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Guest • 9 months ago
Henry Fackeldey • 9 months ago

GENESIS does not say anything about his religion, which did not even exist. TORAH is perfect only when you don't add to it.

VTS • 9 months ago

Palestinian law in Jerusalem? Hm. Why no arrest has been made?

Gabor Ujvari • 9 months ago

This story shows Islamic barbarism and Jewish humanity.

Moshe aron Kestenbaum ODA • 9 months ago

Muslim criminals , Muslim savages in life and after death . Prosecute and jail these savages , long long sentences will change these sick Muslim minds

STEVE • 9 months ago

Where is the American media on this??? The muslim animals giving no respect to the dead.... They say if a man dies when you try to kill an infidel you will go to what they think is HELLVAN to be with 72 animals, What about a woman who does this, if one woman fools around with one man she is made fun of and her family usually kills her.. So how can a woman who kills have the same privileges in HELLVAn?? The sick cult????

Grace Joy • 9 months ago

American msm is owned by Is lam.

Angelica Mixon Michael • 9 months ago

You got to be kidding me? I have heard of so many companies they own. I'm tired and they want money? I would expose every last one of them that complain and make them send money to those Countries that are crazy and brainwashed!

Dajjal • 9 months ago

Intimidated. But they own a quarter of Fox.

Don Spilman • 9 months ago

Maybe not all muzslime Grace Joy, in my book I show the undeniable connection between muz and socio/commies. Together they make up the GLOBS. And absolutely all the msm around the world have been in their nasty hands for decades.

Dajjal • 9 months ago

|Visit the internet archive, search for Jamih Tirmidhi volume 4, and search within it for "Ther Description Of Paradise". Learn about the 2 houris and 70 women"taken from the fire".

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 9 months ago

Hakuna the tr0ika "Potato" of the Pd wh0o0re Soros: death penalty for the traitors rothschild bilderberg

Hakuna la tr0ika "Patata" del Pd z0ccola Soros: pena di morte per i traditori rothschild bilderberg

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 9 months ago

"Freedom of expression, freedom of property and freedom of religion have always been wounded in Arab LEAGUE shariah and not just in this unfortunate case,

"La libertà di espressione, la libertà di proprietà e la libertà di religione sono state sempre ferite in Arab LEAGUE shariah e non solo in questo sfortunato caso,

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 9 months ago

for Raphael my graphic colleague and he is an atheist:
for him: Jesus of Bethlehem is the summit of this human race
from the cultural point of view.
by me:
All those who are enemies of Christianity? I am out of the kingdom of God ..
and this is the minimum that can be affirmed!

per Raffaello il mio collega di grafica e lui è ateo:
Gesù di Betlemme è il vertice di questo genere umano
dal punto di vista culturale.
Tutti coloro che sono nemici del cristianesimo? sono fuori del regno di Dio..
e questo è il minimo che può essere affermato!

KOKOU AZIABA • 9 months ago

Is Islam a true religion of peace?

Henry Fackeldey • 9 months ago

according to the Quran, yes. According to their interpretation,no

Guest • 9 months ago
Henry Fackeldey • 9 months ago

please tell me exactly where and I will look it up. And there are also sections that describe that the Jews have the right to occupy the lands given to them by Hashem.

Rotem • 9 months ago


Since when ARABS of the Galilee has something to do with that Ramallah Mafia?
Not the same people and yes, these TRIBES are hostile to one another.

So much Ignorance on the media... Damn!!