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Casper van Cleeveld • 4 months ago


Edgarfletcher Fletcher • 4 months ago

Always loved Paul. You can depend on him to be sensible. He's been consistent through the years. GOD BLESS ISRAEL.

Gershon Perry • 4 months ago


mrtambourineman • 4 months ago

Beatles forever!

Metatrona • 4 months ago

GREAT! His late wife was Jewish! His present wife is Jewish! He understands!

VTS • 4 months ago

Does he have Jewish kids, I wonder?

Beverly • 4 months ago

4 daughters and a son.

Lorne • 4 months ago

It appears that while the BDS movement might try to stop these concerts from international musicians, they score very few successes with most performers willing to go to Israel as part of their tours.

Lenin Erdogan ISIS Stalin Allah Macron Juncker Soros Bonino? a bunch of wretches: in fact, everybody all compares bank seigniorage to 666 FMI BM NWO Rothschild to be able to claim any form of credibility.
Ecuador declares a state of emergency for protests against the government: sputniknews com / politica / 201910038150337-lecuador-declares-the-state-of-emergency-for-protests-against-the-government / via @sputnik_italia
Lenín Moreno @Lenin
Las decisiones adoptadas ¡están en firme! He prepared the Execution of the law for the ordeal, the secrecy of the city with the control of the future in the pretenden provoking chaos. No accessomos to chantajes y actuaremos acorde a la ley. #NoAlParo #DecididosACrecer

SAWolf • 4 months ago

Paul gets it. Music is pure fun. No political nonsense should interfere with the Notes. Yet the political ideology, islam, forbids Music for fun. Keep kickin out the Jams, Paul.

VTS • 4 months ago

This make Paul much better then that Jew-hating scumbag Roger Waters of Pink urine.

Kathy P. • 4 months ago

SAWolf. Hear hear.

and I believe that all of France should now review its anti-Zionist position

struck on the road by Sharia jihad Erdogan, he had converted to Islam from 18 months, and then, Accoltella, his fellow police officers, 5 dead in the police station in Paris. He had converted to Islam

ed io credo che tutta la Francia ora dovrebbe rivedere la sua posizione anti-sionista

folgorato sulla strada di sharia jihad Erdogan, lui si era convertito all'islam da 18 mesi, e poi, Accoltella i colleghi poliziotti, 5 morti in commissariato a Parigi. Si era convertito all'Islam

Storm on Fioramonti for web offenses, Minister apologizes -

In the evening the defense of the Movement, through the deputies of the Culture commission: "Fioramonti is under attack for his political proposals, from the centrality of the environmental question to the investments in the school". But they raise: "Whoever attacks the minister attacks us all".
ANSWER. in fact, the M5S must be erased from history, because it is precisely their ideology of antichrist that is a social threat!

never say never! these cult satanists are too arrogant!
Biden warns Trump: "You won't be able to destroy me"
The long-distance confrontation between the Democratic Party's biggest candidate in the upcoming presidential elections in the US continues, Joe Biden and current president Donald Trump.

as long as we have the relativism of the democratic party: the human race will be constantly threatened!
A man reported #Apple because "one of his apps made me#gay"
According to the website of the Moscow court, a hearing for this case was set for October 17th. The complainant claims to have downloaded a cryptocurrency application from the Apple Store and received a 69 "#GayCoin" transfer instead of the bitcoins he had ordered. The transfer was accompanied by an English message saying "do not judge before you have tried".
"In fact, I thought about how one could give an opinion of something that was not proven," says the man in the complaint. "And so I decided to try hom0s e x u a l relationships: two months later I started an intimate relationship with someone of my s e x. Now I can't go back." And again: "I have a steady boyfriend and I don't know how to explain all this to my parents, my life has changed for the worse and will never return to normal. #Apple, manipulating me, pushed me to hom0se x uuality", concludes the man , which adds that his current situation causes him "moral suffering" and represents "psychological damage".