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Richard Bristow • 1 week ago

Having been involved in selling and project management of 'travel technology' for many years, I was very interested in all your contributors comments. In past the problem has been that suppliers are working in fairly defined sectors of the market like: tour operations, retail agents and TMC's. This has meant that all requirements in terms of functionality have been reasonably specific. Users have just wanted functionality using slightly different methods.
The market now is quite different and so is the technology. In theory this should be easier to design and market solutions that offer the flexibility the travel market needs. in practice I believe the only way of getting a consensus for common technology platforms will be by getting industry bodies to agree standards. This would seriously reduce costs but narrow business options.
I have seen this happen in the 1990's when tour operator system standards were agreed but it all fell apart at the last moment when the largest players felt their competitive advantage's would be compromised and with drew support. It will take some real determination to reach agreement this time. In the meanwhile, go for the best technology you can afford and be very through about specifying your business needs going forward.
Best of luck.