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NRApatriot • 1 month ago

Thank you so much Lt. Col. (res.) Dr. Mordechai Kedar for explaining to an ignorant American who loves Israel nearly as much as my own home nation for how all this devolved into such a total mess!!! I love how you put quotation marks around anything mentioning the fakestinians! Shalom!!!

Olga Epshteyn • 1 month ago

So the Arabs got it. I wonder how long it will take for left-wing Americans and Europeans? I think a lot ...

Matt Dellon • 1 month ago

Never happen. The left only thrives on division, hatred and victimization. They could care less about the people they say they are trying to help. This is especially true of 'white' leftists who talk about helping blacks but don't volunteer their time (always want someone else to shoulder than burden) to help tutor, mentor, work on social services etc.

Olga Epshteyn • 1 month ago

I think this is a matter of funding and the precise application of existing laws. If the university was deprived of state subsidies for inciting hatred towards Israel, and a private person would be subject to real criminal prosecution for calls for the destruction of Israel, the desire to create an image for oneself through anti-Semitism would be greatly reduced ...

Nichus Block • 1 month ago

You're partly right, but "forget" that Chump and his lackeys are the kings of division.

Cindi-Bill Duerfeldt • 4 weeks ago

How about an example, please. What "division" in the Middle East is the President responsible for?

Edgarfletcher Fletcher • 4 weeks ago

I'm an American, and the bs of the left in America serves as a constant reminder of the embarrassment we suffer here, in front of the world.

BobInBpt • 1 month ago

For one thing, many of the people living in "Palestine", are either the actual people or the descendants of Arabs, who were originally deported from other Arab states, for a variety of reasons. And Israel was the only nation that would take them in. Now, years later they make false claims that they and their ancestors have lived in what is now Israel for hundreds of years and have been cheated out of their land. But the fact IS that they were not indigenous peoples at all and their claims are false.

Mike Solomons • 1 month ago


The funny bit will come when Israel becomes the Palestinians' only friend!

One dodgy bit will come when the Palestinian people eventually learn how they've been cheated by their leaders. It won't be the first time an "election" is carried out on the streets with knives!

If I were a Hamas, PA or Hezzbolah leader, I'd be looking for an escape route right now - they're living on borrowed time!


oh love of my soul (bald head for satanic science)
why do you stab me in the back and not talk?

Bin SALMAN ] [ God holy JHWH holy holy holy said: "the judgment has begun, no one in the UN OCI has accepted the political project of Unius REI! "

Bin SALMAN ] [ Dio ha detto: "il giudizio è iniziato
nessuno in ONU OCI ha accettato il progetto politico di Unius REI!"

alpcns . • 1 month ago

For the same reason Arabs cannot stand Arabs.

yet another Islamic attack in Paris, the authors are Pakistani
they had read the QURAN and for Sharia Riyadh they took the cleaver
and they hit
in Paris near the former headquarters of Charlie Hebdo.

ennesimo attentato islamico a Parigi, l'autori sono pakistani
avevano letto il CORANO e per sharia Riyadh hanno preso la mannaia
e hanno colpito
a Parigi nei pressi dell'ex sede di Charlie Hebdo.

France, beaten in the street in Strasbourg "because she was wearing a skirt" .. and the Koran does not want to
Swollen face - "Look at that biiiitcccch with the skirt." Thus begins the nightmare of Elisabeth, a 22-year-old girl who lives in Strasbourg. As she was returning home, she was attacked by a group of three Ottoman men

Francia, picchiata per strada a Strasburgo "perchè indossava la gonna" .. e il Corano non vuole
Volto tumefatto - "Guarda quella p*****a con la gonna". Inizia così l'incubo di Elisabeth, ragazza di 22 anni che vive a Strasburgo. Mentre stava rientrando a casa, è stata assalita da un gruppo di tre uomini ottomani

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in fact they killed:
Messiah Zorobabele
the Messiah Jesus of Bethlehem
and now they want to kill me too ..
yet I have no debt to anyone

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Rockefeller Morgan Soros Rothschild
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il Messia Zorobabele
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ed ora vogliono uccidere anche me..
eppure io non ho debiti con nessuno

Mike Solomons • 1 month ago


Have you considered therapy?


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NRApatriot • 1 month ago

That's funny! Made me laugh Lorenzo. I still have mine too!

I also transform this caxxo's head into a "Guest Vote"?

Chris Trinity • 4 weeks ago

Lorenzo all his teeth?...hmm im not so sure!...he is just bragging!...i think what he mean is that "he has all "his" teeth"- in that glass jar with water -that he put in there at night at bed time!

Bennett: ‘We are on the brink of disaster, stop blaming each other’[ INDEED ] We are unable to post your comment because you have been banned by World Israel News[ INDEED ]

UN is forced to admit Gates-funded vaccine is causing polio epidemic in Africa |
Bill Gates through the health system is a mass exterminator, a Rockefeller FED satanist!

L'ONU è costretta ad ammettere che il vaccino finanziato dal Gates sta causando un'epidemia di polio in Africa |
Bill Gates attraverso il sistema sanitario ( #oms ) è uno sterminatore di massa, un satanista Rockefeller FED!
https://www zerohedge com/markets/un-forced-admit-gates-funded-vaccine-causing-polio-outbreak-africa

Edgarfletcher Fletcher • 4 weeks ago

This is a true and informative article on the insanity of the so called palestinians.

Paul Winter • 4 weeks ago

There is one factor missing from the excellent analysis of the Arab vs "Palestinian" Arab dispute. The war against Israel is a jihad and the Pallies fancy themselves as its leaders. The fact that the despised Jews have wiped the floor - repeatedly - with mohammedans whose faith is underpinned by conquests for Allah, is an attack on their religion which the jihadis feel they must avenge and in doing so humiliate the Jews. The current competitors of pallies in their jihad are the Turks, the Pakistanis and the Iranians, who additionally want Shi'ism to lead the faithful.

Nichus Block • 1 month ago

Nobody loves the palis, and for many good reasons.

ktchnsnk • 4 weeks ago

You must have noticed that both the American and European Left - as well as many 'liberals' - love them madly, for all the worst reasons.

Chris Trinity • 1 month ago

Excellently explained piece of writing...it shows you that even Mandela was not aware or fully aware of these fact...and if he was aware of it-then it is extremely strange that he acted so "supportive" of the Palestinian "Struggle"...and him making statements like -If Palestinians are not free,then the world is not truly free from Apartheid...and similar sayings and more things that was utered...it seems ironic that Arabs themselves points the way for the non Arab person(the signing of the Peace Deal with President Trump & Netanjahu/Israel)for the Western World to wake up and see what is really going on behind the scenes as explained in this piece!.
(If i was an Arab...i would also very probably despise them Palestinians esp their leaders...as this piece explained...its Bad blood over a long time that created this...and the Palestinians are the cause of it...they dont want peace...they want money!-the stupid Western Governments will give the the bucks...as this piece say otherwise they got only their last train before hell...they invent or develop nothing they just seems to be good at tunnel digging and shooting rockets...yea "The Peaceful Religion"...hmmm...

hannays29@gmail.com • 4 weeks ago

El terrorismo de Abbas está en contra de la Humanidad, está en contra del Pueblo Judío, de la Humanidad.
Tlaib no conseguirá llevar al poder su guerra Mundial.

thereligionofpeace.com • 4 weeks ago

Genesis 16:12