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Stephen Richter • 1 year ago

Obviously, this calls for a "recall" -- have the Daily Mail request return of all the maps and reissue the maps showing the correct Israel capital.

Moshe Moses • 1 year ago

Jerusalem Is Israels Capital no amount of Lies Can Change That G-D Bless Israel Amen Shabbat Shalom.

Keith Novak • 1 year ago

Why do you say Britons instead of British? The Britons were the ancestors of the Welsh not the English or Scottish or Irish.

Jgorish • 1 year ago

Well they wouldn't want to offend the growing population of Muslims in Britain who just might read their paper.

Colyn Melech • 1 year ago

More fake news from the Daily Mail.

Ian Wilson • 1 year ago

The Brits are still hurting and unforgiving of the FACT that the Jewish resistance to their illegal occupation of ISRAEL, in the end caused the rest of the world, through the UN, to vote to end the British mandate and recognize ISRAEL as an independent nation and the home of the Jewish people !!!

Shlomo Elspas • 1 year ago

UK should stick with the EU. No Brexit. They have the same intelligence.

Helen McKnight • 1 year ago

Please don't lump us altogether. I am a UK citizen, who loves and supports Israel, so I do have intelligence ! The fault lies with the ridiculous false media papers, and the leftist pro 'Palestine' narrative, (which is admittedly unintelligent) worldwide.

Shlomo Elspas • 1 year ago

You are quite right. I beg your pardon. We have the same problem with media here in the US. Thank you for your support.

Helen McKnight • 1 year ago

Thank you for your reply. Sadly, the false media, the corrupt elite, and far left / far right problems, are worldwide, rather than individual country problems. What a mad world we live in eh'? Oh, and I will be contacting the 'Mail on Sunday', to let them know how disgusted I am with them !!!!

polly • 1 year ago

The devil is busy.You cannot change truth with lies.Jerusalem is the capital of Israel .Israel is forever

Richard Adams • 1 year ago

Are you sure that wasn't a U.S. Newspaper, sounds like something they would do.

blog2038 • 1 year ago

It would be good idea for Israel to take Daily Mail to court.

ProclaimLiberty • 1 year ago

I don't believe that a non-British nation would have standing in a British court to do so, but surely a group of Jewish citizens could petition for redress on its behalf. A fair settlement would require the paper to print and distribute a corrected glossy map along with its apology for the error and with an explanation for how such blatant ignorance could have been published after years of news coverage about the American embassy move as well as other nations' similar acknowledgements of Israel's longstanding insistence that Jerusalem is its capital city. In addition, the paper should be dunned for any costs arising to the plaintiffs and the court for bringing the lawsuit itself forward. If it should be proven that the publication of this error represents actual malice, then punitive fines against the paper may be warranted also.

blog2038 • 1 year ago

Non-US actors have equal rights in US court, I presume British legal system is the same for US system took a lot from it.

18_18 • 1 year ago

Brits are "brogez", that the Jews ran them out of Israel. Thank you, Menachem Begin.
Jerusalem, has been the capitol of Israel, almost three thousand years, before Amman, was capitol of the created Nation of JOrdan.

Alexander Harold Hersh • 1 year ago


Erica Ling • 1 year ago

This is the kind of deliberate ignorance we could expect from the Independent or the Guardian. I expected better from the Mail. Oh well, one fewer paper to recycle.

SAWolf • 1 year ago

Israel should remind the brits, who treats/cleans their waste water, vastly more efficiently than any other methodology available to them, Israel's Mapal. Let live in their own waste for a while, they'll get the hint, well corbyn and his ilk, definitely not. He and his are used to living in shiite.

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