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SAWolf • 10 months ago

"Protect Israel's shore", and that is THE problem. Submarines are inherently OFFENSIVE weapons. That's why the US Navy has 50 Attack Boats and 4 of Our Boomers were retrofitted to carry 150+ Tomahawks. Kharg Island should be smoldering slag, and all of iran's harbors, mined. Not to mention any iranian ships that venture forth should be permanently,"Berthed", at Davey Jones' Locker. There are far superior assets, such as the indigenously produced, autonomous, weaponized, speed boats, Surface Combatants, and ASW configured Helos, to name a few, to DEFEND Israel's shores. GO ON THE ATTACK, and that covers the entire IDF Force Structure. A mostly reactive Force begins to behave reactively, when it truly matters. The IDF should prevent further violence by killing those that intend it, their Intel, is that good.

alpcns . • 10 months ago

Wonderful. Hopefully never needed, but if needed, then strike hard and decisive. Love it.

HebrewProphet • 10 months ago

All this highly sophisticated and modern Technology while the " Fakestinians"
still persist in stone-throwing,stabbings,Molotov cocktails and vehicle ramming
against ordinary Jewish-Israeli citizens going about their daily lives.

IsraelReader • 10 months ago

Unfortunately, some of Israel's enemies aren't satisfied with the primitive methods you mentioned.
Which makes for a genuine need for these submarines.

HebrewProphet • 10 months ago

Agreed then !

Mikial • 10 months ago

Very cool. Keep the bad guys guessing where the return strike will come from.

Alec Becker • 10 months ago

Israel is preparing for any emergency. They have the smarts and the right manpower and as such are a powerhouse in the military sense.

Cyprus Satnav • 10 months ago

Don’t worry folks the men in white coats are on their way and know where to go ⬇️

DiaminSilber • 10 months ago

Wrong thread?

punch_corona • 10 months ago

.. great article.. incredible..

China Russia IRAN Riyad ] you Ask Israel to build the 3rd Jewish temple in Jerusalem, if they can do it without me: and they will say that without a real King (sent by God) this is just impossible to do.

IRAN Riyad ] voi Chiedete ad Israele di costruire il 3° tempio ebraico a Gerusalemme, se ne è capace di poterlo fare senza me: e loro diranno che senza un vero Re (mandato da Dio) questo è proprio impossibile di potersi fare.

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studi30 • 10 months ago


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