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John Williams • 1 year ago

Let me see, iran hates Israel more than it loves it's own country and people, sounds a lot like the democrat party in America, hating Trump more than they love America or her people.

AJL • 1 year ago

You're right on, John.

rayb_baby • 1 year ago

Another idotic comment from another moronic right-wing Jew. Thank g-d there are far more liberal Jews in America than schmucks like you. And anyone who doesn't hate Agent Orange is clearly a brain-washed sick-o-phant and/or a person with extremely low moral values.

John Williams • 1 year ago

You sir, are an idiot, you have no idea whether I am a Jew or not, you run off at the mouth like you know it all, you do not. I am not a Jew and as far as I am concerned ANY JEW who identifies as a liberal and votes for any democrat is a fool, if you are indeed one, that means you, one simply needs to look at the clown car full of 2020 socialist hopefuls from the democrat party to know and understand these people DO NOT have the interest of Jews, Israel or the American people in mind. My comments come from observation, you might try it sometime.

rayb_baby • 1 year ago

So you're an evilgelical christian, instead, who supports Israel because of some idiotic belief in the rapture. And your support for a narcississtic, self-serving fascist proves that YOUR observational skills are totally lacking.
Congratulations on being a Repugnantcon, though. The party of greed, racism, environmental destruction and the new fascism. Thankfully MOST American Jews know better than to vote for ANY Repug fool.

Guest • 1 year ago
rayb_baby • 1 year ago

Thanks! I looked those passages up and they say as you said. However, no offense, but I don't beleive in any form of resurection, especially of Jesus. That's in the New Testament, so why should I believe any other fantasy there?

John Williams • 1 year ago

Well sparky, your slobbering tirade, tells me just exactly what kind of fool you are, again, you are wrong on most accounts, I am not an "evilgelical christian" your words and spelling, not mine, you might want to bone up on the use of spell check for a later date. Your use of the term "the new fascism" indicates you, like the rest of the leftist ilk have to make up crap and lie to try and prove your failed ideas, fascism has not changed it's meaning, it is the same as it has always been. You have nothing to offer that has not failed for decades, even centuries in the past, so you have to make a pathetic attempt to change the meaning of words, lie about history and in general make a fool of yourself. Let me point out that "racist" person you refer to, has provided more jobs, better wages and more opportunities for minorities than any in history, kind of disproves you slander when you look at the facts doesn't it? What kind of racist would do that for those he is supposed to hate, right? You are correct , Trump may very well be a bit of a narcissist, ALL in the political world fit that criteria to a certain extent, obama was one of the biggest narcissists in history. You just keep on being a "useful idiot," everyone has a job to do, you appear to be good at yours.

Yosi_Amram • 1 year ago

Good for him, now he can join the free world and compete under German flag!

SAWolf • 1 year ago

Only viable solution for the Persians' survival, kill the mullahs.

Erica Ling • 1 year ago

Typical double speak of Islamic state. Abbas is the quintessential, world champion of that. My best moment was seeing POTIS Trump call him a liar to his face. Never happened before.

Henry Carlson • 1 year ago

There loss is a gain for Germany

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rayb_baby • 1 year ago

W H A T the f**k are you????? I know a good facility for you where they'd love to study your brain.