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Excellent article Lee. "Unwritten roles" please... come on. 21st century now. No one is claiming they compare apples with apples. What's highlighted specifically in On The Beach online campaign is the price. No one is saying you get the exact same holiday with On The Beach as you would with say TuI or Thomas Cook, The campaign is about price, that's all. Thank goodness for some healthy competition. If other players in the market place feel threatened, maybe they need to re-think their online advertising strategies..

PeterM • 4 months ago

This ''unwritten rule'' has not and never will exist - just a figment of Josephides pipe dreams. It is a ploy I have used for maybe 50 years and it works both ways. In an effort to combat this like for like I always made sure we never used the same property as Thomson - Cosmos - Airtours etc. May this policy forever exist.