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SueB • 3 years ago

We are truly saddened by the demise of this wonderful cruise line with whom we have shared many amazing holidays on Discovery and Voyager. The standard in every section of the company has been faultless. The staff and the wonderful Polynesian crew who are so kind, cheerful and helpful . I hope the company can do everything possible to help these wonderful people find employment

Rhea • 3 years ago

Yes, i hope they can help those people, they work so hard and were always super kind. Nobody even mentiones them.

Μικε • 3 years ago

I would have to be dragged kicking and screaming to go on a cruise!

San • 3 years ago

Allard does not have the magic wand he use to wave when "helping" CAA rescue passengers of failed tour operators, while making a tidy sum in the process. Wonder who get to make the money in the passenger rescue this time.

The Saintly One • 3 years ago

An uninformed observation - would you have the entire enterprise collapse.

The Saintly One • 3 years ago

What pity; lovely companies, good cruise operators, and in general high standards.
The price of the British decline - a declining currency, status, and world significance.
Making a success of Brexit; Theresa May style.

Oliver • 3 years ago

It's legal but hardly moral. Sad for those who loose their jobs but hardly sad for Mr Allard and co who just move on leaving people without the cruises they expected to have.

Ship Shape • 3 years ago

Very very true Oliver! Allard has conveniently shifted profitable assets to himself in the last 12 months. The Hebridean ship to himself (under the guise of HP Shipping) and leased back to Hebridean Cruises. He then bought Hebridean Cruises from All Leisure! Discover Egypt was bought out and now owned by Platinum Holidays which he is a director of. All seems a bit BHS !

enders • 3 years ago

I have to agree Oliver and this just looks like they took the good bits and left the rest to sink. Stinks a bit and the same name seems to be connected to a lot of these companies that disappear - clever accountancy or a fiddle?

Guest • 3 years ago
Ship Shape • 3 years ago

It's been done in a way that reduces the financial exposure to the CAA, which just happens to mean customers flew back on their already paid for scheduled flights so no need for any financial outlay from the CAA and minimal disruption for customers.

Julie McIntyre • 3 years ago

So very sad as both Voyages of Discovery and Swan Hellenic were niche products that were well loved by their passengers.

Hector Taylor • 3 years ago

What were the main reasons for All Leisure's collapse?

Maz • 3 years ago

Ran out of money is the standard reason.

Peter • 3 years ago

How incredibly sad.