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Avision • 5 months ago

Way to go. A good terrorist is a dead one.

Yosi_Amram • 5 months ago

Yes, it was a good death.

IsraelReader • 5 months ago

Why do they bury terrorists six feet under?
Because deep down they're real good!

Dano_FL • 5 months ago

And they are totally out of sight, probably leaving at least 3 wives and 8 children fatherless. Talk about Darwin syndrome! Let her rip!

Sally Donaldson • 5 months ago

This means that The UN Human Rights Council Will Not be able to pick this Hezbollah Rat as their new President.

lewjac3 • 5 months ago

True, but sadly there are many to replace this vermin.

Chris Trinity • 5 months ago

Tse tse tse Farakhan lost another "Brother"

Jonas Reong Jonas • 5 months ago

Let the UN opened their eyes... see what these terrorist have done first and yet when they gave out the propaganda in the UN councle, every body believe. IDF have the right to trike back and a great compliment IDF>>>>

FuzzyAshkenaz • 5 months ago

Yeah, IDF. Kol HaKavod. Keep sending those savage jihadists to see their false god allah! "Imad" can now change his name to "Idead".

Chris Trinity • 5 months ago

Another "brother" meets his "brothers"...I'm throwing a partyšŸŽŠšŸŽ‰šŸŽ†šŸŽ‡

burn Satana CIA troll in Jesus's name! drink your poison made by youself

TUC • 5 months ago

Hey, how's your brother Mel Gibson?

I currently have 2 billion brothers: of every people, of every religion, of every ideology: their names have been written in the book of life!
us in the kingdom of God
we are transversal: just as it is for the reign of satan with the other 5 billion people!

BOTOSANI123 . • 5 months ago

Don't worry they will al kiss the pedophile Muhammad and wish they newer started with Jews.

you are bot Satani 666 NWO FED 123? statistically no one people is more morally perfect than Muslims in this world!
Islamists jihad assassin sharia are Erdogan and Riyadh's cult UMMA nazi OCI disease only!

lesrun5k • 5 months ago

Yes i agree,anybody that worships/ follows a child rapist, a proven child pedophile is no doubt morally perfect.Da Mo boy is shaking hands with Satan, sitting at his feet .Get off your cool aid,get out of your dark ages cave,stop the goat humping/ cross breeding then maybe you can see / experience reality, nah probaly not.

Thanks for your comment..
all Islamic Satanism originates from the Quran and the Saudi Wahhabis: sharia ..
but you must not forget that secular Muslims:
1. do not follow the Koran
2. do not do things condemned by the Bible and the Gospel
3. they are the first victims of Islamic killers such as: OCI, UN Iran and Erdogan!

Chris Trinity • 5 months ago

You are describing one of Farakhans "Brothers " there...an "upstanding" citizen in their comunityšŸ¤”

if you were wiser?
you wouldn't make a hasty judgment on people
I am the messiah of the Jews

gornisht • 5 months ago

I really hope you feel better.

ok i can bettering

FuzzyAshkenaz • 5 months ago

You are not a Christian with your hatred of Jewish Christians and your hatred of the Jewish people. The Star of David is our national symbol. Now go change your
pull-up Huggiess.....it smells here.

Jonas Reong Jonas • 5 months ago


lesrun5k • 5 months ago



amen alleluia hallelujah:
live JHWH holy the goel in ISRAEL

sorry: 1. i am Jewish Christians and king messia jewish people

2. scam fake The Star of David-Rothschild is svastica Hitler same: that born 2000 years ago: from satan synagogue and maternal fake genealogie

3. you are infestation Rothschild Don Spilman agenda: all troll CIA 666, here that pretend to anything, and think they are anything

FuzzyAshkenaz • 5 months ago

Did your husband tell you that?

I'm just a man
but, God JHWH holy "called me" i see him only, to sit at the center of his throne!
God the Father is on my left and
God the Son Jesus is on my right,
in accordance with the 110th psalm of King David

FuzzyAshkenaz • 5 months ago

For the sake of your children, get away from that man and take charge of your life. Be a responsible mom and everything will work out.

what is your profound disturbance: my son?
you confess yourself: all your junk food blood that made you drink? vomit it!
nobody will know!
i am your medicine, i am 59 years old man!

FuzzyAshkenaz • 5 months ago

Other women can help you.

Jesus clearly said:
that we could not give the whole universe in exchange for our soul.
because our soul is worth more than the universe
but you have sold your soul: to Rothschild for too little.
Satanists like you who fled anonymously: into a convent: and were followed by the police and a lawyer?
they weren't killed!

Menachem • 5 months ago

Jewish Christians?

FuzzyAshkenaz • 5 months ago

Exactly! The 12 Disciples of Yeshua were Jews. The Apostle Saul of Tarsus was a Jew. The thousands of initial followers of Yeshua were Jews.

All of these Jews still kept Torah and Sabbath. The only difference is we have a different opinion about the identity of Mashiach.

Menachem • 5 months ago

For 2000 years Christians have been brutalising Jews. To name just a few. The Crusaders. Then the many Inquisitions. Culminating in the Holocaust. Why therefore would any Jew want to be a Christian?

FuzzyAshkenaz • 5 months ago

For 2000 years, GENTILE FALSE Christians have been brutalizing Jews. There is no verse in the NT that supports their behaviour. There is also no verse that supports abolishing Torah and Sabbath.

As I said, the earliest Christians were all Jewish and would be mortified with modern Christian doctrine. That is why I attend at my local Orthodox Shul where I have been welcomed by the leadership.

Barry Hirst • 5 months ago

You so correct!!!

Menachem • 5 months ago

I am not so much interested in what Christian doctrine says. All that I have to go on is the history of what the Christians have actually done. You would expect Christians to do what doctrine says they ought to do, but the history of what they have done tells me something different entirely. The "false Christians" would no doubt consider themselves to be "geniune Christians" so how do I know which one is who? History tells me that Christians have been brutalizing Jews for the last 2000 years. Whether they were good Christians or bad Christians is irrelevant is irrelevant.

FuzzyAshkenaz • 5 months ago

Anyone who identifies as a Christian and hates Jews was NEVER A CHRISTIAN. You are spreading a false stereotype and that is a sin before YHWH.

Barry Hirst • 5 months ago

As a Christian we are taught to respect and love the Jews. The 'worldly' people were always jealous of the Jews because of their intelligence and success in school, professions and in business. They still are, hence the Jews constant persecution by imbeciles. There are many false Christians hiding behind Christianity as Churches are highly profitable. Jews and Christian have their differences but we are together and will fight together!!! .

yes is so

FuzzyAshkenaz • 5 months ago

If a gentile puts on a kippah and commits a murder, does that mean that all Jews are murderers?

Chris Trinity • 5 months ago

Good point!

Chris Trinity • 5 months ago

Although I can see where he is coming from...but our opinions does not automatically make it facts...it very seldom do!
Opinions are just that opinions...the Bible and Christianity are not based on opinions!.Truth esp Universal Truths like GOD or faith is not based on opinions it's based on the Truth...far deeper truth that we can fathom!

Chris Trinity • 5 months ago

Or if I go to a garage does it mean that I am a car?

Menachem • 5 months ago

And if a Jew wears a necklace with a Cross on it, does that make all Jews Christians? Of course not. All I am saying is that anecdotally, a heck of a lot of the expulsions inquisitions pogroms etc committed against Jews have been perpetrated by Christians ( who no doubt considered themselves to be fine upstanding Christians ) with the blessing of the Christian church and leadership. How do you explain that? To simply say that they were fake Christians doesnā€™t cut it! The Palestinians now say that Jews were never in Jerusalem. The Christians for century said that the Jews killed Jesus. Well if the Jews were never in Jerusalem, then they didnā€™t kill Jesus because in all likelihood, it was the Palestinians. Well if it was the Palestinians, why do Christians blame Jews. Christians owe Jews a huge apology! The Palestinians put forward this fake narrative and and honest upstanding Christians donā€™t say a word of protest. By siding with the Palestinians (as honest upstanding Christian nations have done) Christian nations deny their own heritage. Explain that? Where is the uproar at the U.N. from the Christian nations denouncing the Palestinians for putting forward this fake narrative. Itā€™s not what people say that matters. Itā€™s what people do. And for centuries Christians have brutalised Jews. Why therefore would a Jew want to be a Christian?

you asked FuzzyAshkenaz for explanations but he is only one of the 80 CIA trolls who are here (under the control of Don Spilman) and they pretend every identity ...

when in Vatican Council I

we prayed (prayer is an act of love and predilection) for: "the wicked Jews"

it was not said, we must punish the Jews because they killed Jesus! "

because if Jesus was not killed: nobody could have been saved!

no! The Jews were truly evil demons: just as the talmud taught them to be and do!

so we had MARRANO Rokefeller who still pretends to be a Christian today,

but he tried to become a Cardinal,

the history of the Jews in Europe has been: truly an infamous story of cannibal Freemasons usurers conspiracies, murders, and all wickedness

and the Popes did not exterminate all the Jews; only for the sake of Abraham Isaac Jacob and Moses.

what makes you believe that with the FED FMI 666 ECB NWO bilderberg regime, deep state, esoteric agenda, etc ...
that is, that today they still exist: Christian nations?
or that today's Christians have not been totally corrupted by rothschild masons in these 400 years of NWO?
the fact that you see the structure of the VATICAN (the container)
this does not mean that valid content can exist inside: necessarily! ..
the LGBT Freemasonry and the modernism that the Church has condemned and against which it has made 640 excommunications?
today, it devil has taken control ...
today's Church has already been excommunicated / vomited by Yesterday's Church!

I don't want to belittle what you said
and I share it 100%
but, Rotshchild created Israel only because it needs to trigger the third world war.
Rothschild hates ISRALE because Israel can make him lose the NWO.
and since Rothschild created the NWO 400 years ago with the founding of its private Bank of England.
therefore, it is logical that a part of the faults: of satanism, conspiracies, ritual human sacrifices in the synagogues, murders, thefts, masonry, contempt, racism, induction to wickedness: loan sharking, all crimes committed by the Jewish leaders: in these 400 years, have been crimes that have been lost, hidden!
because this story that Christians are 100% guilty and Jews are 100% innocent, this is a grotesque and truly ridiculous story!