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Steve Sss • 9 months ago

The Arabs that are threatened by Iran are now allies of Israel, as soon as the Iran aggression is solved they will go back to their old ways and be anti Israel.

Harry Shamir • 9 months ago

Of course. However, the interim may last long enough to establish constructive relationships.

my kingdom of Israel is the solution of all this.WATCh my universal brotherhood: Palestinian-Israeli Initiative Promotes Joint Economic Opportunities in Judea, Samariastop shariah 666 SpAIsraelo-Palestinian initiative promotes joint economic opportunity in Judea, Samaria

my kingdom of Israel is solution of all this.
WATCh my universal brotherhood: Palestinian-Israeli Initiative Promotes Joint Economic Opportunities in Judea, Samaria
stop shariah 666 SpA
Israelo-palestinese iniziativa promuove opportunità economica congiunta in Giudea, Samaria

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia • 9 months ago

Renee McDowell
None of the Talmud's pages are satanic.

Yitzchak Kaduri MessiaANSWER

unfortunately in every religion you will find lights and shadows,
but as for Hinduism Judaism and Islam
you will find Satanism itself.
but you can put in the search engine:

"satanic talmud"
to find the insights you are looking for!

cammo99 • 9 months ago

Excepting the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran sponsored Palestinians many of the Arab nations would go ahead with better relations with Israel, Of course there are variables but most Arab leaders now regard the disruptive and nati progressive forces of Islamic Revolution as a threat. Gatestone released an article this AM that examines the probably likelihood Turkey will become more hostile to Israel in the near future advocating keeping the threat of war at a level Israel will have to mobilize its reserves to put a strain on their economy. Whether this is offered to off set the threat the USA raised to allow Israel to face off unimpeded against Iranian threats militarily while the USA tackles the Iranians on an economic threat. Does that suggest some sort of growing bond between Ankara and the Muslim Brotherhood and Tehran? Probably not but it does suggest and we have ample proof of the Iranian ambition to reclaim the boundaries of the Persian Empire Turkey no doubt has its own Ottoman ambitions and Erdogan has yet to accept the horrendous aspects of the empire, the annihilation of the Armenians and other non Muslim peoples, and an institution of slavery more extent than in the West and even more brutal. The level of economic corruption and dependency on criminal measures was also extreme, and these are what erdogan calls the glory days of the Turks.

La rivelazione di don Vinicio Albanesi: "Anche io da bambino subii abusi da parte di sacerdoti" la COLPA è al 90% del VATICANO, lui non può dire ad un prete che ha problemi sessuali: "tu dimettiti"
perché questa mostruosità per 1000 anni la Chiesa Cattolica non la ha mai fatta!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 9 months ago

if I speak now? i will save the Iranians for the third time! but they do not deserve to live
Netanyahu: Arab Leaders Agree that Beating Iran is Key to Peace. se io parlo adesso? salvo gli iraniani per la terza volta! ma loro non meritano di vivere

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 9 months ago

Shalom to you, Brother ShemSilber2,
thank you,
to be you: like me: a sentinel in Israel.
waiting for the fulfillment of all the prophecies!
about the fraudulent David star on the flag of Israel:
1. "the Star of David attack", I do not need to believe: given that in this page / macron-anti-zionism-is-a-modern-form-of-anti-semitism /
I have rationally shown that it is the demonic symbol of total destruction of the seed of Abraham. have you read my comments?
about ours: Master Yahusha has Maschiach: Jesus of Bethlehem our Redeemer, I can show all the good that he has done to all of us, that when we were sinners, we were all his enemies.
but, the Stone (Unius REI: it is the humble instrument) that strikes the statue of NWO FED Shariah BCE IMF of Daniel 2, and in which God (Jesus of Bethlehem) is just him JHWH: Holy Spirit: that realizes all His purpose ,
because God himself could never be the instrument: that is, stone!
or if you too (like all the religious dogmatic linked to a piece of dead paper of the word of God)
you will not be scandalized by me too!

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia • 9 months ago

Bin Salman] the masters of the world, they have behind the abyss of hell and in front have me have: Unius REI, that I will push them all inside .. because unlike the Islamic crazy dogmatic idiot criminal shariah balls? they know they have to become the damned souls because of you!

Bin SALMAN ] i padroni del mondo alle spalle hanno l'abisso dell'inferno e di fronte hanno me: Unius REI, che io ce li spingerò tutti dentro.. perché a differenza degli islamici coglioni? loro sanno di dover diventare le anime dannate per colpa tua!

Sword of Honor • 9 months ago

I love you, Bibi, but we all know that the defeat of Iran is only one of the issues.

Peace and security !