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Lizzie Moore • 3 weeks ago

Well done to all who have participated in this campaign to have the al Fatah page and those like it, removed from Facebook. What is pretty amazing, is how long it has taken for Facebook to properly respond. The fact that Facebook has been so "liberal" when it comes to terror-enthusiasms, has created a very bad impression of Facebook and Californian culture in our neck of the woods, ie, that it is rotten, decadent, self-worshipping and anti-Semitic. [Lizzie in Australia]

revkenmcdonald • 3 weeks ago

Face Book is controlled by the fare left barbarians from the other side of the tracks. They only delete those who go against face books feelings and imaginary loyalties. They have quite often displayed cowardice against those who have commented against the raving lefties and loonies of the fare left. Those who control face book are scared sh*tless of being targeted by the barbarians of Fatah and the other sand groping mobs of the under-world. They will only ban the soft targets which don't threaten destruction to their empire.

No2Tyranny1 • 1 month ago

I was letter # 2,023. Please join me.

Gershon Perry • 1 month ago

Mr. Zuckerberg, tear down that site.

ScienceABC123 • 1 month ago

"If it weren't for double-standards leftists wouldn't have any standards." - unknown

maggoting • 1 month ago

CLOSE IT DOWN NOW facebook, or do you want to stay HYPOCRITES.

Vietvet1968 • 1 month ago

Facebook and all the rest of the internet platforms are members of terrorist and Democratic organizations who do not care about democracy!

Brian Ozzy 16 hours ago

What!... Have you gotten sick of "the lion of Judah" handle? Everyone else certainly was sick of your rubbish. Still the same old crap though I notice.

UniusREI Yitzhak Kaduri Messia ANSWER.
not to recognize the justice of my Kingdom of ISRAEL? for the kingdom of God it is high treason and your religion is annulled: therefore you will feel the extreme punishment that high betrayal deserves and that this judgment goes on even above all: ON all the men of this planet!
in fact not to recognize the Kingdom of ISRAEL is Satanism!

non riconoscere la giustizia del mio Regno di ISRAELE? per il regno di Dio è alto tradimento e la tua religione è annullata: quindi rieverai la pena estrema che merita l'alto tradimento e da va avanti questo giudizio anche sopra tutti gli uomini di questo pianeta!
infatti non riconoscere il Regno di ISRAELE è satanismo!

dosgatos • 1 month ago

FB is a blackhat operation purposefully created to manipulate and spy on people. It is also supported by the Deep State NWO. So this isn't really a social media site and should be shut down for good.

RAB • 1 month ago

Expelling the arab quad from congress would be a start

George • 1 month ago

The people that run Facebook are nothing more then useless morons. I had a memo flagged because I said I was making duck for supper in a response to what everyone was making . What super idiot that Mark hired finds that offensive????

Exactly that is my point...even this Disqus right here banned me for a while because I called a Pres Trump hater a Mo lover!...so he flagged me...👎

ZionMyHome • 1 month ago

Obvious they consider you an "Anatidaephobe". What will be next George, islamophobia ? 😃

Emilio • 1 month ago


dcnj • 1 month ago

Ya forgot ISRAEL

No2Tyranny1 • 1 month ago

You forgot to plug your brain in dork.

dcnj • 1 month ago

Ooo i know it hurts..to hear the truth.

No2Tyranny1 • 1 month ago

I KNOW the truth. God's Word is the eternal truth. And you don't have a clue otherwise you would stand with Israel. So since you are based in falsehood nothing you say matters.

lex • 1 month ago

Will facebook promote the Klu Klux Klan? I assume the answer is no. Fatah is no better and, in reality, much worse since it has real power.

ktchnsnk • 1 month ago

This hypocritical outrage that bans and limits conservative accounts for infractions of political correctness yet gives the terrorist monsters of Fatah free rein is exactly why I don't use Facebook.

Zuckerberg and company have blood on their hands and are the enemies of peace, freedom and justice.

I agree this Zuckerberg must be put in his place...his boots are becoming way too big...this is why I very rarely make use of facebook!...double triple standards the order of the day with it ...but there are other media outlets that should be looked at too...but facebook are def one!

NORMAL PERSON • 1 month ago

t is ok to have their leader go to an ISRAELI hospital for health reasons and then do what these killers do.LET THEM ALL DIE IN HELL THOSE ROTTEN PIECES OF DRECK MUMSERS

Turkey, former Prime Minister Davutoglu leaves Erdogan's party, but, the party was ready to expel him, he will found a new political force. 'The AKP can no longer achieve our goals!
answer. ok,
IF YOU ARE NOT A TURKISH WHO IS ALSO READY TO EAT CHILDREN: how ISIS? you can't do well in ottoman Erdogan's party

Imam Erdogan ISTANBUL the prompter, 13 SET. Iran is determined to defend its interests and security sharia death genocide to all unfaithful unfaithful slaves dhimmis and apostate murtids: in the Persian Gulf. This was stated by the chief of staff of the armed forces of Tehran, Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri. "We have never started a war or carried out an act of aggression (except against ISRAEL) and we will never do it: against Putin, but we will firmly defend our security and sovereignty in the event of aggression or intervention by foreign countries," he said. the army commander, quoted by the Mehr agency. "Iran - Bagheri added - does not tolerate the hegemony of powers" outside the region and "has never accepted the presence of 70,000 foreign soldiers and over 40 US military bases in the region".
practically told the US or you go or send your soldiers back to the coffins!
I feel very reassured by an Islamic world that is so underdeveloped and brutally medium-pedestrian and polygamous: demographic bomb: for the conquest and submission (ISLAM) of all the Chinese too: ok, it will take a while because they are so many: after all, Allah knows how to wait!

MOSCOW, SEPTEMBER 13 - Western sanctions against Russia are a crazy boiata: that the annexation of Crimea and the war in the Donbass: were caused by a GOLPE CIA and a genocide MOGHERINI Von Merkel Hitler Bilderberg:
these sanctions must NOT remain because "they are a strong and effective diplomatic weapon" satan and allah ja-bull-On Baal Lilith Belfagor Mardoch Murdoch:
this is what the Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelensky meant (but he didn't have the balls to be able to say it: because from an actor Macron what can one expect? also because all our politicians are Rothschild actors in hollywood), "partners think to remove the sanctions: "Are you losing money? Really? Excuse me, but we're losing people."
really: if you are NOT going to do the genocide of the Russian speakers? then, you have no people to lose! and nobody tells you that you have to lose these people !!!
Zelensky then defined the sanctions as "a tax necessary to maintain world order", a sort of "sharia jihad WW3 nuclear peace tax: high constitutional betrayal bank seigniorage". "And you know - declared the Ukrainian president - that in the civilized world it is normal to pay taxes to the master Rothschild".

if for the UN the sharia represents the new frontier of human rights
then, why should an Erdogan executioner Putin Maduro worry about going to the UN?
CARACAS, SEPTEMBER 13 - The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has announced that he will not participate this year in the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York and that he will bring "the truth" to the UN through the vice-president Delcy Rodríguez and the Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza.

THIS is the truth: if Israel does not quickly become a home for all the Jews in the world?
all Israelis will suffer a new Rothschild shoah.
Grossman to the Arab-Israelis, voted - Middle East

"Go vote!". It is the appeal launched to the Israeli Arabs by the writer David Grossman in a text published in Hebrew in the newspaper 'Yediot Ahronot' and in Arabic in the weekly 'Kul el-Arab'. "Flocked to the polls, flowed and voted - wrote Grossman - because a non-vote in these elections means strengthening the Israelis who would very much like to make you feel strangers and do not participate".
For Grossman, an abstention from voting "means pushing Israel even more towards a nationalist, fanatical and racist abyss".

Third democratic debate in Texas. All against Trump ..ANSWER ..
the reality of the Democratic Party is between a fantasy and Hollywood movie THE CARTOONS!
but the people are no longer Obama's idiot!

Use: deficit over one thousand billion
It is the first time in seven years
US: deficit exceeds one thousand billion, first in 7 years
Treasury data, over 100 billion more than last year.
ANSWER. he is right TRUMP Donald the Fed is conspiring against him!
we know that macroeconomic data are all positive: like reducing unemployment

She must be cured of the tumor, the colleagues give her the holidays
First case in Sardinia at the Conad of Sassari.
ok let's give love to all those who are visited by the suffering of a tumor!

to all these parasitic Masons: technocratic coups and speculators and criminals from the fabulous parasitic bank titles that are taken away from production: which is an interest that weighs on the desperation of hungry peoples:
of these titles a proletarian expropriation must be made: in Italy we would pay the public debt in 24 hours: and no one would notice: maybe a heart attack will come to that beast of Prodi and Giorgio Napolitano: so much in them satan has hardened and their life is worth nothing !!
a large German newspaper Bild points out the discontent in Germany for the negative rates created by the ECB, with a photomontage presenting the ECB president Mario Draghi with sharp teeth and Dracula's red cloak. "Thus the count Draghila sucks our current accounts, emptying them" headlines the newspaper, which speaks of "monetary madness: in his mandate we have lost billions". "Who, just before Draghi took office (November 2010) deposited 10,000 euros in a normal savings account, now has to bear - for zero interest rates and inflation - a loss of 324 euros", he writes between other the daily.
Yesterday the ECB re-armed the bazooka with a new QE of 20 billion a month as long as it is necessary, with the urgent appeal for a fiscal stimulus to the states that have room to maneuver - like Germany - to use it "in an effective and timely manner "

it seems to me very grotesque that a government should ask and plead with a social network about the terrorists who have been ascertained!
I would declare war on anyone who supports all the Islamic OCI and the ARAB LEAGUE: because sharia is an absolute genocide of mankind: without reciprocity: therefore they are unfair and threatening partners !! ACT NOW! Demand that Facebook Shuts Down Fatah's Pro-Terror Page!