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KOKOU AZIABA • 1 year ago

Desperation leads to annihilation of souls

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 1 year ago

you are shariah genocide e desperation against mankind?

KOKOU AZIABA • 1 year ago

You don't understand me

Norm • 1 year ago

other commenters know you are pro Israel

Al Cohen • 1 year ago

Lorenzo ... If you want other readers to read and consider your comments, you really need to 1). Make them shorter, more to the point, 2). Try to write something that, frankly, makes sense.

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 1 year ago

Bin SALMAN] why do you marvel? It's not the first time, that I did take panicked at whole NWO, in fact those are demons and I'm your and their exorcist

Bin SALMAN ] perché ti meravigli? non è la prima volta che getto nel panico tutto il NWO, infatti quelli sono demoni ed io sono il vostro esorcista

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 1 year ago

Bin SALMAN] nell'occhio invisibile di lucifero: il grande fratello sulla piramide massonica, io sono stato costretto a far mettere a morte: il 50% delle mie bestie di satana in questi ultimi 10 anni,
perché, tu vuoi impedire al 50% che è sopravvissuto, di poter lasciare Satana e di poter ereditare il Paradiso?
perché ti ostini a negare il mio Regno di ISRALE?
certo, quelli del NWO FED FMI SpA il governo ombra:
coloro che tu costringi a condividere il destino di Satana, fino in fondo: la distruzione?
poi, loro si vendicheranno e ti faranno del male.
e perché pensi che gli islamici andranno in paradiso?
unica è la sorte di islamici e farisei.. tu hai bisogno del Regno di Israele, così come ne hanno bisogno loro!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 1 year ago

Bin Salman] in the invisible eye of lucifer: the big brother on the Masonic pyramid, I was forced to put to death: 50% of my beasts of satan in the last 10 years,
why, you want to prevent at other: 50% who survived,
to be able to leave Satan and be able to inherit Paradise?
why do you insist on denying my Kingdom of ISRALE?
of course, those of NWO FED FMI SpA the shadow government:
those whom you force to share the destiny of Satan to the end: destruction?
then, they will take revenge and hurt you.
and why do you think that islamists shariah, will go to heaven?
unique is the fate of Islamic and Pharisees .. you need of my Kingdom of Israel, as they need also!

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 1 year ago

Lorenzojhwh is King Israel and Governor WorldWide UniusREI •
since Jesus of Bethlehem is the first Palestinian, then, Koran and Islam are a bunch of lies a bunch of demoniac, are all Muslims, that's why they are rightly said: religious maniac, paranoid dogmatics, criminals, serial killers: to which UN has allowed the genocide,
UN has allowed
the shariah genocide, against all mankind, because they have the theology of substitution
to replace all the peoples of the planet in their heritage!
and this is all the more pathetic,
how the CHRISTMAS is violently persecuted in all the places where the shariah, the curse from Mecca 666 Kaaba arrives.
how our fathers had to fight against Erdogan Saud and IRAN? so it will be for us too,
that is, if, Synedrin Synagogue is SATAN Merkel Soros Macron May, LGBTQTrudeau, ie, 322 Obama and evil NATO, SpA FED IMF BM NWO CIA: banking seigniorage permitting: because these are the worst: slave traders, Satanists Rothschild Bush, Rochefeller, all Bilderberg, the most antichrists on the planet, actually

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI • 1 year ago

Bin SALMAN] obviously you can decide to go down to hell prematurely,
or you can decide to humiliate all the Jews in the world by giving them a Catholic King!

Bin SALMAN ] ovviamente tu puoi decidere di scendere all'inferno prematuramente,
oppure tu puoi decidere di umiliare tutti gli ebrei del mondo donando loro un Re cattolico!

Dominic Pasquarosa • 1 year ago

Talk about stealing!!! These guys are ruthless.......greedy too,,,,ya,,belongs all to them,,,,,,,they wish...let go of their frigging hate and and entitlement and the middle east can transform into a new world for all of us!!! They want another year of crap to dump of the planet?

RYAN • 1 year ago

This is a side effect from buying chinese nuts from walmart. These people will claim they were the first on the moon with their grade 4 graduation certificate. There's no end to these A----H-----LES NO END> The marine need to arrange the vacay they want down under.

Roberto Minighini • 1 year ago

Why doesn’t the World put an end to the corruption and deception that is so rampid among these Arabs?
What an example of a people who spew lie after lie.

Don Spilman • 1 year ago

Please don’t call them arabs call them what they are... MUZ SLIME. It’s the vile Koran that causes all the driveling insanity these deadly evil things vomit up.

KathiMR • 1 year ago

Arabs are a racial or ethnic group. Islam is a religion. Not all Arabs are Muslim. There are many Christian Arabs!

& many Muslims are not Arabs. There are Muslims in Northern Africa, Indonesia, India, Pakistan & other non-Arab places.

KathiMR • 1 year ago

Those who identify as Palestinians are some of the Arabs. Most of both are Muslims but not all.

Just read that there is an Arab Christian platoon in the IDF.

But for Muslim PA leadership to try to capitalize on Jesus is hypocrisy. They don’t believe in Him. & in Gaza they prohibit Christmas celebrations.

But again, Jesus is a Jew w His geneologies Given in the gospels (1 of them Mary’s & 1 of them of his legal Father Joseph). Both show Him descended from King David of the tribe of Judah!

But there are many Christian Palestinians. They have been marginalized by Palestinian leadership so really ironic for Abbas to make his claims.

Roberto Minighini • 1 year ago

Mary, cousin to Elizabeth (who bore John the Baptist) are both direct descendants of AARON - the brother of Moses, and the high priestly order that God chose to be close to Him.

Mary and Elizabeth both Jews, Jesus born a Jew and followed every aspect of Judaism.

The fakestinian Arabs who ARE Muslims, or who do NOT embrace Judaism or Christianity - have NO claim to Jesus, the Jew, just because he was born in Bethlehem. Jesus is NOT their prophet. Jesus is the prophet of Christianity! Become a Christian, then you have claim.

Muslims, or arabs who are NOT Jewish or Christians - do NOT have any claim to any Jewish-Christian event that occurred in biblical times, our holy sites, our synagogues or churches, our patriarchs or matriarchs, OUR prophets, or authority over our “person” or our religious traditions and events!

The JEWS have been living in Bethlehem - and the entire regions of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria for 3,500 years!
The fact that Arabs cocexisted with us at various times, in these areas, DOES NOT MAKE THESE TOWNS exclusively Arab or “theirs”! And they have NO right to try and keep Jews and Christians out of them.

Jesus is NOT a Palestinian! Never was.

The invader “rename attempt” of Palestine DIDNT EVEN EXIST at the time of his birth and life in Judea, Jerusalem, Nazareth, and the Galilee!

The Arabs continue to try and refer to the ROMAN invader name of Palestine - for the State of ISRAEL and that is legally and politically deficient - The land of Israel is NOT exclusively Arab, let alone Muslim land. Muslims were invented in 636 AD - only 1400 years ago.
Jews have settled this land for 3500 years before the invasion of the Muslims! Behave! Or you will not be welcome.

The absurdity of calling ISRAEL the Roman invader name of Palestinia (after the moon god) is like calling the State of New York - New Amsterdam!

The Arabs and/or Muslims are more than hypocrites when they just made it very clear to the World, that the minority Arab Christians that live among them - that observing Christmas (why the birth of Jesus is celebrated) is outlawed BY THE MANDATE OF ISLAM!
Such “action” and “speech” and “threats” are the example of a Muslim and Arab MAFIA operating within Israel. This cancer needs to be stopped immediately. Is their aggression going to be tolerated? Hope NOT!

The Israeli law doesn’t permit this kind of violation of personal civil rights and religious freedom!

ISLAM governs those who are Muslims and NOT those who are of a different religion!
Freedom of religion IS THE LAW in ISRAEL!

ISLAM should not be permitted in the land - if they try and force their ways on non Muslims through speech, intimidation, and threats. They have NO right to do so in a democracy!

There should be ONE PENnAL CODE LAW for the land of ISRAEL. That’s it.
Sorry for a little duplicate post here.

Norm • 1 year ago

They & their own ideas are empty & meaningless so they need to copy our true faith of moral goodness. They have no concept of our wholeness. They only know murder, plagerism & plunder to get what they want.

White Elk Clearwater • 1 year ago


AJL • 1 year ago

This is laughable!!! Jesus was a Jew.

john ruby • 1 year ago

Jesus and his disciples and all the early followers of the church were Jewish.
The entire Bible is a Jewish Book. These guys are truly delusional.

Roberto Minighini • 1 year ago

“Christmas” is NOT Palestinian IN ANY WAY! Christmas is a symbol and tradition of the Christian faith.
The Christian faith has nothing to do with Islam.

“JESUS” was NOT Palestinian!
He was JEWISH- born of Mary who was a direct descendant of the priestly family of Aaron (Moses’ brother)! Refer to NT Bible and her stated lineage.

The Arabs who call themselves a Roman “invader” name are NOT any children of the Jewish and Christian God. Palestinians are recently on record as FORBIDDING the very small Arab minority of Christians to even celebrate Christmas or to extend good wishes to Christians!
This article now clearly shows the imbesility, and yet more deception and lies of the Arabs to fabricate a history and connection that is not theirs. Jesus was a Jew with a Jewish mother who God chose!

At the time of Jesus walking the earth from 3 BCE - 30 AD - the land was NEVER referred to as Palestine. The land was known as Judea and Samaria.

KathiMR • 1 year ago

Well you have some facts wrong. The 2 genealogies for Jesus (1 for Mary His Mother & 1 for Joseph his legal tho not biological Father) both descend from King David of the tribe of Judah.

Jesus was most definitely Jewish.

But many Palestinians are Christians & believe in Jesus.

& in fact I just read that there is an Arab Christian Israeli platoon in IDF.

As was stated Jesus is Jewish & the original question among the earliest followers of Jesus after His resurrection was whether a non-Jew could become a Christian w out being circumcised & becoming a Jewish proselyte 1st.

God had to send a special vision to the apostle Peter to tell him it was ok to share the gospel w the Roman Centurian who was a “God fearer.” Those who believed in the God of Israel w out having gone through formal conversion process.

This is in Acts 10.

All the earliest apostles were Jewish. But then the faith opened up to others. & that now includes those who call themselves Palestinians.

Kind of hypocritical tho for Palestinian leadership who are not Christians to try to claim Jesus as Palestinian. Meanwhile in gaza they forbid celebrating Christmas!

Roberto Minighini • 1 year ago

No, I am not wrong on Mary’s geneology. The truth is in the small details if you read it:
Luke 1:5. Elizabeth descendant of Aaron.
Luke1:36. “Mary, your cousin Elizabeth....”

Mary’s geneology clearly referenced in these 2 scriptures.

Joseph, her husband, is of the line of David.

KathiMR • 1 year ago

No, those scriptures are about Elizabeth. Yes, Elizabeth & Mary were related but that does not mean they had the same geneology. Look at Luke 3:23 geneology which is the geneology of Mary. Note it goes back thru Nathan the son of David.

The Matthew geneology is that of Joseph & follows the line of of the Kings through Solomon & his descendants.

But there was also a curse against one of the descendants of David. (I don’t remember the details now but it relates to this). So Jesus had the legal descent from the kingly line but the physical descent that was not cursed.

& look at Hebrews what it says about Jesus priesthood not being if Aaron because He did not qualify. But rather that if Melchizedek!

Will-BWL • 1 year ago

Abbas, be careful.

Jim Moritz • 1 year ago

If I were a Christian, I would find arabs calling Jesus a palestinian to be very offensive.

Rob Porter • 1 year ago

I'm past wasting my time getting offended by Muslim's brainless claims. Jesus preached love and all the Muslims seem capable of is hatred, rape and murder. The world's most useless people.

Don Spilman • 1 year ago

Love based on the TRUTH not on stupid little fewins. “Love Without Truth Is Just Another Lie.”

AVIGAIL • 1 year ago

Many claims are offensive to those who believe in Yeshua.
What the catholic church has made of Him is offensive. What Hitler and Martin Luther made of Him is offensive. What all the anti Jewish ignoramus doctrines that empty Him of His Jewish essence are doing is offensive. Blasphemous.

And now this is just adding to the thorns that make the Mashiach Ben Yosef bleed.
I long for the time He reveals Himself to His Own. Yesh Shishim Ribo Otiot Latorah (there are six hundred thousand letters to the Torah) 600K Jewish men on the Temple Mount will say"Baruch Haba B'Shem Adonai"

Don Spilman • 1 year ago

I personally am a Christian of many years and I personally would like to be able to help totally destroy many thousands of MUZSLIME, please do not refer to them as Arabs, it is muz slime that are responsible for all this earth rot right now.

KathiMR • 1 year ago

You are rather confused on what it means to be a Christian. Jesus said His follower obeyed what He says. He died for all & wants all to come to faith in Him. & that includes Muslims.

Also, the Christian faith is spread by preaching the good news to all—not by military conquest. God will take care of settling the scores in the end. Unlike Muslims who believe it is their duty to kill infidels, Christians preach & teach the gospel & often have been killed by those who do not believe.

But WE do not kill those who do not believe whether Muslims or those of any other religion!

The hallmark of true Christians is love—not hate. So those who hate need to read the New Testament & Get in line w what Jesus said.

He warned that there will be many who claim to be His followers of whom He will say, depart from Me, I never knew you.

& we are known by our fruits. If it is not in line w the teachings of Jesus & the New Testament their status is questionable.

Nicole Chaplain-Pearman • 1 year ago

What you say is true, however self defence is lawful and legitimate.

AVIGAIL • 1 year ago

Do you keep Shabbat?
Do you keep the Holy Feasts of the G-d of Israel which are biblical?
Do you pray only to the Father just like Yeshua taught?
Do you read the Tanach , have you rejected it as "old" or cherry pick what you want out of it?
Until you do, you can't declare yourself a follower of Yeshua since He and all the Apostles did keep all of that as devout Jews and servants of the G-d of Israel.
When you do, you can come preach and sing to me the "Love Song".

American at large • 1 year ago

There will SOON be a statement from the Vatican setting the story straight.

AVIGAIL • 1 year ago

The Pope and Abbas are buddies. Birds of the same feather.

KathiMR • 1 year ago

Not so sure about that. But don’t need that. The Bible is pretty clear that Jesus was Jewish & a descendant of King David of the tribe of Judah!

Rob Porter • 1 year ago

All too typically, Fatah are Arab Muslim liars, so no one with a brain should swallow the drivel they spout. Jesus was a Jew. The Arabs invaded the Levant in 636/637AD, more than 1,500 after Jesus' life on earth. The Palestinians are nothing my than Arabs, descendants of the Arab invaders, so how could Jesus a Palestinian?

KathiMR • 1 year ago

You have your time frames a bit confused. AD time or as the Jews of today refer to it, CE, dates back to the supposed birthdate of Jesus.

It is believed they missed by just a few years & that Jesus was probably born around 4 BC or BCE.

& He lived about 33 years on earth.

Islam started around 600 AD give it take & after they gained enough power they started their centuries of conquest. But it started more around 600-700 AD or so.

But while most Palestinians are Muslims, there are a lot of Christian Palestinians. & they have been persecuted & marginalized by Palestinian leadership. As is happening right now in Gaza.

Rob Porter • 1 year ago

I'm not sure where you are going with this. The Arabs rampaged out of Arabia in 634AD, which was, more or less, 600 years after Jesus' ascension. Whether Muslim or Christian, Palestinians are still Arabs. I long ago learned about the persecution of Christians by the Muslim scum, just more of Islam's intolerance and hatred. I also learnt a lot through reading the book, 'Son of Hamas', by Mosab Hassan Yousef, a 'Palestinian' who was captured by the Israelis while an aspiring anti-Israeli terrorist, ended up in prison, saw the cruelty and mentally deranged behaviour of 'his' people and ended up working for Shin Bet, in the process becoming a Christian convert.

KathiMR • 1 year ago

Re-read your original comment that I replied to. You said they started more than 1500 years after Jesus life on earth. But our calendar basically dates from Jesus’ birth (although they miscalculated a few years).

Rob Porter • 1 year ago

Yes, I now see that I erred in that first email. The Arabs came out of Arabia about 600 years after Jesus' ascension - which as you can see I corrected above (without appreciating my initial mistake!)

Robert Khalifa • 1 year ago

That's not the end of the report.
Next, they will announce that Abbas is the son of Jesus and that members of the Hamas are descendants of the disciples. I wonder how they will refer to Joseph and Mary. Maybe they will say that their real name was Mohamed and Khadigga and that they changed their name to escape from the bad Zionists. hahaha

Someone comedian should seriously consider this material.

Don Spilman • 1 year ago

These vile ignorant muzslime think the world is as ignorant as they are. They think they can say any stupid lie and the world has to believe their utter idiotic stupidity.

Al Cohen • 1 year ago

Hey there, Mohammad Mouse-Stuffer ! I guess you haven't heard ... down in Gaza, your Hamas partners have prohibited any Christmas celebrations. Now you KNOW it's totally a Palestinian symbol, to comemmorate the life and martyrdom of a great historic Shahid. You really need to get down to Gaza in a hurry, and straighten out Hamas !

Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld • 1 year ago

If the Arabs are claiming that Jesus was the first Palestinian, how is it that they are also claiming they preceded the Jews in what used to be Palestine? As everyone knows, the Jews were there more than 3,000 years ago--long before the Christian Era, which began with Jesus. Are there any Fatah members capable of using elementary logic?

cbusa • 1 year ago


Joe Jakobs • 1 year ago

They don't use logic! !!! Becouse QOURAN TELLS THEM TO BENSURE STUPID, TO BE IGNORANT, TO BE BACKWARD , to BE lying, to be unaccountable, iresponsible and simply DUMB AND HATEFUL. THAT'S ALL

Menachem • 1 year ago

They are all liars!

punch_corona • 1 year ago

... &.... Ho - Ho - Ho. ... Santa Claus was a palestinian .. and Rudolph was really a Palestinian camel that could glide in the air.. Ho - Ho - Ho.. ! merry x-mas.. !