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vijay • 2 years ago

Virgin blue IT systems a modern system run by accenture failed for days together with the failover system not working and accenture even paid penalty to virgin blue.
mallya is testing guy and has no clue on system desgn and let alone TPF, if not TPF he should have another solution which is equally reliable - syntel has no design and architecture capability, only copy cat ppts from cognizant.
this rehabilitated vp whose testing division closed down and people were laid off en masse in 2015

Prahalad Kothwal • 2 years ago

Splice Machine database offer transactions on hadoop it can replace the big iron . Not sure if there is any production implementation.

Manish Sawla • 2 years ago

How many systems/Airlines using TPF are handled by Mr Mallya or Syntel to have some opinion on this 'Old' tech. Also, Why doesn't he speak about Old and New tech combinations those are working fine in so many systems (Amadeus/Sabre etc). Why don't he elaborate on the Airlines those have already tried and failed migrating complete system off the mainframe. What could be possible thing that's stopping Airline business people to keep TPF? What it could be possibly, Unwillingness, Chaos or Cost? Does Mr Mallya has any solution (name it) or he just have a view (Luxury:))?