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Vinegar Hill • 4 months ago

It is a disgrace to read that some Israelis celebtrate the taking of the Golan. They are celebrating yet another violaton of international law by Israel, which, obvious to those who respect law and order, can lead to nothing more that violence and human destruction.

It is a shame and immoral to read about a celebration such as this.

Peter Cohen • 4 months ago

There is a big question mark here that needs to be answered: When did the Druze first arrive in the Golan ? What was their relationship with the Jews ? What was their relationship with the Jews in 1920 ? When Syria lost the Golan by their own aggression, why was Druze PERVERSE loyalty so strong that they continued to support a Fascist autocrat who hated everyone, Hafez Assad. This absurd loyalty continued with Bashar Assad. The heretofore pacifist Druze are now complicit in the genocide of 500,000 Syrians, that includes Druze on both sides of the Golan. I can't imagine the Druze enjoying being labeled mass murderers, but when they picked up their M-16 rifles in defense of Assad, that is exactly what they became.

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Colin Taylor • 4 months ago

The Golan is an amazing part of Israel. So much to explore and see.

john ruby • 4 months ago

Golan Heights... Called Bashan in the Bible. It was once known for its tall Oak trees.
This land became Israeli land when King Og (a +10foot tall Rephaite giant) and his people were defeated by Moses and the Israelites 3,500 years ago.

o85o • 4 months ago

The Golan Heights look so beautiful! I can't wait to be able to visit some day! I just don't know where a good place to stay would be that isn't too outrageously expensive.

lesrun5k • 4 months ago

I love reading/ studying about the 1967 six day miraculous victory,the outcome was just awesome how quickly it came about.God forever bless the land of Israel.

Vinegar Hill • 4 months ago

Why do you celebrate an event that violates international law?

Surely that is immoral.

Aloysius phiri • 4 months ago

I love to read the great achievements of the Israeli defence forces. The six day war,Yom Kippur war and the raid on Entebbe

lesrun5k • 4 months ago

Yes,i am with you.The IDF's accomplishments are just awesome.God Bless.