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SAWolf • 1 year ago

These foul, ancient, beasts, made wealthy by Our Tax Dollars. Get off your behinds MOSSAD and remove them, then finish the job and eliminate the rest of these arabian invaders.

dirty work against Palestinian Islamic terrorism is legitimate
but it has never been done in these 66 years
simply because: the small territory that we would go to free in Gaza and the West Bank:
1, it is not enough to set a suitable place for the return of all Jews: Aliyah or Aliyá or Alià (Hebrew: עליה, "ascent")
2. it would not be suitable for establishing an alliance with all Muslims in order to be able to live in peace: in this region ... in fact, if sharia is not removed, the genocide that sharia produces cannot be removed either

il lavoro sporco contro il terrorismo islamico palestinese è legittimo
ma, esso non è mai stato fatto in questi 66anni
semplicemente perché: il piccolo territorio che noi andremmo a liberare in Gaza e Cisgiordania:
1, non è sufficiente per poter impostare un luogo idoneo al rientro di tutti gli ebrei: Aliyah o Aliyá o Alià (ebraico: עליה, "salita")
2. non sarebbe idoneo per realizzare una alleanza con tutti i mussulmani per poter vivere in pace: in questa regione... infatti se non si rimuove la sharia non può neanche essere rimosso il genocidio che la sharia produce

Devasahayam the Deplored • 12 months ago

Given how "palestinian" ideology was invented, this statement -- even with misuse of "best" fo "least-bad" -- is 10,000,000% accurate; in fact true for every Muslim between Ayodhya and Port Said!

Metatrona • 12 months ago

If, as they admit, that MURDERERS are their best...we all know the measure of those Muslims!

alpcns . • 12 months ago

Can there be any hope of peace with such Islamofascists? Of course not - not until they are completely and utterly defeated, and all will and resources to fight stomped out of them.

Just as in WWII, only total defeat transformed fanatical former enemies into more or less peaceful and trustworthy allies. And these guys are even worse - as 1400 years of war, slaughter and misery proves.

Tom Dickson • 10 months ago

Barbarian Islamic muslim Palestinians are the best moving targets for IDF Soldiers marksmanship practices, and also superb for weapons testing targets. Unlike those fixed targets, live walking barbarian Palestinians targets are more exciting to shoot at, keeps ones bodily flexes more alert too.

Metatrona • 11 months ago

PA admires serial murderers! Be funny when the murderers turn on the PA!

AlfaBravo • 11 months ago

We are so humane. Anyone say and do to us, we would not retaliate. We follow a rule of law with savages.

My blood boil watching this video.

Geez things I love to do to this terrorist.

Europe's Missing Islamic State Fighters
hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists: as sharia sleeper cells, they have already settled in the West: about 2 million can easily be radicalized by the sharia of the ARAB LEAGUE. we are in a hybrid war: and under Islamic invasion and we did not want to understand: for the thought dominated by the Democratic Party and its Masons rothschild bilderberg.
Europe's Missing Islamic State Fighters
gatestoneinstitute org/14459/europe-returning-jihadists
by Soeren Kern
June 29, 2019

colonialism and deportation, as neo-slavery exploitation (3.0) super capitalist exploitation: Afro-Muslims are called non-people, but "economic resources" (so they are turned into things)!
lower wages, and do not integrate migrants: but, eradicate those who are not migrants ..
globalist capital wants us all without a country, without a family, without roots: and wants a war between the poor: so that anger cannot rise vertically to reach Rothschild!
but, we denounce: these BRAVE CAPITALS of the FMI FMI BCE NWO Bilderberg Juncker: and its accomplices: such as: CAROLA RACKETE, GEORGE SOROS AND ROBERTO SAVIANO.
and the Democratic Party (the Masonic and usurocratic technocratic left) which serves the interests of the parasitic capital of the sweat and blood of enslaved and stateless peoples.
who betrays Marx and Gramsci? just the sinisra, the democratic party that makes itself complicit in techno-finance.
The story of Carola Rackete, captain of Sea Watch, who forced the Guardia di Finanza blockade and docked her ship at the port of Lampedusa (immediately arrested), but those politicians who boarded the Sea Watch should be arrested for violate laws and encourage illegal immigration

ISIS Islamic terrorist, Moroccan born in Italy. Samir Bougana, 24, asks to return to Italy, and magistrates (democratic party) go to take him to Syria (with the fanfare) voxnews info/2019/06/29/terrorista-islamico-chiede-tornare -in-Italy-judges-the-going-to-get-in-syria /
not jail in Syria or Morocco, but, in Italy.
why prison in Italy and Israel? it's a party

#Milan, the gay men demonstrate for the captain Carola /voxnews info/2019/06/29/milano-i-gay-manifestano-per-la-capitana-carola/
and what's strange?
the great Philosopher Vattimo said that he is ready to renounce his homosexual rights in order to have the satisfaction of killing an Israeli
actually, the fate of homosexuals in the ARAB LEAGUE?
gays lgbt don't care about anything!

Milano, i gay manifestano per la capitana Carola

e cosa c'é di strano?
il grande Filosofo Vattimo ha detto che lui è pronto a rinunciare ai suoi diritti omosessuali per di avere la soddisfazione di uccidere un israeliano..
in realtà, della sorte degli omosessuali nella LEGA ARABA?
ai gay lgbt non interessa niente!

Lorenzojhwh HumanumGenus ] i am king Israel israelhayom com/opinions/freedom-from-religion-how-not-to-defend-minority-rights/

we did not come from another planet: we were not born under a cabbage, we were not brought by the stork: we have roots and a Christian cultural background.
all western civilization: democracy, human rights, the concept of the sacredness of human life, equality of people, secularity and laicity itself: it is always the fruit of Jewish-Christian civilization, therefore the symbols are ambivalent (both lay and religious) nothing of what is with us: it can be found in China or in Islam.
Christianity has shaped all that we are and all we have: so we have about 2000 words that were invented by Christianity, we have no pedophilia and polygamy that Islam has.
So the European Union was ashamed to write in the Constitution that: in our identity and in our civilization we have Jewish-Christian origin: and this is why Juncker Merkel Macron Trudeau Rothschild are Satanists!
israelhayom com/opinions/freedom-from-religion-how-not-to-defend-minority-rights/
non siamo venuti da un altro pianeta: non siamo nati sotto un cavolo, non siamo stati portati dalla cicogna: noi abbiamo delle radici ed un retroterra culturale cristiano.
tutta la civiltà occidentale: la democrazia, i dirirti umani, il concetto di sacralità della vita umana, la uguaglianza delle persone, la stessa laicità: è sempre il frutto della civiltà ebraico cristiana, quindi i simboli sono ambivalenti (sia laici che religiosi) nulla di quello che è con noi: può essere trovato in Cina o nell'Islam.
il cristianesimo ha plasmato tutto che noi siamo e tutto quello che noi abbiamo: quindi abbiamo 2000 parole circa che sono state inventate dal cristianesimo, non abbiamo pedofilia e poligamia che Islam ha.
Quindi la Unione Europea si è vergognata di scrivere nella Costituzione che: nella nostra identità e nella nostra civiltà noi abbiamo origine ebraico-cristiana: e questo è perché Juncker Merkel Macron Trudeau Rothschild quelli sono i satanisti!

if we must be intellectually honest:
we must admit that the secular symbols of Civilization: Jewish & Christian:
they are also the same symbols of Religions: "Jewish & Christian!"
witchcraft courses are taught in the state school in the state, and
satanic theosophy of gender(scam lgbt demonic cult) is taught; with
and if for this is also why the dogmatic religion of the theory of Evolution is taught ..
so we must admit that the satanism, is the true religion of the FED IMF NWO.
israelhayom com/opinions/freedom-from-religion-how-not-to-defend-minority-rights/