if the offer of change is out there......All of us want something better for our children.The Palestinian people will come to realise with Hamas, their children are just sandbags. to absorb the bullets and generate propaganda. And change would be faster if interfering, ignorant westerners ceased to support Hamas and feed the delusion that "one day, all this will be yours."

Grace Joy • 3 months ago

Is this to make it easier for the A rabs to take over?

Don Spilman • 3 months ago

Seems like the ONLY reason doesn’t it Grace Joy!

cammo99 • 3 months ago

Good luck on that, my feeling is that the only reason the Israelis can sit and talk like this is because they protect their borders. And manage to allow Palestinians into the country to work. Are they really considering an unrestricted border? Hamas would love that and the PA abbas having just cut a deal for 2.2 billion with the Israeli's because they removed 139 million Abbas had earmarked to give to the families of terrorists. Not very auspicious. But let them try.

debbieakbar • 3 months ago

If only all on both sides who demonize all Jews, or all Palestinians could watch this, perhaps this could be a beginning. Whoever put this together should have tried to arrange for a Palestinian manager from the factory to corroborate but sadly we all know the reality of how Palestinians who are seen to fraternize with Jews are targeted as collaborators.

Michael Cohen • 3 months ago

Finally, we learn that there are intelligent, sensible, and non-violent Palestinians here..who actually are willing to cooperate with Israel for a common good......Or are we being hoodwinked? They are dead already, because Hamas will kill them.

Kriemhild • 3 months ago

Israelis are making a mistake to want to work together with Palestinians --- there is no such thing as a Palestinian, and an Israeli could very well fulfill the job the Pali is being given. Never trust a Musim --- in a showdown, they will always follow their ogre. And the jobs taken over by the Palis were created by the israelis --- I would like to see a Pali come to the Israelis and suggest that an Israeli should come and work in one of their companies --- giving Palis jobs is just pandering to them --- hoping they will be grateful and not stick a knife in your throat because of the paycheck they get every month from Israeli initiative. Those that are called "Palestinians" should be expelled for squatting on ground that belongs to Eretz Israel. As long as there is even one Muslim in Israel, there can never be peace. because each one is charged from birth to kill non-Muslims --- it's in their Holy book, and as long as they go to a mosque and listen to an imam, they are dangerous. Muslims are savages, and cannot live together with civilized people like the Israelis, who are God's Chosen People and the salt of the earth.

Steve Sss • 3 months ago

For this nice story there are a few that did not work out so well, not long ago a ‘Palestinian’ coworker at Barkan industrial park murdered two Jewish coworkers.
a year ago a ‘Palestinian’ murdered his boss a 72 year old man.

Don Spilman • 3 months ago

You can’t mix mud mustard and mayonnaise and expect to get marshmallows! These feel good articles are among the silliest I have read! Are these fools promoting this all flaming socio/commies? Or are they just fools? I cannot believe thinking reasoning adults would keep promoting such ignorance. Oh I guess I just answered my own comment!

WATCh my universal brotherhood: Palestinian-Israeli Initiative Promotes Joint Economic Opportunities in Judea, Samaria

Mauri Ab • 3 months ago

What will BDS say about it?

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia • 3 months ago

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Israelo-Palestinian initiative promotes joint economic opportunity in Judea, Samaria] there are two opposing ideologies that oppose peace and wealth in the Middle East!but my kingdom of Israel is the overcoming of all this

Israelo-palestinese iniziativa promuove opportunità economica congiunta in Giudea, Samaria ] ci sono due ideologie contrapposte che si oppongono alla pace e alla ricchezza in Medio Oriente!
ma il mio regno di Israele è il superamento per tutto questo

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 3 months ago

Israelis have understood the truth of this sad story: "becoming one people": but there are two international obstacles: the FED FMI SpA and the shariah .. Israeliani hanno capito la verità di questa triste storia: "diventare un solo popolo": ma ci sono due ostacoli internazionali: le SpA FED FMI e la shariah... Palestinian-Israeli Initiative Promotes Joint Economic Opportunities in Judea, Samaria Stiamo lavorando per abbattere le frontiere, e israeliani e palestinesi devono prendere parte a questo," ha detto leader palestinese di uomo d'affari e viaggiatori Ashraf Jabari.

Michael Cohen • 3 months ago

It seems to me that if we can take out the corrupt leaders and Muslim teachers who are brainwashing their children to hate Israel then maybe we can reprogram these kids to behave like humans...