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Nomads close road to traffic, Mayor PD: "It is their right" - VIDEO //voxnews info/2019/06/22/nomadi-chiudono-strada-al-traffic-sindaco-pd-e-un- their-right-video / citizens will have the right to use a public road, to move from home or to work. Do they have to ask permission from squatters to do it?

Vatican team rejected by: sodomites and feminists, the game is suspended or rather never started! Pd dictatorship M5S #sessoFluido, pornocracy and technocratic Masonic Satanism!
//voxnews info/2019/06/22/squadra-vaticana-respinta-da-femministe-partita-sospesa/ Bitter international debut for the Vatican women's soccer team. Before the match, in Vienna, spectators but also the players of the opposing team, gave birth to a pro-abortion and pro-LGBT protest, contesting the Vatican line. The game was thus suspended before it even started; protests started in fact during the execution of the Vatican hymn.

Jura Badar, the first Islamic Carabiniere - PHOTO /voxnews info/2019/06/22/giura-badar-il-primo-carabiniere-islamico-foto/
no Christian is allowed to enter the police or the judiciary in all the ARAB LEAGUE: because the problem is not the Muslims, but it is the claim of the Sharia to destroy all human rights and destroy the Constitution!

obviously the girls of Christian slave dhimmis can be raped by Muslims even at 3 years old as the talmud also says

ovviamente le bambine dei cristiani schiavi dhimmis possono essere stuprate dai mussulmani anche a 3 anni come dice anche il talmud

there is no other logic about eloquent images: Muhammad married his 7th wife, at 7 years old and had full sexual relations at 9 years: many Muslims do so!
but before the age of 9: you can rub in the middle of the gambucce and call it: "weave the penis"

non c'é altra logica sulle immagini eloquenti: Maometto ha sposato la 7° moglie, a 7 anni ed ha avuto rapporti sessuali completi a 9 anni: molti mussulmani fanno così!
ma prima dei 9 anni: si può strofinare in mezzo ALLA gambucce e lo chiamano: "intrecciare il pene"

KING UniusREI June 22, 2019
I talked to a Shiite Muslim! at 5-6years it is a symbolic rite: but, it is always a promise of marriage: then, after 10 years the marriage can be formalized with another solemn ceremony among the families! : "Muslim" can also be said that way!
there is no other possible interpretation
it is like a ritual: from a prenuptial course: a contract of the type: "tomorrow I will pay!" which then, can be at 14-16 years! but today in Turkey they marry at that age to make the Islamic demographic bomb and come and cut their throats! pic twitter com/73Sy1ysv3d

Euro project technocratic German Satanism parasitic finance Masonic traitors! youtu be/rrc1lbgPA8o
CENSORED BY ALL ITALIAN TVS! SHARE IS A DUTY! Jewish Freemasonry: DEMO PLUTO GIUDAICO MASSONE ROTHSCHILD rules the land ... an invisible dictatorship.

Euro progetto tecnocratico tedesco satanismo la finanza parassitaria massoni traditori!

CENSURATO DA TUTTE LE TV ITALIANE ! CONDIVIDERE è UN DOVERE! la massoneria ebraica: DEMO PLUTO GIUDAICO MASSONE ROTHSCHILD governa la terra.. una dittatura invisibile.

about any and all religions ] [ Jewish Group Wins 14-year Legal Battle Against Greek Orthodox Church
all properties not directly used for religious worship, and related activities? they can always be confiscated if they are income-generating facilities!

unitedwithisrael org/jewish-group-wins-14-year-legal-battle-against-greek-orthodox-church/

tutti gli immobili non direttamente utilizzati per il culto religioso, e le attività connesse? essi possono sempre essere confiscati se sono strutture messe a reddito!

Norm • 3 months ago

Seems like The Greek Orthodox Church was using Muslim Tacqiua tactics.

all religions are same crazy