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FuzzyAshkenaz • 5 months ago

France has never repented for their vile anti-Semitism and this is the end result as the nation is ravaged by savage islamic jihadists.... Divine judgment.

if I don't become the King of ISRAEL
and I don't build my third Jewish temple:
how could CIA trolls like you be redeemed and set free, and liberating?
you should never have sold yourself to Rothschild and Don Spilman

FuzzyAshkenaz • 5 months ago

Your husband beats you on a daily basis, doesn't he?

you should not project your shame upon your neighbor; I am not a satanist like you constantly tortured by Don Spilman!

FuzzyAshkenaz • 5 months ago

Just say no to him. He's not the boss of you.

it can happen that wine can become vinegar!
in fact, cursed was the moment when
you decided to enter the Churches of Satan to make yourself a CIA Troll under the control of Don Spilman

SAWolf • 5 months ago

Stupid frog, everyone knows paris is the fakenstinian capital.

Awraham Itschak Sholem • 5 months ago

They even erected (sorry for this pun) a Phalustinian symbol, the Eifeltower, desiged and build by a Phalustinian who the French claim was born and bred in France. The lies these French tell you.

Mike Solomons • 5 months ago


Remember to write to him care of the Roman Empire - - -

Or maybe care of Berlin, (it wasn't that long ago that France was part of Germany)!

Be lenient with him, the country does make some of the world's finest wines - he was probably distracted by the most important and onerous task of testing the local produce!

Mind you, if he can remember when Tel Aviv was part of Palestine, when Palestine was part of the British Empire, then he's probably reached an age when confusion is not unreasonable. Somebody please tell him that Tel Aviv has, for nearly 72 years, been an important town in Israel. If he's still confused, suggest he reads the book he'll call the old testament of the bible, and he'll be able to read all about the Children of Israel, their land, and who gave it to them.

Most French are Roman Catholics so he should know enough of the bible to undestand that neither he nor anyone else has any right to dispute what Almighty God has decreed.



JGray1 • 5 months ago

the french guillotined the wrong people. still knitting names into scarves and loving the stink of the mob. now there's a new mob in town. frogs, watcha gonna do when they come for you.

lewjac3 • 5 months ago


Chris Trinity • 5 months ago

Gaudin!...tse tse tse!...are you stupid!...Get a map...get a life!...an don't listen to the Mo's...lies is all they got!

Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by United with Israel.

aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh troll CIA alert !!! FuzzyAshkenaz 666 Chris Trinity ā€¢ / by / chrisdd24 /
20 priests of satan and 3 witches under the supervision of "Don Spilman"
they are a demonic infestation of Israeli sites ..
they are also able to say that I am the grandmother of "Little Red Riding Hood" ..
that in this case: for lucifer69 it is appropriate to say: "Little riding hood broken p u s s y riot"

J. Rochotte • 5 months ago

What a fool ! The Frogs have all those "No Go" zones where even "gendarmes" don't go due to Muslim enclaves. Are they part of France ?? The name Palestine, "Palestina" meant NOT a country in Roman era.

Awraham Itschak Sholem • 5 months ago

A frog is a frog even when it quaks like a frog in this case a brain dead French frog! They are vile these people who for the votes of muslim voters betray history.

ACT NOW! Tell French Official Tel Aviv is in Israel, Not ā€˜Palestineā€™

it's all envy
the caliphate Islamic jihad sharia enclavi UMMa aumma akbar Erdogan Riyadh have taken away the homeland from the French and now they want us to lose it too ..
the only medicine for Macron and the Democratic Party? is the guillotine!

Over 200 million Muslims call India home? really?
but the sharia genocide of the ARAB LEAGUE: will force all Muslims in the world to return to Iran turkey and Riyadh

in fact: wouldn't it be the first time that sharia islamists assassin: and rothschild Muslims malicious cannibals and masons: loan sharks and all slave traders goyims dhimmis?
they have been expelled

S Balter • 5 months ago

You seem to have a problem with the Rothchild family,Is it because they were money lenders?You must know that JEWS were not allowed to work for hundreds of years..They also did a lot of underground work to keep JEWS alive.The Vatican with the help of moslems had propaganda newspapers that encouraged the torture of JEWS for 1200+ years.I'm an old guy now but when I was in school I was taught that the Rothchils are good people......

S Balter • 5 months ago

Also JEWS were slaves not slave traders.The slave traders were and are muslimsā€¦..

S Balter • 5 months ago

Read the book......popes against the JEWS..

i am your Messia lorenzoJHWH
governor WorldWide Unius REI for universal brotherhood
fedele250660 @ gmail

if the Pope hated the Jews?
today there could not be a single Jew in the world!
but, the Masonic conspiracies, racism, witchcraft, wickedness, systemic human sacrifices of innocent children in the synagogues:
have made protective measures necessary!
but, the Popes did not want to harm the Jews ..
unfortunately after the Christian Pentecost their Rothschild leaders became satanists as it is today in the FED IMF ECB NWO: Deep State, esoteric Agenda, Regime Bilderberg, masonic system, lgbt perversion, neoliberalism, that is to slaveri all mankind: for accomplice their wahhabis in Saudi ARABIA

of course from 1400 yars ago: mohammeddans are always been trade slaves
but, like Satan is the monkey of God
so Muhammad (as the false prophet with 3 frogs coming out of his mouth says apocalypse) is the monkey of Rothschild: and of the
priests of the Temple and the Jewish Chiefs of the Supreme Sanhedrin.
therefore the Bible of Satan Talmud and the Koran can be assimilated in their theological content.
the real African slave trade was a Jewish monopoly in the US at least 90%

we are one people who
Rothschild priests of the Temple and the Jewish Chiefs of the Supreme Sanhedrin
they destroyed to serve Satan,
but, that we must come together: to carry out God's plan for Israel!

and in your precise and reliable studies, they explained to you why after the Christian Pentecost:
priests of the Temple and the Jewish Chiefs of the Supreme Sanhedrin
did they curse all the Jewish people and destroy their 2000 years of paternal genealogy?
like that: the election. the prophecies, even the blessings of Abraham have been lost
that's why the smartest Jews became cannibals and priests of satan in the New World Order of Rothschild

you have been manipulated by the rabbis of the devil
and the proof is this:
when Christians had to flee: from Jerusalem and Israel: to go throughout the Roman Empire, because the priests of the Temple and the Jewish Chiefs of the Supreme Sanhedrin
they had all sentenced them to death:
what was their fault?
if you studied that they had no faults:
then everything they taught you could be 80% true

Rothschild family stole my bank seigniorage and they must return it to me!

Neil • 5 months ago

Israel should boot france out of the country! No one needs these frogs!

EU to Israel: 'Stop settlements, they are illegal'.
The settlements in Giv'at Hamatos and Har Homa 'will cut the geographical and territorial continuity between East Jerusalem and the West Bank'
we cannot create ourselves, a Palestinian state that never existed!

not a bad idea: since 1/3 of Paris and 1/3 London londistan (go to tip of mohammed knife attack) is managed directly by Riyad and Erdogan:

Islamic enclaves under sharia law: new human rights satisfies lgbt ...
why not bring all the Palestinians there too?

Mark • 5 months ago

The French have hated the Jews sense G-D choose us over the French.

Kathy P. • 5 months ago

What a prize cretin...someone give him a few geography lessons in a way the dunce can understand. The best things France produces are wine, cheese, some experience perfumes and oh my grandmother!!!

David Pattie • 5 months ago

The Mayor of Maalbeek in Belgium is on the very same track as he is, she even covered for terrorists involved in the Paris Bombings, Maalbeek has been taken over by ISIS, and all she is interested in is the Muslim votes, she has had her part in the destruction of Belgium, which has Europe's first Islam Party which now says it is going to change Belgium.
These are very dangerous people, and this a t a time when France has had 3000 Churches, Synagogs and cemeteries desecrated, vandalised and burned, in 2019 alone.

Roberto Rivas • 5 months ago

The French are stupids snakes most of them, starting with the government, they prefer terrorists over democratic countries. French are Godless people.

qith • 5 months ago

"Undeliverable as addressed," there, that was easy. Next problem. With friends like the French, who needs enemies! French, a synonym for "most ungrateful." Maybe the Muslims will rescue the French from their next crisis.

Guest • 5 months ago
qith • 5 months ago

I agree. In fact they already are. But the French stubbornly refuse to recognize the terrorists as such. They killed Qaddaffi and loosed a much more virulent bunch in Libya. They browbeat the weak minded Obama into following along. Thankfully Egypt was staunch enough to resist the Muslim Brotherhood. France is only on the right side of an issue when they are begging us for help. If they are leading, watchout for the house-sized pothole. I hope one day it will be different.

cynthia stratten • 5 months ago


geoff dickson • 5 months ago

Marseilles is in the Islamic Caliphate of France with over 1,500 no-go zones defined by the government.

lesrun5k • 5 months ago

The cowardly French was complicit with the Nazi's, they were extremely anti Semitic back then,not much has changed,they are cut from the same cloth as Ms Merkel's spineless citizens.

Photobug55 • 5 months ago

The old part of Tel Aviv was once the new part of Jaffa. When the first neo-Zionists made aliyah, they found very little transportation infrastructure. Landing in Jaffa, then still a major port, many abandoned their original plans to move inland and form collective farms called kibutzim, or to settle in Jerusalem. They ended up staying in Jaffa. To accommodate the increasing population, Jaffa expanded. The expansion eventually broke away and became Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv itself would eventually expand northward to the city we know today. Tel Aviv is about as Arab as a matzo ball.

squeakywheel3 • 5 months ago

"The old part of Tel Aviv was once the new part of Haifa."

I think, perhaps, you mean JAFFA.

The old part of Tel Aviv was once the new part of HaifaJaffa.


Photobug55 • 5 months ago

Opps! Of course I meant Jaffa. What was I thinking? Anyway, thanks. I corrected my original posting.

I've been to Jaffa. I liked it better years ago before they cleaned it up for the tourists.

porpiassod • 5 months ago

The mayor needs to pander to his islamic constituency which is becoming the largest in his city.
He is nothing more than a dhimmi. Irrelevant.

at this point that Putin coward? you shouldn't pull back!
Turkey is the only hope for the victims of the genocidal attack on Idlib

Turkey's suspicions of Russia's involvement in the attack on its soldiers were turned on when it was revealed that Turkey had provided the coordinates of the soldiers' position to Russia in order to prevent them from being accidentally hit.

Why did Erdogan say nothing when 8000 Christians were exterminated in Orissa by indu?
and why did he say nothing when his al-Nusra genocide the Christians in Syria and Iraq?
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hit the "massacres" committed against Muslims in India yesterday after the riots in New Delhi caused at least 33 deaths.

ā€œIndia has now become a country where massacres are widespread. What massacres? Massacres of Muslims. From who? Hindus, ā€said Erdogan during a speech in Ankara after the violence broke a citizenship law.

lewjac3 • 5 months ago

Who really cares what this filthy frog says? Ribbit ribbit!

Wayne Warren • 5 months ago

You can always tell a Frenchman in the World but not very much. This old goof looks like he was probably one of the Vichy (German collaborator's ) during the 2nd World War as they were hated even worse then and all of them swung from a noose very quickly.

Abe Simhony • 5 months ago