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BSF1 • 5 months ago

As usual, Israel is the first country to offer help when another country experiences the horror of a terrorist massacre, or a natural disaster. While most of the world stands by, and does nothing. Oh, yes, it also condemns Israel for ???? Guilt? Envy? Who knows???????

Peter Cohen • 5 months ago

This is not a contest between poor Jews in Israel and suffering Sri Lankans and stop making it a contest. That is reprehensible. The Talmud teaches to treat the suffering as your own. Israel has the resources to feed poor Jews and help the Sri Lankans. What it can't do is fix stupid !!

Daniel Wachtel • 5 months ago

Great to know what Israel is doing i only hope that all media around the world talks about it as well . .my sincere condolences for the victims and their families . it is time for the world to stand against the flood of terror and racism of any kind ! .. it is time to go to the source .those who teach hate
and finance it and shut them down . . .

Leonie Pipe • 5 months ago

The biased, morally bankrupt liars of the MSM will never mention this.

Aziz • 5 months ago

GOD Bless The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Aziz from Lahore Pakistan

Erica Ling • 5 months ago

Shame it had to take over 300 dead Sri Lankans and some foreigners and hundreds injured, for politicians and Church leaders to admit Christians are being persecuted, even unto death. Heavens to Betsy !, even Francis noticed, although he won't be too happy if NTJ are found responsible. Even our Foreign Minister was moved to remark on Christians' plight. Out of evil comes some acknowledgement.

Shinestar • 4 months ago

But nothing could be worse than Christians killing 6 million Jews in the 1940s.

Erica Ling • 4 months ago

It is not a competition.The point is when governments preach that they practice freedom for all religions, in reality they operate a seesaw. While one religion is elevated, treated as the sacred cow, one or all other religions are denigrated/ relegated to an inferior status, sometimes persecution. Faith leaders believe this is all part of "white / colonial guilt", Christianity having motivated and symbolised its advance. Fear of orthodox Islam and terrorism is a more likely motive. In the UK and the US Christians have been arrested for "hate crimes " simply for distributing pamphlets or preaching about Jesus in public areas. We can expect this in the ME, but in our "Christian " countries ?

Shinestar • 4 months ago

It is the bible! Bible says Jews killed Jesus, and they have to be punished for it.

Helen McKnight • 4 months ago

A lot of terrible things were done in the PAST. Most Christians today, like myself, support Israel, and the Jewish people. We need to be allies, and unite against Islam. Shalom.

Shinestar • 4 months ago

Please Helen stop being silly. If you forget the past the Jews will have to forget their right over Palestine. PAST is what keeps zionism alive!

Past matters and Jews never forget the 6 million deaths in the hands of white Christians. When the time comes they will make the Christians pay for every single one of the 6 million deaths.

Helen McKnight • 4 months ago

So that includes me then, which is very hateful of you. I personally, have never killed a Jew, or anyone come to that. I am a Christian who cares about the Jews/ Israel, so I can't be held responsible, for what has happened in the past. Are you referring to the Holocaust ? I have been to the concentration camps in Poland, to pay my respects. I found the experience very distressing, as any 'normal' person should.

Christians are persecuted too, all around the world. Mass slaughter, rape, false imprisonment, torture etc etc. We must NEVER forget what crimes have been committed in the past. Which is why we have remembrance services. We, in the UK, have had our problems with wars, and terror attacks. Regarding WW2...It doesn't make me hate all German people. I just hate the ones, who committed the atrocities at the time. But saying that, my faith says I must forgive, if I am to be forgiven by God. It isn't easy to do, but if we don't forgive, we become bitter, which affects our own well being. I am not your enemy !

Shinestar • 4 months ago

You are one in a billion!

Millie Tyler • 5 months ago

I want to say thank you to Israel for their foresight, their willingness to help, for putting themselves out there for others. You don't just think of nice things to do for others, you act on them. I believe it was God who put this on your heart. Thank you for acting on His promptings.

ESG • 5 months ago

This is so typical of Israel who will always offer help and assistance when tragedy strikes anywhere in the world. And wonder what assistance the palestinians will offer?

Erica Ling • 5 months ago

09.27 GMT. Mirror reports the Sri Lankan government has blamed National Thowheed Jamath NTJ for the attacks. Their security ministry was warned 3 times, the earliest 10 days prior ,by a foreign security source ( ???Israel ) that these attacks were imminent and Easter Sunday would be the choice. Need I add NTJ are Islamic.? The attack in Germany was "firecrackers thrown by a heavily drunken, dark skinned man shouting Allahu Akbar." In the ensuing panic 24 people, including children were injured. Only found on Pamela Geller site.

Helen McKnight • 4 months ago

Islamic extremist scum !

Erica Ling • 4 months ago

Followers of Orthodox Islam and the literal application of Sharia and Quranic . teaching.

AlfaBravo • 5 months ago

I am Jewish. Yesterday when I heard a massacre of Christians in Sri Lanka I posted an article in one of the Christian forums expressing sorrow for the dead and wounded poor people.

Not one response.
Not one support.
Sheer ignorance.

Happy Easter to the Christian World.
Moslems sent a message, thus far murdering 298 Christians and 500 wounded and maimed for life people.

Does anyone care? Who does?

willie gouws • 5 months ago

I do care bro, therefore I want to echo Millie Tyler. Thank you Israel and the jewish people. I care a lot about Israel, even more than for my native South Africa. And I am an Afrikaner, so we are very nationalistic. Continue to be better than the world, we just like it. And when you will need help, we will be there like a pack of rugby forwards to help you. Btw did anybody see Aziz's (from Lahore) remark. Refreshing.

Millie Tyler • 4 months ago

AlfaBravo, With sorrow I send my deepest condolences for yet another horrific attack on a Synagogue. Lori Kaye who was there to offer the kiddish took the bullets as she bravely and selflessly threw herself between the gunman and her Rabbi. What an incredible human being! I heard that most were there because it was the last day of Passover. Unimaginable the depth of evil and wickedness in someone who would carry out such a despicable act!

AlfaBravo • 4 months ago

People don’t see the real evil. Attacking us who’s pray and wishes are always, best for the world and everyone.

Millie Tyler • 5 months ago

With tears in my eyes right now, I, a born again follower of Jesus say a heart felt thank you. Scriptures tell us: it's going to get a lot worse. We (Jews and Christians) need to stick together in brotherly love.

Shinestar • 4 months ago

Yeah right, just before a few decades, you Christians killed 6 million Jews.

Helen McKnight • 4 months ago

I have never killed a Jew, or anyone come to that. Please stop referring to the past, that we have no control over. And if it was Christians who committed atrocities, than they weren't true Christians. Lets concentrate on unity, against Islam.

Irmi Schopf • 5 months ago

You are so kind, you really follow the teaching of the Torah. In Munich, in the Saint Pauls Cathedral was also an attack on Christian on Easter Sunday, it is hardly reported, it seems that Merkel who let those People in by the Mill. has inacted a Censure, the Croatians at least reported, that that "poor misguided African" did scream: Allah U Akbar! ( nothing in a german Paper, one can read it on the Internet) The People brought a traditional Easterfood to be blessed, one could see it was strewn on the Church Floor, a lot of People, over 26 got injured, some are servere!

alpcns . • 5 months ago

As usual, Israel is one of the first - if not the first - to offer actual help and comfort. Now watch, how this will be carefully ignored by the lamestream media.

Bull_Snake • 5 months ago

Now remember children Islam is the religion of peace, that just because in 2018 there were over 800 cases of French churches being desecrated or vandalized doesn't show an animus for other worldviews and it is obvious that the burning of the Notre Dame was an accident. So day we will wake up from this nonsense and realize that Islam is a terrorist cult from its core. That its goal is to subjugate the world by force.
I am a Christian, but I do not see myself or co-religionist strapping on bombs to destroy other people or their places of worship. If my God is not big enough to deal with other religious beliefs than I have the wrong God. He has not called me to destroy others but to love them as myself and recognize we, all of us, have come short of being holy so I have no greater standing because of His choosing me over my brothers who are not Christians.
But I won't bore you with theology. I note that the US and Israel have a habit of coming to the aid of those who have experienced harm. I also note that Islamic countries seem to be missing in action. I guess the call for charity is only if it can benefit the donor.

John C. Thomas Sr. • 5 months ago

Well said fellow Christian! PRAISE THE HOLY NAME OF JESUS!!!!!!!

Helen McKnight • 4 months ago

Amen !

Aurella • 5 months ago

Give money better to the poor Jews in Israel, the other countries never help Israel at all, the hell with them!!!@!!

Aurella • 5 months ago

I keep getting emails for donations to the poor Jews in Israel. POOR JEWS THERE NEED MONEY FOR FOOD!!!

Irmi Schopf • 5 months ago

you are wrong, a lot of Nation have helped Israel and still do, have you ever heard of the Organisation of Rabbi Eckstein: "Christians for Israel, Christians helping Jews"get informed before you act without a Heart.

Erica Ling • 5 months ago

Christians United for Israel does sterling work, protesting bias, petitioning the government ,raising funds.

BOTOSANI123 . • 5 months ago

He is at it again the degenerate Messia.

lesrun5k • 5 months ago

This site was created for him,his opinions are the only ones to be heard / read he must think.I thought you engage here with all in short to the point post's ,not write college term papers / essays,he must be the editor-in-chief and i was not notified??

AlfaBravo • 5 months ago

Hitlery Clinton
Bill Clinton
Batak Obama

Did say something about bombing In Sri Lanka but did not mention poor Christians.

Are they not Hypocrites?

Helen McKnight • 4 months ago

MSM make me sick. I am a UK Christian, and I'm not only appalled at the mass murder in Sri Lanka, but with the attitude of the media. How dare they refer to Christians, as EASTER WORSHIPERS !! So insulting....I'm sure they weren't at church, celebrating the Easter Bunny, whilst tucking into Easter Eggs !! One powerful image though, was the intact statue of Jesus, surrounded by bomb damage. That should have also given the dumb MSM a bit of a clue !!

AlfaBravo • 5 months ago

New Zealand Prime Minister put on heejab. Expressing poor Moslems about the massacre not that long ago.

Not a peep about slaughtered Christians.

Helen McKnight • 4 months ago

She should have dressed as a nun for a while !! Such hypocrites all of them !!

Bikinis not Burkas • 5 months ago

"No body has claimed responsibility" The S.L. Police raided a Muslim house where a bomb was detonated by the occupants which killed 3 Police officers.
Maybe nobody can claim because they are all dead, one can only hope!
Now sit back do nothing and wait for the next attack!

Erica Ling • 5 months ago

The attack was extremely well co ordinated, to be the work of an isolated small group, especially as "a foreign intelligence source "had warned the Sri Lankan government 10 days prior.

Emmanuel Enyi • 5 months ago

It is foolish act to cowardly terminate humans life.

punch_corona • 5 months ago

the muslim countries are a culture of death.. the un never does much at all condemning these massacres.. btw.. facebook has a poor record in these events.. myanwar massacre... simply silence..

Guest • 5 months ago
Levi • 5 months ago

Shut up Shitshack you are just proving how Illiterate you are may each one the Fleas on your Camel turn to 10 Thousand Emus and stomp down the Shithouse from where thou emerged.

John C. Thomas Sr. • 5 months ago

Name calling and vulgarity only hurts yourself, I have no clue what this person under guest posted. It is no longer on comments, Instead try praying for that person and the tragedy that is going on world wide. If you haven't already REPENT and BELIEVE in JESUS as your personal LORD and SAVIOR before it is too late! PRAISE THE HOLY NAME OF JESUS!!!!!!!

Erica Ling • 5 months ago

What about those who do not follow Jesus, Jews for instance ?

John C. Thomas Sr. • 5 months ago

Even unbelievers, Jews and gentiles alike get tired of reading or hearing vulgarity and name calling. either way it only hurts the person using the vulgar words. I am sure this person listed as guest did not even see Levi's vulgar comments used towards them! REPENT and BELIEVE in JESUS as your personal LORD and SAVIOR before it is too late! I will no longer reply to this thread! PRAISE THE HOLY NAME OF JESUS!!!!!!!

Irmi Schopf • 5 months ago

you write so colourful, had a good laugh, thanks!