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Danielle • 1 month ago

She is An Ignorant professor, shame on Howard university for hiring an imbecile who the only thing she can teach is hatred and poisoning the minds of our student. She is Jealous of the long, long,..... list of Jewish people achievements. Doesn't have the slightest knowledge about Israel or for that matter the middle east. As to her comment about President Trump she wishes to have him as President in each and every arab country so that he can bring JUSTICE, FREEDOM, SAFETY and DIGNITY to her people. Ignoramus !!!

Fuzzy Ashkenazim • 1 month ago

Pigs like her are the reason that more stringent vetting is sorely needed in Canada and the US.

Meagain1 • 1 month ago

I agree, except the only vetting we are able to do isn't very thorough at all, because they have such lousy record keeping over there where they are from. Plus many records have been destroyed so they don't do us much good. And I think that depending on who is doing the vetting many will slip through that shouldn't be let in at all. I do wish we could do a better job with screening as you said.

Fuzzy Ashkenazim • 1 month ago

Simple. Start with requiring a verbal renouncing of allah the demon and their dead false prophet.

Meagain1 • 1 month ago

Yep, but certain people would have hissy fits if we required that. Not that I care, lol. And don't forget, they lie a lot. But yeah, it would be great if they chose life instead of death.

VTS • 1 month ago

Because of professors like thst I support Trump's immigration policy.

Michael Hoffman • 1 month ago

Somebody should put Dr. Abeer Kayed, a US-based professor of political science, out of her misserey.

Wayne Warren • 1 month ago

No send her home to her own backwards country and help put Americans out of the misery of having to listen to the \MSM Propaganda .

pip31453 • 1 month ago

I agree with you, Wayne Warren. Send her back to her own country. She can wallow with them in their hatefulness.

Aristobulus • 1 month ago

Yup. This sort of arrogant Arab propagandists has NO place in the U.S. They don't belong to the land of the free.
Oh, and please deport Linda Sarsour too.

Gabor Ujvari • 1 month ago

Dr. Abeer Kayed peddles the usual Arab Palestinian lies about the People of Israel and the Trump administration.
She is a great professor in anti Semitsm and fake news.
Is any way to deport her from the US?

Vietvet1968 • 1 month ago

This POS is not only a moron, but stupid and ignorant!

gerald m. serlin • 1 month ago

Howard Univ. is the sane one here. The professor professes an insane view of what happened. She should be censored and if she is not tenured, she should be fired for her STUPIDITY, not for making her remarks.

Mirino • 1 month ago

How did such a person ever qualify as a professor, when her knowledge of history is so abysmally poor? Her hateful prejudice further disqualifies her. She is ignorant of what she vainly professes to know.
It brings to mind the young, naive Italian who believed that the Palestinian cause was just. His dedication finally culminated by a visit to Gaza or some such place occupied by Palestinians. His efforts in supporting the Palestinians were rewarded by his being assassinated there and then by them or their allies.
Perhaps she too should accept the hospitality of Hamas.

joe1745ny . • 1 month ago

survey reveal 85% of african americans lean anti semitic. howard is a black school. this muslm jew hater is a ?tenured teacher there. the administration distanced itself w/haste. anything i missed?

28H2O48 • 1 month ago

I prefer not to say what she is, but this is the crap we have to hear every day by stupid ignorant. But the big problem is; she is a teacher and she teach the same thing to kids. I must say this is a field where up today, this president haven't fix, I like the president and I think we never had a better POTUS, but this problem is lasting too long and our kids are brainwashed every day by our educational system anchored on the extreme left, PLease do something.

Don Spilman • 1 month ago

Take her name and put her near the top of your list.

arigatoo • 1 month ago

America should stop immigration if Arabs and Muslims, because the vast majority of the m Hate Jews, America and or civilization. They will destroy America from within.

arigatoo • 1 month ago

Why should we send anything to this anti-Semite? We should demand that the University fire her immediately.

Rachel Eitan • 1 month ago

I wonder if she has tenure. Professor Butz of Northwestern U. published his anti-Semitic rant not long after he received tenure.

Meagain1 • 1 month ago

Professor Butz, rofl. What a fitting last name.

AlfaBravo • 1 month ago

It seems to me that if you put an underwear on your head and announce to American authority that you belong to Paedophile religion and that you want to be a professor, no questions asked. You can teach whatever propaganda you wish at any universities. Is she accredited professor or she stole the documents to say she is. She sure is not a learned person. Not a professor.

Linguist • 3 weeks ago

An extremely stupid woman, who knows nothing of history! I really don't understand how someone of her ilk could get a PHD, let alone tenure in a university. BUt then again US Unis are run by her liberal revisionist comrades...

Patrick Clancy • 1 month ago

Has anyone seen the FB and Twitter addresses these people are giving us so we can complain directly to them?? Come on, respond to this woman's FB or Twitter account telling her what you are saying below. Get your friends to do the same. Lets nail her with hundreds, if not thousands, of mailed items telling her what we really think about her and her foolish comments! This is your chance to really make your voices known!

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 month ago

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fedele scarola • 1 month ago

Fausto Grassi Siamo già nel XXI secolo e niente di quello che viene detto qui sta accadendo.

questa profezia è stata spostata: soltanto: di 150anni, infatti oggi gli scienziati satanisti stanno realizzando ibridi genetici tra uomini ed animali facebook om/fedele.../activity/186728265543645

fedele scarola • 1 month ago

Erdogan: Ankara non riconosce annessione Crimea da parte russa: Erdogan: Ankara does not recognize annexation Crimea on the Russian side: politics / 201811046731052-erdogan-non-recognize-annexation-crimea /
Erdogan tried to realize with "his Muslim brothers" a coup also: in Egypt, and to carry out: to realize: the civil war in Egypt, as he did in Syria: they attracted: only that this coup, has failed to him
Erdogan ha cercato di realizzare un Golpe "i suoi fratelli mussulmani" anche: in Egitto, e realizzare la guerra civile in Egitto, come ha fatto in Siria: attravero: soltanto che, questo golpe a lui non è riuscito

fedele scarola • 1 month ago

Erdogan: Ankara non riconosce annessione Crimea da parte russa: Erdogan: Ankara does not recognize Russian annexation Crimea:
/politica/201811046731052-erdogan-non-riconosce-annessione-crimea/ is too serious that: everyone sells arms to a new Hitler as Erdogan
è troppo grave che: tutti vendano armi ad un nuovo Hitler come Erdogan

fedele scarola • 1 month ago

It is a real disappointment that Erdogan does not approve the coup: only when he is against him!
but the Golpe in Cossovo and the coup in Ukraine, and the coup in Syria has always been a great Islamic affair for him!

è un vero dispiacere che Erdogan non approva il Golpe: soltanto quando è contro di lui!
ma il Golpe in Cossovo e il golpe in Ucraina, e il golpe in Siria è sempre stato un ottimo affare islamico per lui!

fedele scarola • 1 month ago

Erdo-biitch Great Dog: Erdogan: #Ankara does not recognize annexation Crimea on the Russian side: because, every Islamic: does not value the sovereignty of the peoples, and therefore recognizes the GOLPE and recognizes the snipers of Cia Nuland and Merkel mogherini in Maidan!

Erdo-c*aagna Gran Cane: Erdogan: #Ankara non riconosce annessione Crimea da parte russa: perché, ogni islamico: non da valore alla sovranità dei popoli, e quindi riconosce il GOLPE e i cecchini della Cia Nuland e Merkel mogherini in Maidan! /politica/201811046731052-erdogan-non-riconosce-annessione-crimea/

fedele scarola • 1 month ago

Conquered by Sharia Taliban, a sharia military base in central Afghanistan: terrorismo-Afghanistan-talebani/ of evil shariah, worse shariah: we go in where the demon in Mecca 666 Kaaba for sharpen the horns 666.

Conquistata dai sharia talebani, di una sharia base militare nell'Afghanistan centrale:
di male shariah, in peggio shariah: dove il demonio a Mecca 666 Kaaba affila la corna.

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 month ago

Italy is a nation so betrayed and sold by the Masons (like Ravlin): that the politicians of the last 50 years must all be put to death!

Italia è una Nazione così tradita e venduta dai massoni: che i politici degli ultimi 50anni devono essere tutti messi a morte!

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 month ago

I have already "seen" Obama screaming like a rabbit in a cylinder of fire!

io ho già "visto" Obama gridare come un coniglio in un cilindro di fuoco!

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 month ago

Bin SALMAN takfiro ] you put yourself in a very dangerous position ..
once Netanjahu, he saw yourself as die,
because, I do not allow the Masons (who are all predestined to hell)
to read and comment on the Word of God!

tu ti sei messo in una posizione molto pericolosa..
una volta Netanjahu si vide di morire,
perché, io non permetto ai massoni (che sono tutti predestinati all'inferno)
di leggere e commentare la Parola di Dio!

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 month ago

Netanjahu] these slimy google 666 adSense: they have deleted me: 3 blogspot, then, because they do not delete me all too also,
how SpA FED Necon IMF NWO NATO UK Gender sodom have deleted 100 YouTube channels: also
since I always use the same words and always the same method?

Netanjahu ] questi viscidi di google 666 adSense: loro mi hanno cancellato: 3 blogspot, poi, perché non me li cancellano tutti anche,
come mi hanno cancellato 100 canali youtube,
dato che io uso sempre le stesse parole e sempre lo stesso metodo?

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 month ago

your google 666 adsense 120 blogspot are temporarily 12 years old disabled

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 month ago

eh si abbiamo fatto: "SALMAN la ZoCCOLA e Putin a Putan"

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 month ago

Bin SALMAN la ZoCCOLA ] ISIS hamas and all the galassiah jihadista jihad:
they kill a lot faster, than the ARABA shariah: Erdogan Iran Riad can do, but it's always: the ARABA League OCI UN shariah collects loot of corpses.
and this is what makes an extermination vote indispensable against all: his genocide Mecca 666 Kaaba ARABA LEAGUE

ISIS hamas e tutta la galassiah jihadista jihad:
loro uccidono molto più velocemente, di come può fare la shariah della LEGA ARABA, ma, è sempre: la shariah della LEGA ARABA raccoglie il bottino.
ed è questo che rende indispensabile un voto di sterminio contro tutta la LEGA ARABA

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 month ago

this is my political document of my kingdom of israel ] [ history of Salvation
teologica or political rational: which is my teocratic & laicity
Kingdom of Israel, is not a circular history as are the courses and
recourses: historical . because, it has never been set: in all history:
the natural law: and the universal law: as the normative foundation of:
all religions, institutions, governments, ideologies, of the whole
planet, this is why I am: 1. a universal rational cultural project,
which also: 2. a universal political project: universal brotherhood.
whose domicile is in my third Jewish temple ... in fact, humanistic
metaphysics is not a religious phenomenon, but it is a universal rational agnostic alliance

fedele scarola • 1 month ago

per questa calunnia di: "ordinemondiale blogspot" is temporarily disabled.
for this slander of: "ordemondiale blogspot" is temporarily disabled.

AdSense 666 google: 120 blogspot has blocked me for 12 years ..
as if: there could be: or something wrong could be found in Unius REI!
AdSense 666 google: mi ha bloccato 120 blogspot per 12 anni..
come se: ci possa essere: o possa essere trovato qualcosa di sbagliato in Unius REI!

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 month ago

Bin SALMAN takfiro sudairio wahhabiti] I told him to that: at best criminal king: the corpse of your Uncle's hell: I'm coming to pick you up!
io lo dissi a quel cadavere all'inferno di tuo Zio: io sto venendo a prendervi!

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 month ago

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poi mi hanno bloccato 119 blogspot, ma non mi hanno detto il link e per quello che sono andato a leggere io? non c'é nulla di sbagliato!

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 month ago

Putin a PUTtAN] Did not tell you, the Holy Spirit that the Quran-Talmud was false? and now,
you want from me: a raspberry ice cream, because you have already consumed your whole tongue in hell?
I will fight this nuclear world war: only to revenge: the Christian martyrs and to lift up: my Kingdom of Israel,
in fact, the crime of lese majesty against my royalty, it can only be punished through the death penalty!

Putin a PUTtAN ] Non ti aveva detto lo Spirito Santo che il Corano-Talmud era falso? ed ora,
tu vuoi da me: un gelato di lamponi, perché si è già consumata tutta la tua lingua nell'inferno?
combatterò questa guerra mondiale nucleare: soltanto per VENDICARE: i martiri cristiani e per Sollevare: il mio Regno di Israele,
infatti, il reato di lesa maestà contro la mia Regalità, esso può essere punito soltanto attraverso la pena di morte!

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 month ago

Bin Salman] even in the man who was the most despicable? I have a duty and an obligation not to extinguish his hope:
because I am the mirror image of God's mercy!

Bin Salman] anche nell'uomo che è stato il più spregevole? io ho il dovere e l'obbligo di non spegnere la sua speranza:
perché io sono l'immagine speculare della misericordia di Dio!

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 month ago

Bin Salman] I am Observatory of the Martyrdom of Christians: for 30 years: because of the Wahhabis and their related Satanist Pharisees ... and therefore, I can speak as I want!

but good people have not ceased to be smart .. and to all of them I will never hurt!

Bin SALMAN ] io sono Osservatorio del Martirio dei Cristiani: da 30anni: per colpa dei wahhabiti e loro imparentati satanisti farisei.. e quindi, io posso parlare come voglio!

ma le persone buone non hanno smesso di essere intelligenti.. ed a tutti loro io non farò mai del male!

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 month ago

Siria, 4 militari sono rimasti uccisi in attacchi dei ribelli:

perché Putin NON dice che è Mohammed shariah l'indemoniato l'unico responsabile?

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 month ago

Netanjahu] substantially Mussolini was too ignorant and idiot:
after all Rothschild and his nephew Hitler? that's why this is a really malignant Jewish family!

Netanjahu] substantially Mussolini was too ignorant and idiot:
dopotutto Rothschild e suo nipote Hitler? quella si che è verametne una famiglia maligna di ebrei!

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 month ago

Netanjahu] substantially Mussolini was too ignorant and idiot: in fact, he liked to buy the LiRA from Rothschild ..
that's why the Italian people have been too unlucky!

Netanjahu ] sostanzialmente Mussolini era troppo ignorante ed idiota: infatti, a lui piaceva comprare la LiRA da Rothschild..
ecco perché il popolo italiano è stato troppo sfortunato!

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 month ago


uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 month ago

Egypt: 11 Copts killed by SHARIAH LAW, 3 were children. Yet in the photos I have also seen several men killed at least 4.

Egitto: 11 copti uccisi da SHARIAH LAW, 3 erano bambini. Eppure nelle foto io ho visto anche diversi uomini ammazzati almeno 4.