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VTS • 1 year ago

This is dog whistle to the antisemites of the world issued by NY times. Thankfully, NYT ability to influence public opinion has never been weaker.

Tom Dickson • 1 year ago

NY Times is not a state, it is only a stinking news media. Nobody elected NY Times to govern ISRAEL. Netanyahu is the PM of ISRAEL. So therefore whatever ISRAEL does it is none of their stinking business!!!

Sarah • 1 year ago

Tom Dickson, you are absolutely correct. It's no one's business.

marlene.langert • 1 year ago

I take the article from the NYT as being a hail to victory for Bibi and for Trump and we supporters of Trump in the USA. Strength, strength, strength is what we all need. We do not need any weak littler weasals trying not to hurt anyone's feelings. Yes,the NYTs and the cowardly Dims (Commies) are becoming weaker and weaker as those of us with strength forge ahead to share what is right and good with more and more others. I thank the NYTs for showing its weaknesses over and over again.

Alan Rhoads • 1 year ago

Once a respectable paper, now a pathetic rag.

Arnold Robbins • 1 year ago

The NY Times....all the "news" not fit to print. Are they still in business? Not for long I hope. The New name will be "The Madison Ave Fashion Trends"

mule man • 1 year ago

The Holocaust deniers at the NYT should take a long walk off a short pier

Tom Dickson • 1 year ago

Where there are full of man-eating hungry sharks!!!

Sword of Honor • 1 year ago

NYT should be renamed NWYT - Not Worth Your Time. Only the Democrats' fantasists think anyone in the Middle East seriously believes in a 2-State Solution.

Steve • 1 year ago

The New York Times has been accusing Israel of Apartheid for at least 40 years. A vicious, antisemitic rag published by antisemites of (distant) Jewish descent.

zigomyheart • 1 year ago

They don't actually know what apartheid truly is..But it sounds good to them rolling off their lips...They think IF they say it enough times it will become true...You do know the saying: Hope springs eternal (and my added saying) and often finds those hoping for so long - confused and disappointed!

Robert Khalifa • 1 year ago

Bye bye NYT

Angry_Abraham • 1 year ago

They are paid by enemies of Israel and Jewish people.. And there is nothing new in
modern Nazi propaganda. Eventually, they will disappear as Hitler, Goebbels,
but State of Israel and a Jewish people will exist forever.

Jersey Mathews • 1 year ago

Liars (NYT) will lie continually, since they cannot be rely upon to tell the truth, NYT has clearly shown what lies in their heart of mind: corruption and deception.

Alan Rhoads • 1 year ago

When it became unpopular to be found out as a member of the Communist Party of America, members joined the rank and file of the Democrat Party. Therein lies the reason for thuggery, lies, name-calling, pro-abortion, voter-fraud, and violence coming from the Democrat Party liberals. And most of the MSM is a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. Communists love to control the media and spew their propaganda. Herein is a great example, the NYT.

18_18 • 1 year ago

Israel is a Nation on the upswing. Unfortunately, America, is on the downswing. America is emulating Venezuela. In 1990, before Chavez, brought them socialism, Venezuela, was the 4th most prosperous per capita Nation on the planet. Today, they are without food. This is what socialism will accomplish. The millenials think socialism is better than capitalism. They have been indoctrinated by Communist professors, who were the "hippies", in the 60's.

Roberto Minighini • 1 year ago

The millenials who embrace socialist proposed programs are pretty shallow brained. They are either broke in college, never gone to college and have no economic understanding of prosperity or how this country became great with the motivation of talented people. Motivation to acquire wealth through hard work and talent.
Socialism demands you work all you life and give everything to the government and they decide how much they won’t confiscate through taxation of your income.
Gone is families being able to have enough money for their children’s involvement in sports, music, and other activities, vacations, and consumer conveniences!
Osario Cortez is already on record as saying $100,000 a year is enough for any American?

Wait until the millennial fools get that “dream job” after graduation and they get taxed to the sky “for their socialist programs” and have no money left for their fun vacations, eating out every night, their tech toys, new car, and cannot even buy a home to build “equity” assets.

They’ll be kept poor and they can become miserable for their entire lives for embracing “socialism”!

Gershon Perry • 1 year ago

“for their socialist programs” more like a socialist pogrom.

442rocketdave • 1 year ago

The NEW YORK SLIME can jump into the harbor! No JOURNALISM AT ALL JUST DEMONCRATIC PROPAGANDA nothing journalistic at all comes from that piece of slime garbage! They are more like an APARTIED than anything else in this world. Congratulations PM BIBI!!! Stay strong for Israel and for peace and peace does not come cheap or free! It comes with sacrifice and hardships! Be Strong Stay Strong crack down on the terrorist and keep Israel free from attacks from outside the country and within.

Starman • 1 year ago

We need to stand strong for America an Israel. Because if we dont Gods judgement will come for us. We all need to read the bible better an support isreal an what the bible says. So many people hate the bible an the jews. An jesus . well if so many people hate those things they must be true. Why so much hate for the god of the bible an the jews an jesus if it wernt true. Truth hurts. We all need to turn an get closer to god.

hiddeniman • 1 year ago

It has been revealed that the NY Times has taken millions of dollars from Qatar which is the most antisemitic country next to Iran and Saudis-Arabia. The times is a corrupt organization led by leftists who are aligned with BDS and Arab organizations. There is no denying the antisemitism is due to them being a bought and paid shill for Qatar.

alpcns . • 1 year ago

Ah, yes, that same so respected New York Times that also ignored reports about the Holocaust while it was taking place, and the same New York Times that wrote hurray-hurray stories about the USSR whilst people died by the tens of millions.

That same New York Times. Yeah, they sure have the moral highground.

shaongaon • 1 year ago

Who reads The Lies anymore?

Louisa Morse • 1 year ago

When is the FCC going to put thier foot down on news outlets that tell outright lies and half truths! The Congress accuses the President of things they know absolutely nothing about, yet allow news outlets to lie and twist the truth! We need new government officials in our gov',t , who need to be clear Americans who will never try to destroy our CONSTITUTION!

ProclaimLiberty • 1 year ago

It's not the FCC that has any right to sanction the NYT, because the Constitution's 1A guarantees that even liars can speak their minds (even in print). However, printed lies can be sanctioned by a massive libel suit, if damages can be proven. I wonder how much money would be needed to mount a class-action against their long-standing pattern of falsehoods that are specifically aimed against Israel? Or would it be cheaper to buy the paper outright and change its policies? These are the means by which to fight this kind of evil. But they require massive cooperation and contribution, or a very rich and determined individual, to provide the needed funding.

gerald m. serlin • 1 year ago

Louisa, I sympathise with what you say, but a free country, such as the United States, needs a free press to keep it going. Sure, outlets like the NYT corrupt the news with falsehoods, in an attempt to sway public opinion to their "truths", but fortunately, there are other ways of getting to the truth, because we have a free press. Now it is up to the people to determine which of the media is telling the truth. That ability comes from the public being well-informed and vigilant in their search for truth in the news.

Eventually the truth will emerge, if we maintain a free press. Yes, a free press requires that slimeball reports from outlets like the NYT be publishable, but with a free press and freedom of speech, the truth will prevail. Having the government step in to control what is published, only opens the country to eventual dictatorship, when the wrong people make the decisions.

Hooray for the First Amendment!!!

Mark Popyack • 1 year ago

Freedom of the press belongs to he who ones the press or is bought off by wealthy "king makers" like bloomberg, soroes , et al.

sam i am • 1 year ago

Does the first amendment protect hate speech or false speech?

gerald m. serlin • 1 year ago

The first Amendment applies to all speech, with some common sense exceptions. As Justice Brandeis pointed out: a person cannot falsely shout "fire" in a crowded theater, with the intent of causing mayhem. There are other exceptions, but the principle is the same, when the intent is to cause panic, or alarm, where there is no cause to believe something bad is happening, such speech is disallowed as a fraud. On the other hand, political speech, no matter how hateful, is generally acceptable.

sam i am • 1 year ago

Sad state of affairs. The double standards and hypocrisy is breathtaking; the left gets away with anything and the right get's reprimanded if it farts the wrong way.

c0mm0ncenz • 1 year ago

no there is a line between free speech and hate speech - hate speech is that which meets the established criteria for what hate speech is. There are laws against such hate speech. One such criteria is speech which incites others to violence.

sam i am • 1 year ago

Hate speech is any speech that the LEFT doesn't approve of ... and the left hates Israel and Jews.

Uncle Jack • 1 year ago

Oy vey!!
The Soros dogs??
Who cares??

Edward Lozano • 1 year ago

Times once again showing that it's nothing more than bird cage liner...

ru4real • 1 year ago

I wonder why the NYT doesn't write about apartheid in Pakistan, Saudia-Arabia, etc. Oh, I forgot, practicing any other religion there is taboo to begin with.

maggoting • 1 year ago

new york times not fit enough nowadays to even be a suburban rag.

Richard Adams • 1 year ago

Not fit to be a birdcage liner.

cammo99 • 1 year ago

Wow now they are contradicting themselves they must really hate Israel. The contradiction has been in their support of terrorist groups like Hamas and the PA and BDS supporting those who already consider Israel an apartheid state. What? They are going from unofficially and tacitly writing about Israel like it already is an apartheid state to now it will be their official position? Because the guy they wanted to win the election lost. That's like losing the election and calling Trump a racist. The NYCrimes cut the last strand of rope that held them to reality and now they are adrift in the 9th circle of Hell.

Roberto Minighini • 1 year ago

The LEFT WING news outlets (the political arm of the Democrats) are THE BIGGEST LOSERS of every election! All they ever do is try to defame winners and spew lies and misinformation!
Everyone in America knows this now!

Democrats within America are known for racist strategies, division, lies and distortion of facts, defamation, socialism to destroy American wealth for ALL, and corruption in elections!
The facts are out and more Americans are finding out.
And much of the news media is a left wing attempt to destroy Israel too if they can.

Dare to know the truth? Watch Tucker Carlson on Fox 5 pm. Hannity at 6pm. Ingraham Angle 7pm. Judge Jeanine Sat. 6pm. Life, Liberty, and Levin Sundays 7 pm.
Never watched before because I was a Democrat 3 years ago. Now my eyes have been opened.
Walkawaycampaign dot com.

Don Spilman • 1 year ago

What would these damned accursed lib/dum/socio/commies do if they didn’t have the words bigot terrorist and apartheid, they are such consistent narrow brained ignorant fools !

Erin Eldridge • 1 year ago

Agreed. It's nothing more than a meaningless trope they like to trot out for the ignorant. I lived in S Africa under apartheid and I've been to Israel. I can unequivocally state that there is NO apartheid in Israel. Saw a reporter once ask a young woman protesting with a banner accusing Israel of apartheid to explain the term to him. She had no idea what the word even meant.

c0mm0ncenz • 1 year ago

There are two words being hugely over-used and misused in the English language today: apartheid and racist. I looked up these words because I wanted to see what the accepted definitions are. Apartheid is a word specifically created for the situation in S. Africa, in which the minority white population controlled the majority black population. They created a country in which there were facilities for blacks and facilities for whites. The blacks were even forbidden to use the white drinking fountains!!! Now apartheid in S. Africa has been ended but the Blacks are getting revenge against the whites and it gets violent. Apartheid is extreme and can never happen in Israel unless the Arabs become the majority and the Jews start restricting everything they do, even as to where they sit on buses and what drinking fountains they can use. Ain't gonna happen, as the demographics are changing and the Jewish population is now growing faster than that of the Arabs. The word racist is used for the word bigot, but should only be used in reference to discrimination against others based on race. Some race websites list only 7 basic races in the world. and whites (Caucasians) include both Arabs and Jews. Jews come in many races, and Arabs can be Christian, Muslim or secular. So using the word racist in this context is totally ignoring what the word really means. Words have power and should be used correctly. If a media source misuses words, it's proven itself to be faulty and should be disregarded as true news.

Don Spilman • 1 year ago

LOL Erin, I haven’t seen much evidence of any young people today having much of any idea what anything means!!!!!! I’m just glad there are so many NOT having children. What could the poor things ever turn out to be but its. Seriously screwed up planet!

Erin Eldridge • 1 year ago

Totally with you on that one.

Alan Rhoads • 1 year ago

The only apartheid in Israel is the self-inflicted so-called Palestinian apartheid. Foolish and pathetic.

Albert Ezekiel • 1 year ago


bev • 1 year ago

typical crap from ny times. what else is new. If Israel hasnt been an apartheid state in all its years it surely isnt going to become one now. It is the only state in the whole area where everyone can live freely-jews, arabs, christians, atheists, and any other faith, straight gay-----so what other country in the middle east can you say this about.

sam i am • 1 year ago

Israel deniers and Jew hates don't like empowered Jews. Reclaiming Judea and Samaria will not make Israel and apartheid state anymore than Canada. It will simply make Israel a stronger safer place for Jews to live.

navigator37 • 1 year ago

The editorial claims that “Mr. Netanyahu has set a course that could end Palestinian chances for statehood. But that is the goal because “25-year history of failed US-brokered attempts to achieve a viable Israeli-Palestinian peace deal” shows that Palestinian arab leaders don’t want a viable peace. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make drink.
“Under Mr. Netanyahu,” write the editors, “Israel is on a trajectory to become what critics say will be an apartheid state like the former South Africa.” What a surprise. New-York Times admits that Israel is not apartheid state yet. After all the “news” and condemning articles about Israel I thought that Israel is already apartheid state.

Dianne Kavon • 1 year ago

Let's see, what does the New York times thinking it is talking about, are you trying to bring back all the bull from the past few years when we were made to the the starter of all, killer of children etc etc etc. You need to find other thinks to write about especially when you headlines are so full of garbage