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Steve Allen • 5 months ago

I cannot help be reminded of President Nixon's actions during the 1973 Yom Kippur War when Israel was attacked and lost most of their Air Force to Egyptians using Russian supplied Strella anti-aircraft missles. Nixon resupplied Israel, told Russia to keep out of it and moved our 6th fleet off the coast of israel for protection. I feel we have, in Trump, a president that will stand by Israel.

gretchen • 5 months ago

I didn't know that...Thank God Nixon stood by Israel!

Amsterdam • 5 months ago

Thank you Mr. President.

gretchen • 5 months ago

Wonderful!!!!!!!! God Bless our POTUS!!!

sazzykathy • 5 months ago

Blessings to you dear friend...I totally agree

gretchen • 5 months ago

Thanks Sweetheart~

Henry Carlson • 5 months ago

the REAL president in action

ktchnsnk • 5 months ago

I am thankful for this, and for everything else our president has done for Israel, every day!

loulai • 5 months ago

And for everything he has done, and continues to do, for America!!!!

Dale Westwood • 5 months ago

Donald Trump has shown great wisdom and is a true reliable friend of Israel, thank you. God bless Bibi

Fern R Kurland • 5 months ago

Thank you President Trump. You are accomplishing more than any other president didn't want to do.

Leia Levine • 5 months ago

Accomplished more than any previous president ever even lied about.
Thank you Trump and Trump supporters!

Larry Lack • 5 months ago

Thank you POTUS. May God bless you always.

Insight,11 • 5 months ago

All Jewish peoples need to vote for Trump. the next time.

Avraham Kanety • 5 months ago

thank you president trump for standing for israel
may god be with you

Andrea Moreno • 5 months ago

Thank you President Trump! I am so glad I voted for you and will vote for you again!!!!!

skier69 • 5 months ago

Thank you President Trump for standing with Israel and the Jewish People

RiverFred • 5 months ago

Finally a president that has balls and does the right thing.

Photobug55 • 5 months ago

About the same time Trump announced US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan, it was also announced that Iraq's exception from anti-Iranian sanctions would be extended, so that Iraq's multi-billion dollar trade with the mullahs can continue. It has also been recently confirmed that the US presence in Syria will come to an end leaving that country under the control of Iran and Hezbollah, with the Russians lending a hand.

I support Israeli sovereignty over the Golan, but honestly there are some greater concerns which impact Israel's security.

Leia Levine • 5 months ago

Thank you Trump for your continued chutzpah and efforts to support and protect our greatest ally. Unfortunately, with that chutzpah and antisemitic Muslim and supporter of Hamas Omar in Congress we must prepare for more war, terror and corruption. They always seem to follow after such a fantastically brave move due to ignorance and taught hate.
Here I stand, an American Jew, so blessed to have you as president and yet still very fearful for the lives and sanctity of Israel and Jews worldwide.
With a heavy heart...
Shabbat Shalom.

ESG • 5 months ago

Thanks DT!

Sarah • 5 months ago

Dear President D.Trump,
Thank you so much for being a great friend to Israel! You are the best and there was nobody like you before! May the G-d of Israel richly bless you and all the members of your family! My family, all of us, love you and Melania.

Metatrona • 5 months ago


Lucifer Morningstar • 5 months ago

Before Trump all the idiot US presidents were pro-Pakistan and anti-India I would like to thank Trump too, let us save the world from these animals before it's too late.

Sonja Bjäde • 5 months ago

Thank You Mr President - from Sweden.

tabithakorol • 5 months ago

Thank you and God Bless You, Mr. President. You are a gift , larger than we could have ever expected.


RonL • 5 months ago

Its time for all US agencies to move primary offices to Jerusalem! Syria lost the Golan Heights when they attacked Israel and it should be annexed into Israel to protect the nation. Never again Masada, never again the Holocaust!

Rafi Jacobs • 5 months ago

Mr Rafi Jacobs
Thank you Mr President Trump to announced the US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights last Thursday, You are a true freind of Israel. Thank you also Mr Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. You are are a trully great freind to Israel and Jews arround the World. God bless Israel , God bless Israel, God bless America.

Morris Sos Cohen • 5 months ago

Steve Allen, you are absolutely right. I was fasting. It was Yom Kippur when the shelling began. I was on a Kibbutz with friends. I'd recently finished writing my Bagrut. We were glued to the radio and I felt so hopeless not being able to help. Worldwide prayers for Israel. Hashem looked after his children that day!!! ✡✡✡