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LydtravUK • 4 years ago

I hope in future this will make consumers double check who they are booking with and the implications involved if it fails. As a high street agent I sometimes feel like a broken record as I explained to customers the reasons why I can't match a quote offered by low cost holidays - and like in the past I will see some of those same people come through my door tomorow after the company has failed. But as always it's not about gloating - its about educating people not to risk potentially thousands of pounds and a hard earned holiday.

KarvÄ— • 4 years ago

If only insurance you'd sell. You add 2% for insurance and 20% for you own chair doing redundant work.

Jenny • 4 years ago

They should have stayed as UK company as they started. Tried to go international but unfortunately didn't pay off.

Guest • 4 years ago
oliver • 4 years ago

Let's hope it bites you one day.

Guest • 4 years ago
Tracy • 4 years ago

From someone who was shafted big time by them all I can say is - whoooo hoooooo

Kane • 4 years ago

A very sad day for the entire team at Low Cost Holidays. The Directors are responsible for the company and will doubtless come in for criticism but I hope it is measured. I have no doubts that along with everyone else Paul fought like a lion to save his baby. It would be good if people didn't stick the boot in for a change.

Chris • 4 years ago

A sad day for the staff, Paul Evans won't care he is rich so can afford it..He will be already working on his other business with Alex Gisbert...as a former employee I can honestly say he ran that business appallingly and I jumped ship before it went under

David • 4 years ago

Blimey! That news was a surprise... The founder Paul Evans was always so sure of himself, I guess he was too sure.....

david.pascoe • 4 years ago

I do feel for those staff in LGW and those on passenger holidays. I Feel for those passenger Who were due to travel with the company doesn't its wasn't part of the Atol scheme