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( FOE ) Fan of Education • 2 years ago

Excellent news - if the parents do not pay - then garnish their salaries, BUT being able to take kids off school probably means they are unemployed.

Buck eejit • 2 years ago

Eh? Taking kids off school for a holiday probably means you are unemployed? Because employed people don't get holidays do they? You sir, are a 1st class eejit!

Julie drewls • 2 years ago

Guess Buck eejit is unemployable.

buck eejit • 2 years ago

Thankfully I am employed Julie, but that hasn't always been the case. I have been made redundant in the past and it's not a great experience. Hence why I took offence at the initial post. I do agree that there are the unemployable though! Those who do not want to work are a drain on our society for sure.