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Vanessa • 1 month ago

Complete rubbish. Southall Travel confirmed they had been refunded my payments from the airline and hotel on 12th August. Haven’t seen a penny of it, now end September.

Julian Hussey • 3 months ago

We are still waiting for refunds for our China Southern flights to NZ in February, despite being promised refunds were authorised by the Chinese Government. After repeatedly asking for another ten days, Southall Travel has stopped replying to our emails altogether. Thousands of pounds.


Been 4 months....no refund, made me pay another £550 for "changing" tickets that could no longer be used.

Had to start section 75 claim - still no response.

Changed tickets now departing from a completely different airport.


Carlos Daniel Yabrudy • 5 months ago

This article is not truthful. Here are the reasons why:

1. The law is clear since 2015 - Consumer Bill of Rights. In retail if a product is not delivered then a refund must be given straight away. Travel Trolley act as a middle man service. They have not done this.

2. Their staff have been working from home and very often have the facility to do this.

3. Since the start of the pandemic and cancellations occured, customers have asked for refunds. Travel Trolley of course not being idiots asked for refunds from the airlines and end business.

4. Travel Trolley have been refunded yet are refusing to pass on the refunded amounts. I have a recorded call to Etihad that I will use in my small claims court and two emails claiming different "refund request" dates so there is intentional stalling from the part of Travel Trolley and also lying which is worse.

5. Travel Trolley have been holding customer's refunds to ransom in exchange for positive reviews on Trust Pilot. This was reported on 2nd June and now the website shows a warning that this has been happening on the parent company page (Southall Travel). We will remember this post pandemic for repeat bookings.

6. Fake reviews have been appearing with single named users with only 1 review to their name using phrases like "hassle free" and would use again or "have been booking with them for the last 5 years". Nobody is loyal to a travel agency. We are loyal to price 99.9% of the times. We may be loyal to airlines but certainly not to someone who is making clicks for you in exchange for some commission.

7. Despite GDPR data subject access requests, the company has not responded to many people which if reported could lead to 4% of their turnover fine which could range in the 1-2million GBP. Their net profit last year was £15milloion so perhaps a 4% fine is higher. They do not follow the law in this respect

8. Their staff do not use second names in any correspondence. Honourable businesses always quote the staff memeber who is helping you. Etihad do it, BA do it. By removing this aspect this suggests that they EXPECT either trouble or something to go wrong but you could only expect this if you are doing something wrong. e.g. Flouting laws and rules set by countries where you have customers

9. The refund process internally from the airline to them is of no consequence to Travel Trolley's customers. Travel Trolley are obliged and bound by law to refund a customer even if the airline has not refunded them yet and people are not aware of this who do not know the law. If Tesco fail to deliver a product you pay for that is out of stock, and they paid Pepsi as a supplier for your 24 cans of Pepsi Max, they cannot simply state to you that they are waiting for a delivery but could take 4 weeks so if you want, you can contact Pepsi for where your money is but we might give you a credit voucher so you can get some cans of Pepsi Max later. Tesco are a supplier of products and I am TESCO's CUSTOMER. Not PEPSI Max's. Therefore Travel Trolley are duty bound to refund customers' money if they cannot deliver goods or goods do not materialize for whatever reason. This is regardless of terms and conditions they set as STATUTE LAW overrides whatever they would like to write.

10. Despite Terms and Conditions stating refunds they have simply ignored this.

11. Claims of any X amount of millions are unfounded and unless statements are given, are worthless to anybody. You still have people waiting almost 11 weeks for a refund. I am one of them.

12. It seems the only way they refund you now is going to small claims as they know that including court costs, they would need to give back double or face the court sending bailiffs to recover goods from addresses and then refund you instead. On top of this they would have many markers paced against the business which would affect their operation which I am sure they do not want.

Carlos Daniel Yabrudy • 5 months ago

They have also deleted comments that I posted here about why this story is not factual.

John • 5 months ago

All nonsense and more hype for the media. Trolley Travel Ltd were forced into their legal obligations by consumer pressure and an overwhelming outpouring of bad feeling and horrendous mismanagement by Borkartria and Bahia .
This Southall Travel Group may suffer serious consequences for this attitude to consumers

Leeroy Von Bunting • 5 months ago

Absolute nonsense. I have been waiting for 2 months for my refund which I still havent got.