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David Tarsh • 3 years ago

Tourism is a fantastic export business and job creator. To those complaining about overtourism; I say try not having the business and the jobs!

Local governments make a fortune from tourism via all kinds of direct and indirect taxation. They should spend that revenue on improving capacity and managing the increased traffic so everything continues to flow smoothly.

When things don't flow smoothly, it is the local authorities who deserve the criticism not the tourists.

Charlotte Lamp Davies • 3 years ago

Hi David, Thanks for adding your thoughts. I think we're pretty well aligned here but I do think that travel companies should take a level of responsibility here which I think many are waking up to. It is ultimately about partnership and working towards a greater good for all concerned. I hope not too naively to think this is do-able but realise it'll take some effort on everyone's part.

David Tarsh • 3 years ago


Yes but the destinations really should take the lead because the travel companies are the customer and they could, in theory, take the business elsewhere.

However, sadly it is too much the other way around - ETOA, the major trade association for the inbound industry, seems to be making much more effort to engage the destinations than the destinations are making to engage ETOA!