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Avision • 1 year ago

Way to go. A good terrorist is a dead one.

Yosi_Amram • 1 year ago

Yes, it was a good death.

IsraelReader • 1 year ago

Why do they bury terrorists six feet under?
Because deep down they're real good!

Dano_FL • 1 year ago

And they are totally out of sight, probably leaving at least 3 wives and 8 children fatherless. Talk about Darwin syndrome! Let her rip!

Sally Donaldson • 1 year ago

This means that The UN Human Rights Council Will Not be able to pick this Hezbollah Rat as their new President.

lewjac3 • 1 year ago

True, but sadly there are many to replace this vermin.

Chris Trinity • 1 year ago

Tse tse tse Farakhan lost another "Brother"

Jonas Reong Jonas • 1 year ago

Let the UN opened their eyes... see what these terrorist have done first and yet when they gave out the propaganda in the UN councle, every body believe. IDF have the right to trike back and a great compliment IDF>>>>

Neil • 1 year ago

Fantastic news!

Michael Kopelman • 1 year ago

this policy has to continue and even intensified so that this terrorist organization and its patron iran go away from syria and from earth

Tony Munro • 1 year ago

You probably talking about abbas or hania ,cuz they are got to get help to meet Allah.

18_18 • 1 year ago

1. Imad Mugniyeh
2. Imad Al-Tawil
3. Who is the next Imad? Is Nasrallah, also an Imad?
Being a Hezbollah leader means you lower your life expectancy by forty years.

Rachel Newer • 1 year ago

he is mad too, he is overstayed his time on earth long ago.

stewartinoz • 1 year ago

Doing a good job. They may run, but they can’t hide.

David Rice • 1 year ago

good two more POS taken out. now the can get their 72 virgin goats.

Chris Trinity • 1 year ago

I wouldn't be so sure...cause Mo is a sexual demon!...half of those goats he raped and then killed them dead!...he's probably busy right now with the other half!.
Well at least this "Brother" can say "Some People Did Something"(no goats left🤷‍♂️)

BobInBpt • 1 year ago

OH ! I am sure that Israel will get "flack" over this ! They will be accused of "murdering" a Palestinian intellectual and a family man. They will never call a spade a spade and admit that he was a murdering terrorist.

John Williams • 1 year ago

ALL terrorists everywhere need to be afraid that they are next, ALL must assume that there is a target on their back, ALL must wonder each moment of every day and night, if this might be their last moment on earth, And ALL must consider whether living in fear and in a cave for the rest, no matter how short, of their lives is worth it. That is terrorism in reverse and it does nothing to harm the innocent.

Chris Trinity • 1 year ago

I hope that will happen!.I hope Pres Trump and Netanyahu will make that a reality!.I hope other governments and people in power will rise up from the dead and start helping...start supporting Pres Trump and Israel!

Rachel Newer • 1 year ago

Mazal Tov! lets make hizbollah membership the most dangerous occupation, B'H

Wayne Warren • 1 year ago

Keep up the good work as we could use some of the technology in Canada before we become nothing more than a Third World sh17 hole

Chris Trinity • 1 year ago

I know what you mean...your PM(and government) aint exactly what you can call opposition to them Muslims an Hizbollah!

masseur1950 • 1 year ago

YES SIR. Never forget the Israeli possibilities and ingenuity. Way to go with all the bad guys.

Yosef Chaim • 1 year ago

terrorists have declared war on others... Assassination is the murder by a surprise attack, usually for payment or political reasons. Murder: The unlawful killing of one human by another, especially with premeditated malice.

Soldiers who die in battle are not referred to as being assassinated or murdered so why are terrorists?

one might think its a tangential issue, however one is legal, the other leads to legal battles and potential convictions. The greater point is, other than the US and Israel, who is accused of assassinations? Never heard the accusation against the 175 "righteous" nations that have such great human rights records, therefore, its only Jew's and American Presidents who stand to lose why utilizing the term assassination when it comes to terrorists or another term for them, national combatants, which now makes it legal to kill them in defense of our nations.

T-2000 • 1 year ago

Yes, Yosef, words matter. First you need to define what is terrorism and how is it different from "national combatants". To me, when somebody kills or kidnaps a civilian to make a statement or to force a government to submit to their demands - it is clear terror. When somebody fights a government
making sure no civilians are harmed could be considered as national combatants. when Syrians fed up with Syrian government, started the ME Spring revolution, were they terrorists or national combatants? But when ISIS came to Syria, do you have any doubts who they were? Same with Hezbollah. This is clear and obvious terrorist organization and the only solution to deal with the terror is a reverse terror. History does not have examples to the contrary. In Russia, Czar Nickolas the second let Russian terrorists loose, which costed him and his whole family their lives by being murdered by the terrorists (Bolsheviks). So, yes, killing (eliminating) terrorists is the righteous thing to do to prevent civilian life from the nightmare of the terror.

Yosef Chaim • 1 year ago

I understood the definitions (and i agree with your view)... my position was based on how the terms are assigned in today's upside down world.

when we kill an arab its a crime, when they fire 1000 rockets there is no crime

when there are no Jews in Arab countries no one cares, but Israel is an apartheid State with 1 million or more Arabs living there (arabs who do not want to be governed by their own).

Syria kills or removes 500000 Syrian's no one cares but we remove one Arab who throws a firebomb at us and we are the criminals.

words matter, but they only matter when everyone uses them properly.

to close this out... Trump has a questionable phone call and impeachment is called for... Biden actually does it on YouTube and its ignored as if it was an acceptable action.

When everything is equal you are right... when its not, we must question how words are used.

Good Shabbos

T-2000 • 1 year ago

We are in a 100% agreement. And I totally agree with you that when people are using words as a smoke screen to hide the truth behind, they need to be called on their cowardice.

naftali216 • 1 year ago

The only way to destroy a hydra is to vaporize the entire body. Cutting off the head only leads to the growth of a new one. This has been shown as fact for over 50 years. Time for sane leaders to destroy completely ALL terrorists and their families.

Wayne Wastier • 1 year ago

Instead of using the word assassinates, why not use the word executes?

AJL • 1 year ago


Hector Zuniga • 1 year ago

More infected with terrorism to be send to the 72 demons.

edan • 1 year ago

Muslums killing Muslums and blaming Israel. How novel.

Chris Trinity • 1 year ago

Time for celebration! another devil meet his "brothers"(shuuuuhh dont tell them there are no virgins for him...only 2 male goats 1 lame donkey and an old camel...he is free to choose...his choice👍🎊🎉

Jonas Reong Jonas • 1 year ago

excellent job IDF.. finish them one by one... they are scum ... this is not stone age...two dead already and one iranian satan...slain.... good,,,,

agnes losonczi • 1 year ago

GOOD JOB. Carry on Shaba''k!

Rachel Eitan • 1 year ago

Well, they say that they love death, so we're accommodating them.

lucifer69 alias puta?

Syria: 33 Turkish soldiers killed by a Syrian airstrike in Idlib
Erdogan and the CIA have filled Syria with mass graves .. and nobody has to do anything that can help Erdogan indirectly!

442rocketdave • 1 year ago

If they increase that a hundred fold then some changes will start happening they have to kill a lot of those cockroaches to make a difference but at least its a start..... GOOD JOB IAF!!!

Bear Jew • 1 year ago

Drinks are on me

Efram Paul • 1 year ago

Wonderful. I hope Israel is ready for the inevitable reprisal(s).

Dano_FL • 1 year ago


lesrun5k • 1 year ago

Bravo to the great IAF,now continue to hamas to strike / eliminate their leaders. This is the only action that is proven to work,eliminate terror by elimanating terriost.One down thousands to go.

maggoting • 1 year ago

Love hearing good news like this......makes my day.

Pedro Rabaçal • 1 year ago

allah is on islamists side only to make them martyers.
No wonder they are always fight each other: it is impossible to lose! LOL

the new sultanate of Norway: immigrants represent more than half of population growth - Report: and that Muslims all have 8 children on average!
According to Statistics Norway, the current situation is characterized by stable immigration, falling nativity, aging populations and a long list of municipalities with decreasing populations.

For chief Russian diplomacy escalation in Syria does not give pretext to intervene to NATO
Erdogan has only one problem:
he should not be there to defend only all the genocides of ISIS and al-Nusra

scooty • 1 year ago

ISREAL didnt start this war but their libel to finish it by draining the swamp even if its only one at a time to send out a message to her enemies that says youve lost 5 wars against us already do y want to make it 6?

Chris Trinity • 1 year ago

Israel is the mayor pain in the ar*es of these "Religion Of Hate" worshippers.It pains them so that they cannot succeed against GOD's people !.They will lose!.

Guest • 1 year ago