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A Nonny Mouse • 3 years ago

Not always agreed with Roger Allard on a good many things, but if the above account is to be believed then I can think of few other failures that have been managed so well.

Gary Ash • 3 years ago

Roger Allard is one of the most knowledgeable people in the travel industry if he could not make All Leisure work nobody could.

SueB • 3 years ago

I would guess that the problems with the drop in value of the pound played the major issue in All Leisues demise. It's easy to blame the senior execs!

San • 3 years ago

Wasn't Allard one of the Kings in helping CAA deal with Tour Operator failures and making money off these businesses? The world has changed and the old boys network is not what it used to be.

Paula2 • 3 years ago

It looks as if he has sold the salvageable parts of the business to release funds for the creditors. Would you buy a specialist travel business that concentrated on cruises to the Eastern Med, Red Sea and Baltic at this time? Anyone who bought it would be an enthusiast or scam artist not an entrepreneur.

Simon Davis • 3 years ago

Mmmm .. not before selling the most profitable and easily separable parts of the business to .... er .... himself !!! Prob not much left for poor creditors I bet.