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Holiday Warrior • 1 year ago

All that distribution and doubling up of stores on pretty much every high street and market lead is still nowhere in sight. Ultimately this will be unsustainable, it would be better and more credible to announce a wider closure schedule but over multiple years now.

The CoOp brand looks dated these days especially against the new CoOp rebrand, this will take significant investment to maintain over the two years at which point no doubt they will need to transition to a TC fascia which will then naturally drive a routine of closing doubled up stores on each high street anyway.

Having a wide distribution through high streets is difficult enough, but when you consider the implications of the wider shift to online and customers behaviors surrounding packaging their owns holidays, this is something they need to manage very carefully.

Thoughts are with their staff who undoubtedly will be treated unfairly no matter what.

Realist • 1 year ago

When this ' merger ' took place I wrote that this was and still is the most absurd move in commercial history. The Co-op board must have thought it was Christmas every day getting rid of a brand they never wanted, barrel loads of cash and ' him '.

Fortunately for all, the decision makers at that time no longer have any involvement - how fortunate.

Harriet - where the hell are you. All is forgiven for lying to you.

Claret • 1 year ago

No mention of which stores are affected ?