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Net • 5 years ago

Why don't you go live next to Sellafield then, you're certainly not welcome here. You see, that's the point. All you illiterates that can't string a sentence together can always go live elsewhere. If you don't like it, move! It really isn't rocket science. If you can't say anything constructive just keep your trap shut.

FinnMapsDesigns • 6 years ago

Haha, my dear friend! 
Indeed it is a terrible place to live, it's boring and there is literally NOTHING-TO-DO at all... 
Even people here are some kinds of dumbasses and jerkbags.
I'll be probably runn' as hell to catch the next airplane... ouch excuse me, there's no airport nearby! I'll have to wait for the friggin bus!!!

I really would like to be in more - Interesting like - type of place...

Adz • 10 years ago

Although burton itself isn't the most pleasing on the eye- it is afterall an industry town and always has been- if it wasn't for coors, marmite, and so on their would be a lot more unemployment in the area!
Also if you had actually taken the time to explore the area In any depth you would realise that burton is surrounded by beautiful villages such as Barton under needwood, and rolleston on dove- and many more- burton is also not far from the peak district- and only half an hour from Nottingham and Birmingham on the train- granted burton town centre itself is not an area of natural beauty, but it certainly serves it's purpose!
(coming from someone who lived near by for 20 years )

Gavin • 10 years ago

Just cuz pple walk round with base ball caps n tracksuit bottoms u a chav. Wen u pash idiots walk round in ya shirt n tie we dnt call u stuck up twats. Burton is better than lot places not much n no shootings.

Ruth • 12 years ago

What a load of sh*t... i can think of lot worse places than burton trust me..... it isnt even that bad anymore and anywher u go you get chavs and drugs... so i think you need to go back to your stuck-up snotty little rich life and stop worrying about our town!!!

steve • 12 years ago

Ha i totally agree bout burton, it is somewhat a dump

BurtonBoy • 15 years ago

What a load ov bolloks!
Burton aint like dat... der aint even that many chavs nemore. And only on some rare days can you smell the brewery.

JordanShipton • 16 years ago

Burton does smell AT TIMES. You can only smell the Marmite Factory if you drive by it. My Dad works at Coors, so Im use to the smell

ChavhaterBOT • 16 years ago

Oh how I agree.

Burton is so Chav I have to serve Kappa slappers and all in a supermarket.

Nathan Dawson • 8 years ago

I tink dat burrton is a gud plaice 2 liv. I am not a chav its just dat i have learning difficulties. Plz do not call me a spacker just spaz will do

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