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Dave De La Rond • 8 months ago

Anyone from England will tell you that Faiza Shaeen is your typical antisemitic Islamic racist that has spread like a cancer throughout the Labour Party in The UK besides Why would anyone listen listen to the brain surge Hugh Grant who comes to visit his dying Sharia Law England for 10 days and then returns to his $12 Million mansion in Brentwood

DAS01 • 8 months ago

"dying Sharia Law England"
That's unbelievably silly. Where do you live?

TUC • 8 months ago

I think he meant England is dying from sharia law.

DAS01 • 8 months ago

Yes, and it is unbelievably silly, to put it mildly.

Guest • 8 months ago
DAS01 • 8 months ago

Meagain2.0, Oh, right, you live in England and are the expert. And on what, exactly, do you base your expertise?

Guest • 8 months ago
DAS01 • 7 months ago

Since you you did not answer the question I conclude that not only do you not have any expertise, you don't even live in England.
Case closed.

SAWolf • 8 months ago

Duplicitous b-st-rd.

Apache12 • 8 months ago

Obviously the career must be on a down turn and as they say in showbiz "no publicity is bad publicity".

Mark • 8 months ago

Idiot actors.. Liberal & dumb. Not even sure what they support, but know put him down as a Jew Hater... Then again sounds like the Muslims are taking over the UK. Guess shari law will be there in another 10 years...

Leonie Pipe • 8 months ago

Typical addle-brained celebs. They should all keep their sticky beaks out of things they don't understand. And has anyone else noticed that members of the left, who are supposed to be progressive and tolerant, are increasingly supporting fundamentalist religious right-wing muzzies?

Peter Cohen • 8 months ago

This is the same bimbo who was caught years ago going down on a Transi in his car. Grant, like Vanessa Redgrave, is a true Pistil. Grant may think he has a Pistol but he doesn't, he has a Pistil. Grant wants Shari'a Law for Transis.

VictorMC • 8 months ago

WHO is Mr. Grant? If my memory serves he made a film once. Why should I care about his opinions? No wonder Ms. Hurley got rid of him. Wasn't he caught by the LA police getting a sexual favour from a prostitute in the back of a car - is that the same Mr. Grant? Did he pay her? NO, he's not funny. he's a moron.

Michael Hoffman • 8 months ago

He is just a 3rd rate "Bit Part Actor" of know consequence!

mikbar • 8 months ago

maybe he wants to hump her

hannays29@gmail.com • 8 months ago

Jeremy Corbyn ayuda a los Terrorista que quiere la 3 guerra mundial y está volviendo a preparar el odio contra el Pueblo Judío como hizo Hitler.
Un grito de emergencia al todos los partidos de izquierdas y derechas, no permitir que se infiltren antisemitas, Nazis en vuestros partidos políticos que no quieren los derechos de la humanidad y que pretenden aprovecharse utilizándo os para poneros en contra del Pueblo Judío, porque no quieren a Dios ni a su creación. Necesitan ignorantes, esclavos aprovecharse de los derechos humanos para tener sus dictaduras de pobreza y el negocio con personas, utilizarlas como si fueran robots.
No permitir que nos alejen de Dios. Porque Dios es el que nos ayudará a ser más inteligentes fuertes y felices.
Los problemas del mundo se resuelven en el mundo Espíritual.
No al antisemitismo que está expandiendo Corbyn en todo el mundo para alejar a la humanidad de Dios, porque envidia a Dios, al Pueblo Judío y pretende destruirlo con su odio.

Metatrona • 8 months ago

HELLO! Is there something missing in his brain?

mikeatkron • 8 months ago

Hugh Grant was dreck for brains! How stupid and gullible can second rate one actor be?

DAS01 • 8 months ago

2nd clip (from Sky News): Faiza Shaheen in denial...

lorenzoJHWH KINGDOM messiah • 8 months ago

chi innalza monumenti: o fa commemorazione in favore di terroristi islamici: deve essere condannato a morte in qualsiasi parte del mondo!

participation in a memorial for terrorists who murdered 11 Israelis at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

lorenzoJHWH KINGDOM messiah • 8 months ago

CINA RUSSIA INDIA USA UE ] [ soltanto amando in sionismo al 100%, soltanto in questo modo: noi possiamo vedere E discernere: una speciale formazione di satanismo che: come un parassita vigliacco: si nasconde dentro il "semitismo".
Infatti, pensare che in questi miei 50anni di Regno: UNIUS REI: io possa lasciare in piedi una qualsiasi forma di satanismo in tutto il pianeta: questo: SI è essere e pensare da ingenui!