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Don Spilman • 1 year ago

I am Christian of many years and I have always stood up for Israel, in any way I could. I bought 100 Tshirts from Israel with Israeli IDF logos and symbols and Hebrew words, and gave them to anyone who would wear them. I think it is really ignorant of anyone who dislikes or tries to harm Israel, it has always been and always will be special to the God whom we serve. I respect God therefore I respect Israel.

Bayard Taylor • 1 year ago

Good job, Don. That was eloquent, without calling names, You expressed your point succinctly, while not giving anyone something to complain about. Well, except maybe the sellers of Arab shirts. Thank you for your support for Israel, as one Christian to another.

Don Spilman • 1 year ago

Bayard im guessing you have read a couple of my comments, do you understand why I call them names? Let me explain, you see I consider muzslime to be considerably less than human. If you come to fully understand them you will too. Izslime is by design a very demeaning deadly pathogen it affects the initiates brain much like bacterial spores, it causes them to no longer function as civilized human beings and removes them from actually being human. If they can get out of izslime soon enough they can possibly be rehabilitated into human again but until then they need to be belittled and reminded of their pitiful futile state. Does that help at all? I really don’t want to give anyone “anything to complain about”, shock someone into the truth yes!!!!

Bayard Taylor • 1 year ago

Sadly, Don, you claim to be a Christian, so that means with an IQ of 60, you can understand Jesus' command to love your enemies. So, either BE a Christian or stop pretending. There's no middle ground here. Until I read that you claimed that, I considered you just another fool, but now it is your words you must respond to. By the way, I'm not shocked that you act like other than a Christian, I've behaved that way myself at times. Hopefully, you will challenge me on that score if you see it happening. And that's what I'm doing now. We don't get to act like the rest of the world. So, enough of your bacteria talk. They are sinful humans, plain and simple, but not past redemption. But your folly does nothing to show them the error of their ways, only to further entrench them.

Don Spilman • 1 year ago

You do not know your Bible nor do you understand muzslime. We are clearly told specifically to hate evil and Izslime is the best evil Satan ever created. Stop going by your foolish feelings and educate yourself.

Bayard Taylor • 1 year ago

As I said, your IQ is over 60, so I know you know better. But keep trying, I might be confused by which might be your age.

aldo • 1 year ago

I woudl like to have an IDF t shirt

Min Dona • 1 year ago

When Christians visit Bethlehem, they are being told that Jesus is a Palestinian arab!

A website quoting an Arab leader is saying that Jesus was born in Bethlehem and that is proof that he is an Arab.

These Arabs are the biggest idiots (and criminals there are.).
Jesus’ parents were both Jewish. He was conceived by Mary, a Jewish woman and a Jewish Father Joseph (or if you believe God.). That makes Jesus a Jewish person!

It was only because there was a census ordered, that Joseph (and Mary and child) had to return to the city in which Joseph was born (Bethlehem) to be counted in the Census. Mary was 9 mos. pregnant and thus the city Jesus was born in was Bethlehem. Many children are born in cities and countries that do not determine their race! Their parents do! Jesus being born in Bethlehem only makes him a citizen of Bethlehem. And there were many Jews who lived in Bethlehem at the time!!!!!
No Jew would have reached out to anyone other than a fellow Jew at that time! Both Jesus’ parents were Jews.

The Arabs are the biggest dumbs-its and liars ever!
The Christians should rebel against this hijacking of their faith! This is just the beginning.
The Arabs are now trying to steal and distort the story of Jesus!

sandraleesmith46 • 1 year ago

When Jesus was born there, there were no Muslims or "Palestinians" at all; and Bethlehem was ISRAELI territory! It was the hometown of His ancestor, King David!

Don Spilman • 1 year ago

It’s just the local and the liberal “Christians” Min. True Christians who actually read and understand the Bible fully understand the value the one true God places on the Hebrew Children. It’s going to get rather dicey for them soon but ultimately they will be once again fully in the Fathers favor.

Min Dona • 1 year ago

Don, I just found the penal code of the land of Israel made years ago! It’s all in this document so clearly spelled out.
Sabatage, disorder and violence against persons and state, is described in detail! I thought this didn’t exist but it does! Years of jail time and even death penalty.
All of this violent chaos by the Arab mobs, and Hamas and AbbASS’ “incitements for murder”, including offenses committed against Israel, are all punishable by an Israeli Court!
How can I get this to you?
Laws exist! and a big roundup of criminals is what the government has to enforce to rid the land of all the evil and violent Arab actions against the Jewish people and State.
There is no need for war.
Why isn’t Netanyahu and Co. not enforcing the laws against sabatage severe disorder harming the state, and murder and violence?

Don Spilman • 1 year ago

I’m not sure how to trade emails Min, on a couple of sites, which I wrote on for years, I have asked the admin. to pass mine on to another commenter but this is a bigger site and don’t know if they do that.

Don Spilman • 1 year ago

Min the only thing I can guess is the whole damnable tight rope walking the good Netanyahu has to do. The damnable alter of public opinion is getting a lot of good people murdered. Frankly I will be glad when it comes to the point of public opinoion be damned and they do absolutely what they have to do and do it well. I know God is with them and His opinion is the ONLY one that matters.

Gabor Ujvari • 1 year ago

The conservative Christian press is a great supporter of the State of Israel and People of Israel.
The conservative Christian press realize that in the Middle East Israel is the one and only country which offers religious freedom for Christians, Muslims, Jews and others who practice religion in a peaceful manner.
However some so called progressive members of the Christian press are hostile towards Israel like the political left is.

Hence we can conclude that Israel can rely on support from the conservatives and Israel has to face hostility from the left.

aldo • 1 year ago

The only true is that Jerusalem is the capital of israel and Abbas is a terrorist and he is worst than Hitler

hannays29@gmail.com • 1 year ago

Netanyahu no se olvida de ningún Judío. Bendita memoria que trae la paz y la evolución para vivir en un mundo mejor.
Netanyahu respeta a todos y por eso lo envidian y hacen boicots, porque nos dice la verdad para que todos aprendamos. Y tengamos Fe en Díos todo poderoso.

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Min Dona • 1 year ago

What does it mean that Israel handed over Bethlehem over to the PA?

It is my understanding that Israel has only given “local” civil authority to deal with the “Arab” population.

Israel has made it clear that all matters due to “sovereignty” and “defense of state” are exclusively that of the Jewish State thereby still identifying Bethlehem as a city of “Israel.”

Min Dona • 1 year ago

Netanyahu and unitedwithisrael needs to clarify an unquoted statement in this article that Bethlehem was handed over to the PA. “ What” exactly was handed over? The Israeli citizens should email Netanyahu for details!

We all need to email Netanyahu (his email is public knowledge) on what exactly is the statement referring to!
This is an interest for Christians.

The Arabs are now trying to spin the lies that Jesus was an Arab! When in fact the Bible shows his parents’ lineage.

Bayard Taylor • 1 year ago

Bethlehem is in the West Bank, and has a significant PA population. But I'm not sure why they would choose this time to hand it over...

Min Dona • 1 year ago

No land except Gaza has been “withdrawn from.”
It’s my understanding from reading Israeli government documents that NO land in Israel has been given up.

Agreement of “Local” Arab governance (authority) of the Arab population- is not giving up Jewish land.

sandraleesmith46 • 1 year ago

I'm doing my best and I believe many others of us are as well, as individuals, not just the formal media

cammo99 • 1 year ago

This comes shortly after a group of liberal Christians met to support the "Palestinian struggle."
I hope given the on going and committed support millions of Americans who proclaim their faith and support Israel will not be drowned out by those who would again associate the worse in politicized Christian beliefs that became" liberal " grist for those who hate Judaism and Christian tradition claiming Christians were Nazis and if their was a Holocaust the Jews did it to themselves.
Thi is a very positive message in a very negative circumstance. We could only wish Islam would guide the Palestinians to build their own state instead of becoming more radicalized to incite violence as some sort of perverse religious expression.
I see Gaza in flames a fire they lit themselves.

Vladimir Putin] in this last year: you have made overwhelm your good Christian soul, from your own bad communist soul: that they both live in you,
that's why: the supernatural demonic Islamic has taken your control: why there is no supernatural super-man in communism!
Return to me and Netanjahu: if you do not want to lose: all mankind!

Vladimir Putin ] in questo ultimo anno: tu hai fatto sopraffare la tua anima cristiana buona, dalla tua stessa anima comunista cattiva: che vivono entrambe in te,
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Ritorna a me e a Netanjahu: se, tu non vuoi perdere: tutto il genere umano!

Vladimir Putin] the Western Christian and Islamic world can not be conceived without the spiritual possession of the Holy Land, but, unfortunately for the shariah? it is not available to share anything with anyone ..
this is why you have become an antichrist, because you look at Israel, as you can see, to every other nation, but it is not so!

Vladimir Putin] il mondo occidentale cristiano e quello islamico non si possono concepire senza il possesso spirituale della Terra Santa, ma, purtroppo per la shariah? essa non è disponibile a dividere niente con nessuno..
ecco perché tu sei diventato proprio un anticristo, perché tu guardi ad Israele, come si può gurdare ad ogni altra Nazione, ma, non è così!

Vladimir Putin] we have no certainty: that all terrestrial and defensive missile systems: can not be used: from the Shiites against us ..
so now, you will be responsible for thousands of corpses!

Vladimir Putin ] noi non abbiamo nessuna certezza: che tutti i sistemi missilistici terrestri e difensivi: non possano essere usati: dagli sciiti contro di noi..
quindi adesso, tu ti renderai responsabile di migliaia di cadaveri!

me and Netanjahu,
we are two men: fair and loyal fair myths: and because we are benevolent blessed and benign we are also intelligent to seek peace in strategy and justice
unfortunately the shariah and jihad of Erdogan Saud and Iran will force us to fight to defend our lives!
and we're sorry too much, that at some point:
Putin decided
no longer wanting to walk with us!

e ci dispiace troppo, che ad un certo punto:
Putin ha deciso
di non voler più camminare insieme a noi!
io e Netanjahu,
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the monetary system is collapsing, and there is desperate need to make further debt (to be able to support it): o the world war will collapse on us ..
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20:17 answer
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