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AJL • 1 year ago

G-d bless and protect Israel.

Robert Browning • 1 year ago

God morns his dead son too. His only one kyke.

AJL • 1 year ago

F you Robert with you "kyke" comment. To Jews that's a bad as the "N" word to blacks. Low life rednecks use those terms.

Robert Browning • 1 year ago

I hold blacks in much higher regard then you kyke. Blacks accept the teachings of Chrst.

AJL • 1 year ago

Drop dead trailer trash! You're a loser.

Robert Browning • 1 year ago

I redneck is a person that works hard in the hot sun. When was the last time you worked hard you rotten stinking miserable Jew?

Grace Joy • 1 year ago

For a "Chrstian," your adoration of Chrst is heartwarming. Not.

Robert Browning • 1 year ago

Why did they have to kill him? Could they have just expelled him or sent him away. Why death? But the Jews held Chrst as hostage and demand Gods obedience. God refused to submit to Jew demands. The Jews killed their hostage.

Grace Joy • 1 year ago

Why are you calling the Chrst "kyke?" No wonder you worship Mus lims & think they "follow the teachings of Chrst." They're no less disrespectful of Him than are you.

Once more: J ews did NOT kill Chrst. The Romans did because He claimed to be G d; which was blasphemous to Caesar who said HE was G d.

You, a "Chrstian," would beg Man not to hurt G d? You think Man could hurt G d if He didn't want to be hurt? What sort of a Chrstian doesn't appreciate the most important thing He did for us: Die for our Sins?

Robert Browning • 1 year ago

Okay kyke. I get it you are a Jew.

Grace Joy • 1 year ago

Let's play a game. Which of these gives you the biggest hard-on?

Quran 5:33 - "The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdred or crucfied or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement"

Bukhari 34:432 "O Allah's Apostle! We get female captives as our share of booty, and we are interested in their prices, what is your opinion about coitus interruptus?" The Prophet said, "Do you really do that? It is better for you not to do it. No soul that which Allah has destined to exist, but will surely come into existence.”

Sahih Muslim 3309 A'isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported: “Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) married me when I was six years old, and I was admitted to his house at the age of nine.”

Sahih Bukhari 1:5:268 Anas bin Malik said, "The Prophet used to visit all his wives in a round, during the day and night and they were eleven in number." I asked Anas, "Had the Prophet the strength for it?" Anas replied, "We used to say that the Prophet was given the strength of thirty (men)."

Sahih Bukhari 9:89:256 Allah's Apostle said, "You should listen to and obey your ruler even if he was an Ethiopian (black) slave whose head looks like a raisin."

Ishaq 464 The J ews were made to come down, and Allah’s Messenger imprisoned them. Then the Prophet went out into the marketplace of Medina, and he had trenches dug in it. He sent for the J ewish men and had them beheaded in those trenches. They were brought out to him in batches. They numbered 800 to 900 boys and men.

Muhammad said, “In heaven, Mary mother of Jesus, will be one of my wives.” al-Siyuti (6/395)

Robert Browning • 1 year ago

I think Trump has got him boxed in. If Netty reject Trumps peace deal he wins elections but loses American support. But if he accept Trump Peace he loses elections. It is time to make trouble and blow things up.

Michael • 1 year ago

Advice about your foray into International Intelligence: Don't quit your day job.

Guest • 1 year ago
Andy • 1 year ago

if it involves a fake people state or any part of Jerusalem it's a decline

Robert Browning • 1 year ago

The proposal is going to be made and it must be either accepted or rejected.

Michael • 1 year ago

You are a complete idiot but idiots are people to so I will respond. What will be presented will be a general outline with suggestions. It will be a framework to be negotiated between the Israelis and the Arabs. What it will NOT be is a take it or leave it deal. Not having a clue as to what the proposal might include, the Arabs (PA and Hamas) have already rejected it.

Robert Browning • 1 year ago

Why do you want to exchange thoughts with idiots?? Why? I can't understand?

Michael • 1 year ago

Of course you can't understand because you're an idiot. I have compassion for idiots and believe hope sprigs eternal.
That being said, if you need more help Roberta, I'm sure there are mental health facilities reasonably close to the bridge you live under. I have had my fun (thank you) and am moving on.

Robert Browning • 1 year ago

Jew, Freud invented the field of mental studies to help his own people. He saw all the mental illness in the Jews and tried to help his own. The problem proved to much for the man. Jew mental illness turned Freud into a dope fiend.

c0mm0ncenz • 1 year ago

It doesn't matter what Israel does. It has always been the Arabs who reject the peace deals, and even if they accept it, like the so-called nuclear agreement, they break it after 10 months. It's part of Islam not to make treaties for more than 10 months. They really don't make deals, they play along and see the other side as weak. The only way to deal with them is through destruction. Everything else has been tried and failed.

Robert Browning • 1 year ago

But didn't the Jew God give the land between the Nile and the Euphrates to the Jews and if Netty accepts peace then how does Israel acquire their God given lands,by prayer?

Guest • 1 year ago
maggoting • 1 year ago

God Bless Israel.

Robert Browning • 1 year ago

How, when you killed his only son?

Normando782 • 1 year ago


Robert Browning • 1 year ago

Shouldn't I be psycho? Why did you kill Chrst? Isn't that enough of a reason to hate you?

Edward Flores • 1 year ago

Hey Robert, your innuendos and ad hominem arguments are ludicrous at best and downright insulting and indicative of a heart full of hatred at worst. The Jews were not the only ones responsible for Christ's death; all of sinful humanity were responsible, and that includes you and me unless you consider yourself morally perfect which you are not given the slander, innuendo, and direct insults you have aimed at Normando and Michael.

Robert Browning • 1 year ago

My hatred is justifiable and rational. What is your reason for the Jew hatred of Chrst? WTF did he

Michael • 1 year ago

Roberta, being a transgender I'm sure is difficult. Many are not very accepting but we are not judgemental people and believe in live and let live. Have a good day and please don't forget to put on your helmet if you go out to play.

Robert Browning • 1 year ago

Your Moshiach is a tranny too. You love your Moshiach don't you?

Chinta Sudheer Kumar • 1 year ago

Lord is with Israel today; tomorrow and FOREVER.. Lord god of Abraham, Issac and Jacob may Bless Benjamin Netanyahu and his Family..

David Crawford • 1 year ago

Ha Ba'al - the LORD is Satan's title. The God of Abraham, Yitschaq and Ya'aqob is Yahowah. His name was spelled out exactly 7,000 times in the Towrah, Naby and Mizmowr and religious bastards replaced His Name with Satan's title every one of those 7,000 times. Is there any wonder the world is clueless as to His personal and proper name.
Rabbis despise His name and His Towrah replacing it with their disgusting Talmud and Mishnah.
God damn these religious copy editors

Sword of Honor • 1 year ago

First, please stop using a voice of angry condemnation. It is more characteristic of forces you profess to be against. However, the positive thing is that you are clearly interested in finding out stuff. I would encourage you to find a Hebrew Bible course and study in more authentic depth.

To start you off, let me help by respectfully commentng on the mistaken basis of your post.

The four-lettered name of G-d in the Torah is sometimes given the Greek name, "Tetragrammaton" (Gk "Four Letters"). To guard its accidental pronunciation by the profane, it was rendered by the scribes with the vowels of the word "Adonai" (Lord), so that the reader would say that word and not try to pronounce the Sacred Name. Fortuitously, the English word "Lord" has four letters so translators inserted the word LORD for the Sacred Name.

Incidentally, some readers were fooled by the vowels and read a longer name which still appears in Spanish, but the word LORD stands only for the Divine Name, the Tetragrammaton, not the pagan god of the Canaanites.

There's a further confusion: not only do you assume that LORD = Ba'al but you also assume that "Ba'al" = the pagan god. No, it doesn't always. The word Ba'al is not restricted to the false god of Canaan but could also apply to the True God in some instances.

See, for example, 2nd Samuel 5:20 (also Isaiah 28:21) where G-d's intervention is celebrated by the place-name, Ba'al-Perazim. It was also in very common use in literal contexts, because it can still mean "husband" in modern Hebrew and can nean "owner."

In Biblical Hebrew, it is used metaphorically to refer to some characteristic, as when Joseph is called "the Dreamer" by his jealous brothers (Heb. "Ba'al HaChalamot" Lord of Dreams.) It cannot be assumed, always, to refer to the one Canaanite deity.

So, your analysis is unfortunately mistaken. Please direct your anger towards the evils around us, from poverty to terrorism, and cease to operate on a dark conspiracy theory, which is an unhelpful fantasy. Still, because you are interested in the truth, find a truthful biblical course. I think, if you give it a chance, you will enjoy it and see more clearly.

Herbie • 1 year ago

Great prophecies were made regarding the protection of Israel. Israel is not protected by any nation, it is protected from above. Hear Bibi clearly when he speaks about what Israel will do to aggressors , so determined and fearless. Where does he get that spirit? When Trump pulls out from Syria, scripture must be fulfilled because thats when Damascus shall go in ruins.

Rob Ball • 1 year ago

Pray for the peace of Israel and that the plans of her enemies will be brought to nothing.

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 1 year ago

Bannon points to the monastery of Trisulti in Collepardo in the province of Frosinone, for 'school populism' obviously the culture of satanism and sexual perversions rothschild regime nazi tecnocratic bilderberg, is opposed to all this. the Democratic Party is a subversive force..
and the revolt version of Bannon can last for decades ".

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 1 year ago

in their articles: the Israelis are very precise, but here is a serious gap: why the world does not adequately understand the death threats that Iran and Syria repeatedly do against the Israeli people!
nei loro articoli: gli israeliani sono molto precisi, ma quì c'é una lacuna grave: perché il mondo non conosce adeguatamente le minacce di morte che Iran e Siria fanno ripetutamente contro il popolo degli israeliani!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 1 year ago

NASA: alien artifacts could hide on Earth:
is very bad serious, that on an official level you can not talk about these aliens, since, they being demons with GMO body, would open the field to the existence of God, what that, NWO SpA FED IMF BM BCE Regime BilderbergLGBTQ must absolutely avoid

NASA: artefatti alieni potrebbero nascondersi sulla Terra: NASA-artefatti-alieni-potrebbero-nascondersi-terra/ è molto grave che a livello ufficiale NON si può parlare di questi alieni, dato che essendo demoni con OGM corpo, aprirebbero il campo alla esistenza di Dio, cosa che il NWO SpA FED FMI BM BCE Regime BilderbergLGBTQ deve scongiurare assolutamente

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 1 year ago

homosexuals (in shariah are killed) indeed, they live in ARABA LEAGUE and are good, they are humanistic, they are not: shameless, as are our, are the demonic lobbies LGBTQPerversion they are Fluid 666 #gayPride, but, the Pd Bilderberg never criticize shariah because they are the satanists of antichrist and love to drink the blood of Israelis and Christians
because they hate God
gli omosessuali (nella sharia vengono uccisi) anzi, vivono in ARABA LEAGUE e sono bravi, sono umanisti, non lo sono: spudorati, come lo sono i nostri, sono le lobby demoniache LGBTQPerversion sono Fluidi 666gayPride, ma, il Pd Bilderberg mai criticare la sharia perché sono i satanisti dell'anticristo e amano bere il sangue di israeliani e cristiani
perché odiano Dio

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 1 year ago

even if the whole world suffers the jhadista jihad shariah nazi genocide ummah mecca kaaba: galaxy, orchestrated mainly by Saudi and Turkish OCIs

anche se tutto il mondo soffre la galassiah jhadista orchestrata soprattutto da OCI sauditi e turchi
The Return of Iranian Terrorism to Europe
21/11/2018 | by Karmon, Ely (Dr.)
Authorities in Belgium, France, and Denmark arrested several Iranian operatives, including an Iranian diplomat, in a plot to plant a bomb to disrupt a political rally of the Iranian opposition in Paris, France and to assassinate an opposition leader in Denmark. Time has come for European leaders to acknowledge the Iranian/Hezbollah terrorist threat looming high in the continent and act accordingly.

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 1 year ago

my two facebook channels were made invisible by the communists of sputniknews, and they are so criminal, they are terrified at the idea of having to answer my questions, so I can not interact with users

i miei due canali facebook sono stati resi invisibili dai comunisti di sputniknews, e loro sono così criminali, che sono terrorizzati alla idea di dover rispondere alle mie domande, quindi io non posso interloquire con gli utenti

Major Ken Beer (R) • 1 year ago

I thank God that Israeli inventors use every bit of wisdom, skill, and intelligence to push all Satanic forces out of God's land of promise to Abraham and his true Children of Israel!

Anna Bortsova • 1 year ago

He Who blessed our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - may He bless the fighters of the Israel Defense Force, who stand guard over our land and the cities of our God from the border of the Lebanon to the desert of Egypt, and from the Great Sea unto the approach of the Aravah, on the land, in the air, on the sea and in the TUNNELS.

May HaShem cause the enemies who rise up against us to be struck down before them. May the Holy One, Blessed is He, preserve and rescue our fighting men from every trouble and distress and from every plague and illness, and may He send blessing and success in their every endeavor.

May He lead our enemies under their sway and may He grant them salvation and crown them with victory. And may there be fulfilled for them the verse: For it is HaShem, your God, Who goes with you to battle your enemies for you to save you.

Now let us respond: Amen.

maria • 1 year ago

"Israel, Netanyahu continued was developing “special capabilities that no other country in the Middle East has, and I tell you that some of them, no other country in the world has.”

I love to hear this mr Netanyahu! May God be as a burning ring of fire of protection surrounding you and Israel and may you have the wisdom to not share these 'special capabilities' with anyone else! Blessings from Sweden!