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uniusrei@protonmail.com • 2 years ago

Scontro navale nel mar Nero, Naval collision in the Black Sea,

Kiev #Maidan coup in: #Ukraine: SS NAZI Pravy Merkel Sector: is an agent of the CIA 666 NATO SpA ECB Junker: and they came from the altar of Satan Sinagoga SpA FED IMF BM NWO Shariah Riad: and occult power esoteric agenda: regime Bilerberg to carry out continuous provocations

Golpe Kiev: Ucraina: SS Pravy Merkel Sector: è un agente della CIA-NATO: e sono venuti dall'altare di Satana Sinagoga SpA FED FMI BM NWO Shariah Riad: per porre in essere continue provocazioni

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 2 years ago

in the next elections we will wipe out: this scum of MACRON MERKEL from the EU, all this rotten Tajani Junker wrathful Masons Rothschild: a lethal threat to mankind!
Ukraine of the Masons: EU 322 Bilderberg 666 NATO Cia: evaluates new sanctions Russia,
The tension between Moscow and Kiev remains high.
#Cremlino, martial law is a threat to Donbass

alle prossime elezioni spazzeremo via: questa feccia di MACRON MERKEL dalla UE, tutto questo marciume Tajani Junker infami massoni Rothschild: una minaccia letale per il genere umano!
Ucraina dei massoni: Ue 322 Bilderberg 666 NATO Cia: valuta nuove sanzioni Russia,
Resta alta la tensione tra Mosca e Kiev.
#Cremlino, legge marziale è minaccia per Donbass

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 2 years ago

Ruhollah Khomeyni & his Imam Putin Puttan Vladimir allah uuuhh akbar shariah: I saved IRAN from destruction 2 times, and in fact to thank me, they turned the death penalty for apostasy: in 15 years in prison.
Eih ciolone: I will not make the same mistake a third time,
now, you try to stop me if you can!

Ruhollah Khomeyni & his Imam Putin Puttan Vladimir: io ho salvato IRAN dalla distruzione 2 volte, e in effetti per ringraziarmi, hanno tramutato la pena di morte per apostasia: in 15 anni di carcere.
Eih ciolone: io non farò lo stesso errore una terza volta,
prova a fermarmi se ne sei capace!

Don Spilman • 2 years ago

“The key to peace and coexistence in the region is first and foremost the economic development of agriculture and industry in the Jordan Valley, Judea and Samaria,”
This is SUCH a pile of hog wash. Just like thinking you can wash a pig clean when, everyone knows they always go back as soon as they can to their nasty wallow, so it is with muzslime. ALL any muzslime wants is to conquer and destroy those around them. They will play little cut let’s just all get along lying games but as long as any of them remain loyal to their demonized “prophet” they remain very DEADLY DANGEROUS!!!! Any contact with a Muzslime should be widely (think ocean width)AVOIDED!!!!!! Thankfully there are a few people who understand what I am saying, unlike the writer of this silly article.

arigatoo • 2 years ago

Giving jobs to the Arab enemies helps them to occupy the Jewish Land of Israel and hence is a crime against the Jewish people. BDS is a punishment to Israel for this crime.

Photobug55 • 2 years ago

"The BDS movement has demonstrated a willingness not only to hurt Israelis but also Palestinians. . . . "

Obviously. Does anyone really think the western pro-Palestinian movement gives a damn about Palestinians? Ever hear any of them protest the oppression of Arabs by Hamas or Fatah? Or a condemnation of using children either as human shields or cannon fodder? No.

This article brings to mind another thought. Get rid of the politicians on both sides, and let the Israeli and Palestinian business community run things for a while. They will find a way to make peace. It's in their interests.