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truth beknown • 6 months ago

The best solution: exterminate the cockroaches. There will never be peace while attempting to "share" the land with these neanderthals.

lesrun5k • 6 months ago

Amen,not enough body bags being used by the IDF.

VTS • 6 months ago

The murder was simply cold blooded murder, not a response for anything.
There is always an excuse for those bastards to murder some one.

SAWolf • 6 months ago

There is only one solution to the murderous, inbred, beasts who stole the name,"palestinian", with the aid of the KGB, complete and total War. They want it, claim to love death more than We love Life. So lets show them how wrong they are, by exterminating them. That and enjoying a long and prosperous Life, after they are dust, the best revenge. These beasts, no matter what they demand or what is undeservedly, GIVEN to them, never will, its not in them.

avmphil • 6 months ago

these BEAST will be destroyed sooner or later, they will face death in FIRE. First Iran must be wiped out of the map . When the head rots , so will the whole body in succession. I hope there is no more Iran and Hamas in just 2 decades more.. Sure Abas will be dead soon...

SAWolf • 6 months ago

There was Friendship between the Two People prior to their '79 revolution, that extended back to Cyrus The Great. We should target the mullahs and their henchmen.With AI based, swarm technology, where insect sized devices can be deployed to explode when the target is surreptitiously and safely, acquired, there isn't much room to hide, for any of Us. But the fakenstinians are just plain something devolved.

They don't want anything, except to destroy.

Guest • 6 months ago
442rocketdave • 6 months ago

Yes they are proud of that and you have to realize who they are and what they have done in this world they are the Devil and his mistress both nothing more than demons from Hell. The Oslo accords are made to contain and destroy Israel.

VTS • 6 months ago

Rabin and Peres, Israel's"great statesmen" got Nobel Prizes for playing along.

AVIGAIL • 6 months ago

Hamas' declaration after the fact has zero value or credibility. They attribute their crimes to whatever is momentarily more convenient to their murderous goals.

These arrab monsterrs kill because they and their demonic families are being paid salaries to do so. The inside of their beings is sold to HaSatan's cult of death.

Terence Paull • 6 months ago

Israeli Civilian Law is far better than Shariah S**t. The murder of D'vir Sorek shows Palestinians don't want peace, but want Hamas. Everywhere Israeli's occupy the land flourishes, education and progress abundant. In contrast Palestinian ruled areas remain decaying ghettos. How many more billions of dollars will pour down the hole called Palestine?

Mr Tibbs • 6 months ago

Do the names Judea and Samaria ring any bells? The fact that Arabs use it shows that it is rooted to the land, even though Muslims deny any Jewish existence historically. The word Jewish comes from Juden from the Hebrew tribe of Judah, a Kingdom established after the split of the other 10 Israeli tribes or Northern tribes after Solomons death. The Samarians were Assyrian occupiers(who adopted a form of Judaism with their own temple outside of Jerusalem), who settled the area after Senacherib conquered and removed the Northern Israeli tribes. This is almost 1,000 years before Hadrian The Roman Emperor (AD 135) changed the name from Judea to Palestina in response to the failed Bar Kokhba revolt, and yet the area is still called Judea! The provision for a Palestinian state was based on the conditions of the failed Oslo Accords. Therefore, the lands should be returned to Israel since the conditions of security and recognition have never been met as this current tragic incident clearly shows. Hamas's reasons for violence will always be moot since it, nor any other Muslim faction including the PLO(PA), will never recognize Israel's right to exist nor work to co-exist in peace, only to destroy. Therefore, Bibi should exercise Israel's sovereignty over said lands due to this fact, for the sake of Israel's security. Anything else us simply systematic political suicide and "occupation"genocide by the allowance of said Terrorists to remain entrenched in the land.

442rocketdave • 6 months ago

As I have said many times in the past ITS TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH! Bag em and tag em throw their miserable carcasses out of Israel for good! Throw them out of Jerusalem and throw them all out of Samarea and Judeah!

Rex McPhee • 6 months ago

Totally agree

lesrun5k • 6 months ago

This terror is ongoing because of the soft playing nicey poo responses with hamas on the Friday riots and all other acts of terrorism that they wage, hamas has no fear of Israel even with her superior elite forces ,when is it time to protect Israel's citizens with the attitude whatever it takes, Judea / Samaria is Israel ,will always be Israel's,this 19year old soldier should not have been alone, not it's time to give him / his family justice without mercy using overwhelming force.

jegwe • 6 months ago

No. Israel taking full and permanent sovereignty (I really hope they will) is the response to ALL the murders of good and lovely people that Hamas, the PA and their supporters have been carrying out for years. However, I agree with Hamas when they say that it is time to clear out the occupiers. I would like to see Israel copy India (which is a democracy, so the action cannot be criticised as undemocratic), and cut off internet and mobile phone access, close Judea and Samaria to outsiders including EU officials, NGO'S and journalists, and drive out the invaders as it says should be done in the Torah, as we read in last week's Sedra.

Hamas Says Yeshiva Student’s Murder Was Response to Talk of Israeli Sovereignty
in the face of this declaration, do you not deport all Muslims to Syria? it is an act of cowardice and high treason!

norseman • 6 months ago

I question the assertion that Israel “agreed in 1993 to - - - the establishment of a Palestinian state.” Where is this written? The aim of the Oslo 1 agreement was to establish a Palestinian Interim Self-Government Authority (article 1). Nothing is written about a Palestinian state.

pedro eilat • 6 months ago

PM BiBi you talk a lot now is the time to actually do something - yet another young life lost to murder - you are not willing to pressure for a death sentence for these terrorists - why - are you afraid of world wide condemnation? I have been a Likud supporter all my life but now it is time for a change - Lieberman will stop what you are reluctant to do!

joe1745ny . • 6 months ago

time is up! crush/conquer/command all that is eretz yisrael. only avigdor liberman in charge can get this done.

Bartender slaughtered by an Afro-Islamic man: he was the usual North African clandestine Erdogan Riyad OCI sharia - PHOTO
the victim is a 23-year-old Chinese girl: extraordinarily nice and kind who was like an angel in the heart of the whole neighborhood: all the Italians mourn her!

Barista sgozzata da afro-islamico: è stato il solito clandestino nordafricano – FOTO
la vittima è una ragazza cinese di 23 anni: straordinariamente carina e gentile che era come un angelo nel cuore di tutto il quartiere: tutti gli italiani la piangono!
voxnews info/2019/08/09/barista-sgozzata-e-stato-clandestino-nordafricano-foto/

a pathetic Netanyahu declared that Israel's "mission to establish the nation of Israel in our country, [and] to secure our sovereignty over our historic homeland."
but Muslims will never recognize his Satanist King Rothschild!
while, if there was King lorenzoJHWH? they would trust their lives with him!

ProclaimLiberty • 6 months ago

It seems to me as if Hamas is trying deliberately to provide impetus and further justification to the movement to assert Israeli sovereignty and increased control over *all* of Judea and Samaria and not just to Jewish settlements therein. Moreover, they seem to be goading the people of Israel to "expel" the violent Arab occupiers and insurrectionists -- rather than merely to imprison them. Jordan's suppression of the PLO's "Black September" insurrection in 1970 occurred almost 50 years ago. Will September of 2020 need to see a 50th-anniversary reiteration of that event?

avmphil • 6 months ago

...real COWARD this HAMAS is . They hide their Satanic face under women and children black hoods and proclaim they are Great Warriors. It is a matter of time , they all will be burned into the Hell Hole of Fire , like Sodom and Gomorrah.