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Arthur W. Sanchez • 2 months ago

Palestinians are the children of Amalek.

Brexit: #Bercow, 'only with ok Parliament' Speaker Camera determined to prevent premier from violating rothschild's law
ANSWER: Masonic parliamentary democracies must immediately be abolished ..
we go to the vote every time a request is made by political party with an estimated majority of 30% in statistics!

Trump, I don't think Israel spied on us 'Everything is possible but it's hard to believe'
have you spied on to whom? DO NOT spy on the Deep State, CIA Shade Government Masonic Riyad and Satanic Biden Obama Bush 322 Kerry: Owl Baal at bohemian Grove Epstein? this means dying!

duncanmc • 2 months ago

I have enjoyed the discussions on this site and I'm appalled that one individual who is overwhelmingly hateful in outlook is allowed to literally SPAM an entire thread and shut reasonable people out.
If this is a trend, I won't be bothered with this site any more.

Hank walter • 2 months ago

Who cares what the usa thinks or the rest of the world...its what God's promise to his people matters,its there land,how can one annex his own land..isreal has every right to take and build where ever they want without this stupid "oh what will the usa think" grow up.

duncanmc • 2 months ago

While I wholeheartedly agree with you, the reality is that the PM cannot openly alienate the nations of the world so blatantly that they can feel free to come together and crush Israel with sanctions and boycotts. We all know what a double standard exists where Israel is concerned. There is NEVER a presumption of anything but guilt where the Jews of Israel are concerned.
He is trying to walk a minefield, blindfolded and I think he has done a very good job. The measure of his success is the hysterical Left there trying to literally jail both he and his wife for what amounts to a traffic stop level of "crime".
God help Israel - and America - when the Progressive Left regain control of the levers of power.

Hank walter • 2 months ago


a duncanmc like to talk like a viper!
1. there is no criminal traffic of Netanjahu and his wife!
2. Netanjahu NOT is trying to walk to minefield, blindfolded .. ANYONE BETTER THAN HIM can KNOWS THE LEVEL of penetration or resistance of a political action?
3. There are three options for viewing comments on this site: why would anyone think they were harmed by expressing their thoughts to me!
no one will give us a homeland without being forced to do so, because we are the Kingdom of God and duncanmc is the Kingdom of Satan!
and this is really sad if we have precisely in duncanmc the main enemy to the kingdom of Israel

nessuno ci darà una Patria senza essere costretto a farlo, perché noi siamo il Regno di Dio e duncanmc è il Regno di Satana! e questo è veramente triste se abbiamo proprio in duncanmc il principale nemico al regno di Israele

sam i am • 2 months ago

Something smells fishy here. Sovereignty must be ALL of Judea and Samaria. Bits and pieces don't count. Look what that model has gotten Israel ....

ricardo • 2 months ago

That actually opens a can of worms. Do you really want a few million Palestinians voting?

as long as the sharia exists in the ARAB LEAGUE there is no possibility of being able to integrate the Muslims into our democracy!
removing their political rights all over the world is the first act that governments must do if they do not want to see their people succumb!

sam i am • 2 months ago

You make a valid point, but first of all there is not that many arabs, their birthrate has dropped while that of the Jews has increased. And plenty of those arabs know who butters their bread. The demographic argument may not be so valid anymore.

Mike • 2 months ago

Some would say that half a challah is a better than none.

saudi king SALMAN] listen [never trust the politicians' sweet words?
they are all Rothschild prostitutes!
obviously they want to get the genocide of the Israelis: but in exchange they will demand the disintegration of Islam! if you don't stop the Iranians?
you put the word "end" against your corrupt ideological geopolitical octopus imperialism and your UMMA demonic religion genocide!

saudi king SALMAN ] listen [ non ti fidare mai delle dolci parole dei politici?
sono tutti le prostitute dei Rothschild!
ovviamente loro vogliono ottenere il genocidio degli israeliani: ma in cambio pretenderanno la disintegrazione dell'Islam! se non fermi gli iraniani?
tu hai messo la parola "fine" contro la tua corrotta ideologica geopolitica imperialismo piovra e demoniaca religione genocidio!

SAWolf • 2 months ago

Its beyond stupid to keep referring to JEWISH Towns in JUDEA, as ,"Settlements". Talk about arming the occupying arabs living in arabian OUTPOSTS, with ever more propaganda victories. STOP IT!

Guest • 2 months ago
SAWolf • 2 months ago

So vote differently. Labeling a Special Warfare Operator who was severely wounded, while prosecuting His Nation's prerogative, survival, as treasonous, a bit over the top. He was elected. But I believe responding to arab aggression by bombing empty buildings with EXPENSIVE airships or attacking open fields with Paladins, proves to the arabs, Israel doesn't have the resolve to accept ,"Collateral damage", whereas the arabs expressly target said,"Collateral Assets". I'd level gaza for one, end the Southern Border's daily, "incidents", forever.

you are another Putin: that he has his own country, and then, for you the Jews can always make parasitic satanists around the world?
then, you shouldn't complain if your daughter goes around prostituting for free

tu sei un altro Putin: che lui ha una sua Patria, e poi, per te gli ebrei possono sempre fare i satanisti parassiti in giro per tutto il mondo?
poi, non ti dovresti lamentare se tua figlia va in giro a fare la prostituta gratuitamente

Joe Jakobs • 2 months ago

Dude you must be sick or totally out of your fkn mind.

Brian Ozzy • 2 months ago

What!... Have you gotten sick of "the lion of Judah" handle? Everyone else certainly was sick of your rubbish. Still the same old crap though I notice.

☦️burn satana ☦️shariah ☦️Allah ☦️owl ☦️Marduch burn JaBullOn Baal SpA burn in Jesus's name, alleluia! drink your poison made by yourself ☦️ in Jesus's name amen ☦️alleluia ☦️ C. S. P. B.
Crux Sancti Patris Benedecti
Croce del Santo Padre Benedetto
C. S. S. M. L.
Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux
Croce sacra sii la mia Luce
N. D. S. M. D.
Non draco sit mihi dux
Che il dragone non sia il mio duce
V. R. S.
Vadre Retro satana
Allontanati satana!
N. S. M. V.
Non Suade Mihi Vana
Non mi persuaderai di cose vane
S. M. Q. L.
Sunt Mala Quae Libas
Ciò che mi offri è cattivo
I.V. B.
Ipsa Venena Bibas
Bevi tu stesso i tuoi veleni

not to recognize the justice of my Kingdom of ISRAEL? for the kingdom of God it is high treason and your religion is annulled: therefore you will feel the extreme punishment that high betrayal deserves and that this judgment goes on even above all the men of this planet!
in fact not to recognize the Kingdom of ISRAEL is Satanism!

perhaps God's mercy will wait for your punishment ...
but it is always the traitor's death that awaits you: I say!

SAWolf • 2 months ago

e'F U, nutter.

Arthur W. Sanchez • 2 months ago

Why waste your time responding to the wack job Uniusblahblahblah?

I know that you can see that he is very mentally retarded.

SAWolf • 2 months ago

I really don't like being called ,"Putin", by a developmentally arrested,"Wack job". I flew against ivan, during the Cold war. I don't turn the other cheek, it has NEVER worked.

Uncle Herbie • 2 months ago

I suggest blocking him/her/it. No more problems, except having to read "this user is blocked" a thousand times. This entity apparently has nothing better to do than to spew nonsense and insanity over and over again.

1. so you claim to know my articles
that's why your responsibility is greater and gets worse from day to day.
2. Do you even know that I am the ENTITY of the Kingdom of Israel and reject myself?
so you already know that: you have to go to hell and this doesn't bother you?

SAWolf • 2 months ago

Thanks, already did.

this is what the Democratic Party has written and realizen: a generation of cuckold and happy husbands!

questo è quello che ha realizzato il Partito Democratico: una generazione di mariti cornuti e felici!

SAWolf • 2 months ago

''Get thee behind me Satan". And another sick, puke claiming it knows(sic), The Mind of The Lord Thy G-d, anti Individual Liberty, pos, blocked. No different than stalin, hitler, mao, or pol pot. My previous post, still relevant.

however since you are a "liberal"
then, if your wife is young and beautiful?
then, you could also let me know about her!
and what's wrong with that? so you are a liberal!

I doubt that you could have something "relevant" if like a Islamic paranoid dogmatist: you have not exposed any rational explanation / motivation to your insults against me!

saudi king SALMAN ] listen [ do you want to keep your criminal sharia position?
then all mankind will say that the world war is ISLAM's fault ...
and we have already seen Nazism disappear!

saudi king SALMAN ] listen [ tu vuoi ostinarti a mantenere la tua criminale posizione sharia?
poi tutto il genere umano dirà che è colpa dell'ISLAM la guerra mondiale..
e noi abbiamo già visto il nazismo sparire!

saudi king SALMAN ] listen [ Netanjahu TRUMP, etc .. like me? they too are biblical fundamentalists
and our covenant is an eternal covenant!
if I hadn't said so?
Netanjahu would never have done it!

NAZI Muslim jihad Erdogan UMMA OCI UN are always the victims
but meanwhile they make the sharia genocide of another Nation such as: Byzantines, Armenians, Kurds, Cyprus, Nigeria, etc. etc. etc .. like nothing happened!

i mussulmani jihad NAZI Erdogan sono sempre le vittime
ma intanto fanno il genocidio sharia di un altra Nazione come: Bizantini, Armeni, Curdi, Cipro, la Nigeria, ecc.. ecc. ecc.. come se niente fosse!

at Muslims lack the ability to self-criticize: as the ability to understand and to want:
therefore intellectual honesty is not within their reach!
because their rule demoniac Allah inhibits their objective mental faculties!

ai musulmani manca completamente la capacità di fare autocritica: come la capacità di intendere e di volere:
quindi non è alla loro portata la onestà intellettuale!
perché il loro demonio Allah inibisce le loro oggettive facoltà mentali!

"Annexation Jordan Valley long planned by Netanyahu" - Palestinian expert
1. with reversed parts Erdogan would have already exterminated them from Palestinians
2. and if they have not been deported to Syria it is only because: rightly: the Jews have decided to punish mankind with Islamic terrorism

"Annessione Valle del Giordano pianificata da tempo da Netanyahu" - esperto palestinese
1. a parti invertite Erdogan li avrebbe già tutti sterminati i palesinesi
2. e se non sono stati deportati in Siria è soltanto perché: giustamente: gli ebrei hanno deciso di punire il genere umano con il terrorismo islamico

Saudi King Salman ] when the Chinese army will be forced to kill all Saudis: who will prevent me from taking possession of all SAUDI ARABIA?

Re saudita Salman ] quando i cinesi saranno costretti ad uccidere tutti i sauditi: chi mi impedirà di prendere il possesso di tutta la ARABIA SAUDITA?

Saudi king Salman calls Abu Mazen Will Israel on annexation West Bank is 'worthless'
ANSWER. and this is consistent for an ISIS Taliban Fulani Wahhabi: given that in his eyes only Sunni Muslims have some value!

the ARAB League sharia genocide jihad NAZI Umma: without reciprocity and without human rights: paranoid serial murderers: Arab league that stands on an immense genocide of previous peoples: it is NOT in the position to deny a Jew to all Jews in my Kingdom of ISRAEL their homeland !
they can resist Rothschilds and Masons: but they can't resist me!
The Arab League joins international convictions for statements by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about his willingness to annex parts of the West Bank if re-elected on 17 September. "The announcement constitutes a dangerous development and is a new aggression of Israel", reads the statement released by the Arab League at the end of an extraordinary meeting, held in Cairo, between representatives of the various member countries. These have warned against the possible repercussions of these "these dangerous, irresponsible and illegal attitudes", given that similar initiatives "undermine the peace process".
Turkey condemns as "unacceptable" the statements of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the intention to "annex the Jordan Valley and illegal settlements in the West Bank" and calls on the international community to "react as strongly as possible against Israel" which "tramples" fundamental principles of law ". Ankara's foreign ministry writes in a note. Yesterday evening, Foreign Minister Mevlu Cavusoglu had already reacted harshly via Twitter to Netanyahu's words, accusing him of sending "illegal and aggressive electoral messages" in line with those of "a racist state with apartheid".
A message spread on Facebook on behalf of Benyamin Netanyahu further tightened the already tense relations between the Likud and the Arab electorate one week after the vote. "It must be prevented - it was written - that a dangerous left-wing government will be formed next week with Lapid, Odeh, Gantz and Lieberman. A left-wing, weak government based on the Arabs who want to destroy us all - women, children, men - and that will allow nuclear Iran to liquidate ". Faced with the sensation, the Likud canceled the message and stated that it was the error of an official, "carried out without Netanyahu's knowledge, who had not seen the text nor approved it". For his part, the leader of the unified Arab List, Ayman Odeh, accused Netanyahu of being "a psychopath" and asked Facebook to prevent the Likud from "spreading incitement messages".

WHAT IS DEMONIACUS IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY? COMO, 12 SEPTEMBER - The Como police arrested a 24-year-old of Ecuadorian origin on charges of raping an 18-year-old girl from Como at the beginning of last May. The agents executed a pre-trial detention order, after four months of investigation.
According to investigations, the young man had met the girl a few days before and, on the evening of the first appointment, after a series of rejected advances, he abused her in an isolated area of the city center. The girl had immediately reported the fact to the police station.

Stupra committed, arrested thanks to DNA -
BERGAMO, 29 LUG - He robbed and raped the order of an aesthetic center of Osio Sotto, in the Bergamasco: thanks, however, to the detailed denunciation of the victim and to the confirmation of the analysis of the DNA analyzed to the Ris of Parma, he was arrested. In handcuffs is a 29-year-old man, Diop Moustapha, a resident of Verdellino and a native of Senegal.
He is accused of sexual violence and robbery. In the course of the investigation it also emerged that, a week after the violence to the order, a 27 year old girl, the Senegalese repeated the violence against a Lithuanian prostitute, also in Osio Sotto. In addition, in November last year, according to the investigation, she had robbed and attempted to rape another prostitute, secluded with a client in the same area, but the woman had managed to escape.

this article is a total slander of the ARAB OCI EU LEAGUE the antichrist!
1. there is no conflict, but
2. it is only a genocide of Christians because of the jihad Erdogan Saud Riyadh
Nigeria, 22,000 disappeared in 10 years - Africa


12 SET - An appalling record of almost 22,000 missing men, women and children has been recorded by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in northeastern Nigeria, since the beginning of the conflict ten years ago. This was revealed by the ICCR stressing that it had "never recorded such a large number of disappearances in one country".
About 60% of these people were minors at the time of their disappearance, which means that thousands of parents do not know where their children are and whether they are still alive.
"The worst nightmare of any parent is not knowing where their child is. And this is the terrible ordeal experienced by thousands of Nigerian fathers and mothers, immersed in the anguish of an endless search. People have the right to know what happened to their missing loved ones and much more needs to be done to prevent family break-ups ", said the president of the ICRC, Peter Maurer, who was visiting the African country.

lo stile di vita che conoscono è soltanto quello di Rothschild dracula sodoma: ma, tuttavia, si sono già predisposti per vivere nella sharia!
Ursula von der Leyen Von Hitler for the dossier entrusted to Margaritis Schinas and entitled "European lifestyle". (so if she is consistent she should expel 50 million Muslims: since Sharia will transform the EU into an appendix of the ARAB LEAGUE) in fact Satan Rothschild Juncker has the clearest demonic ideas
12 SET - "I don't like the idea of ​​a European lifestyle, to oppose the Afro-Islamic, Voodoo and Nigerian mafia migration phenomenon. Accepting those who come from far away is already part of the European lifestyle".
then, Mogherini will say: "their lifestyle (aka: African-Islamic migrants) will be our way of life"
The outgoing president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker Soros Ja-Bull-On Dracula, said this, admitting that the project of destruction of the European peoples is now at the end of mortal arrival
and Islamic genocide lgbt relativism and nihilism: with ethnic substitution kalergi: that is the bunch of Rothschild slaves for which he has worked so hard in these centuries:
Junker the traitor, so he responding to a question on the disputed dossier entrusted to candidate commissioner Margaritis Schinas and entitled "European lifestyle".
answer. already, this is precisely the reproach of John Paul II to the EU: European Parliament:
a European identity of the Masonic antichrist peoples has never been defined, and certainly: it is not a Christian Jewish identity

all nonsense and nonsense!
put the artillery and smooth everything and everyone!
no state can face such a threat politically: Sharia jihad Islamic Erdogan Iran!
TEL AVIV, 12 SET - "It seems that there is no other choice than to embark on a large-scale campaign in Gaza". Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu said this in an interview with Canale 13 before boarding the plane that will take him to Russia to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin today in Sochi.
It is not the first time that Netanyahu has called for military action against Hamas in the Strip, although, as he repeated in the interview on Channel 13, it will be launched "only when Israel is ready and not a minute earlier".
In recent days, rocket fire from the Strip towards Israel has intensified and the Israeli army has repeatedly, in response, struck Hamas positions. "A dangerous war - Netanyahu specified - is the last option".

in hell is it enough to name the name "Erdogan"?
that raises a collective criminal frenzy of bloodthirsty vampires!

the concept of terrorism in ISLAM is very different from the concept we have!
for Erdogan, for example, all those who don't think like him are terrorists!
Erdogan's councilors do not serve to challenge him, but to warn him against any repercussions he did not foresee with his criminal hypocrisy!
ISTANBUL, 12 SEPTEMBER - An appeal court in Istanbul decided tonight the release of 5 former journalists from the Turkish opposition opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet, convicted at first instance for crimes of "terrorism". Among these is the famous cartoonist Musa Kart. Local media reported. According to the reporter's attorney, their release should take place in the next few hours.

BURN SATAN ALLAH JA-BULL-ON Lilith OWL Marduch in JESUS's name, and all HIS DEMONS Rothschild SpA FED IMF NWO sharia comunists and lgbt democratic party, WITH THE FIRE OF THE LORD, TO ASHES, FOREVER AND EVER, AMEN: drink your poison made by yourself. amen alleluia.
son of the devil from a cemetery you have to go out and in a cemetery you have to enter definitively!

youtube com/user/noahNephillim/discussion

Iran is heavily arming its military outposts in Syria and Iraq because it has decided to kill the Turks.
and I do not believe that IRAN should be allowed to develop nuclear weapons!

Iran sta armando pesantemente i suoi avamposti militari in Siria e Iraq perché ha deciso di uccidere i turchi.
ed io non credo che si debba poter lasciare a IRAN la possibilità di sviluppare armi nucleari!