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Phil Lesh Fan • 2 months ago

I wonder how my lantzmen afford to move to, and live in, Israel. From conversations with the Israelis I know, renting an apartment in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv runs about $3,000/month. Less expensive rents, perhaps, in smaller cities or towns, but expensive nonetheless.

I wonder how an American J ew, roughly 60 years of age and not particularly wealthy, could afford to live in Israel if he or she wanted to make the move "home."

Kornreich • 2 months ago

Bulls eye, it's almost impossible.

Stephen Richter • 2 months ago

Obviously, live in places other than Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Phil Lesh Fan • 2 months ago

Any suggestions? i asked an Israeli friend of mine where I could live and find an apartment - a simple apartment - for under $1,000/month. He looked at me like I was crazy. If you have any suggestions or experience with this arena, I would appreciate your sharing what you know.

Stephen Richter • 2 months ago

No, I am not knowledgeable about places to live in Israel, but I do know there are other cities (Haifa in the north, and Eilat in the south, for example), and other possibilities would be a small village or town, or a kibbutz or a moshav. I should think that areas away from the center would be less expensive.

Phil Lesh Fan • 2 months ago

I appreciate the suggestions.


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alexanderzaf • 2 months ago

The immigration of the Jews in Israel is a good thing. But converting it in numbers, it is a peanuts in compare to hundreds of millions of Israelites from the lost Ten Tribes soon coming according to more than 40 prophecies in the Hebrew Bible.

Kornreich • 2 months ago

I don't see the relevancy of your comments. We can only go forwards.

alexanderzaf • 2 months ago

I just inform people that a huge exodus of the rest House of Israel is coming to the Promised Land. That is what Bible says. It is also mean that the Messiah is at the door. Thanks

Kornreich • 2 months ago

Of course I don't understand where hundreds of millions of Israelites will be able to stay in the small size of the country. Hopefully is Messiah at the door, he will be more than welcome.

alexanderzaf • 1 month ago

Israel in its Biblical borders is not a small country -- read the Bible. The expanded Land of Greater Israel from Nile to Euphrates (Genesis 15:18) has enough territory to settle all the Israelites together with the strangers among them! The expanded Land of Greater Israel from Nile to Euphrates has enough territory to settle all the Israelites together with the strangers among them! There is an opinion that the entire population of the world could be placed in the State of Texas, which consists of 268,820 square miles or 696,200 square kilometers. By comparison, the Biblical Land of Israel is not “tiny” at all. Its borders will include the Eastern part of Egypt, Sinai, Lebanon, Jordan, the Island of Cyprus, part of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria, and parts of Iraq and Turkey. It is estimated that the Promised Land is eight times the size of Texas. It would be no problem to accommodate all Israelites on their Land. Thanks. 9/18/2019