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Rachel Lauder • 4 years ago

Such as the world is today, tourism is dwindling. I am employed in the tourist industry and can safely say that 2016 has been disastrous. I hope there is an improvement next year but I am not hopeful.

Guest • 4 years ago

Lots of customer research we have done lately clearly highlighted that customers use online and store staff for research. Over 80% of our customer groups either didn't use a brochure at all, or had it on the coffee table after they booked. I've been in travel for over 25 years and agree as an industry we need to focus more on the value our staff add instore and how we should engage digital to enable our teams and inspire our customers. Some brochures add value - ITC etc for the wow factor, but most add no or little value. I think it's great if TUI move to directional selling as it saves us time having to compete. Let's focus on what we are great at, what ever that is for each of us.
I would highly recommend stores spending time asking questions of customers and listening to feedback!
Ask the question to a sample of our own customers........ What resources/ tools do you use to research and plan your holidays?

Paul • 4 years ago

TUI will lose all it's older clientele that don't know how to use or don't have access to the internet, on a plus side for independent agents, you can rack a company that supports indys, pays more commission and does not advertise cheaper prices online to turn customers aware from your stores.

Guest • 4 years ago

I'm sorry but I completely agree. I don't work for TUI but I actually hate brochures. The amount of time spent sorting the ones I don't want, racking them and recycling the old ones is ridiculous especially when I look at the amount of customers I speak to who actually take a brochure away. If you deliver excellent service, use modern sales techniques and tools there is no need for a brochure. If you are "here's a brochure go and have a think about what you want and come back to me" you will never survive and I bet your bottom line is minimal if not in the red. Times are changing and people are more tech savvy even the silver surfers.

Level Headed Agent • 4 years ago

Keep a level head everyone, stop attacking each other. Where we are based many clients do their research online and in store, but they still want a brochure in their hands before they will book and part with their money. All the operators need to do is print brochures with all the hotel and resort information in them, but leave out any pricing details. That way clients still get a physical brochure and there is no issue with out of date pricing.

Andrew • 4 years ago

To the people who have posted below saying this is a nail in the coffin for Independent agents etc. If anything I think it is quite the opposite.

Have a look at your store - how much square footage is taken up by brochure racks? in retail wasted square footage means wasted money. Strip out the brochure racks, add some more sales desks a few large screen TV's and a couple of tablets or downsize premises.

By doing so you can update your display with up to date and daily information plus a lot more. Or would you rather have some brochure that was printed 6 months ago, with prices the majority of customers cannot realistically achieve?

The world is moving on, but the travel industry has been slow to catch up. It's now time to buck up your product and your ideas or your agency will fail.

21st Century Agents • 4 years ago

Oh here we go, lets have all the old school travel idiots who want to stay in the dark ages have a good ole whinge !

Its a time where retail has moved on, why shouldnt travel agents do the same.

Those who dont want to modernise, can stay in the dark ages, that way you can serve all those who want brochures and good old free advice. I mean, its not as though these people will go anywhere else will they. Theyre going to live forever and always use you... What about the younger generation, at least Tui and Cooks may be trying to attract these as well now

steve kane • 4 years ago

Well Shame on you Longman all you have ever wanted is for all the money that your customers pay for your holidays is too stay on block within TUI, TUI could not care less about customers as long as they can get the money and what about all the travel agents that customers book Thomson/First Choice with they will all lose out.And then the loyal Thomson/First Choice customers who cannot use computers who choose their holidays from a book again Longman you don't give a dam,And yes i hope that the two companys do leave that useless entity (A.B.T.A)

Cheshire Cat • 4 years ago

Well it had to happen, the start of the travel agent into the abyss where Tui Holidays will only be booked in a Tui shop. The reality being the only commercial decision available to them proving that their own distribution channels are more than enough to cope.
How long will it be before Cook's follows, I would love to be a fly on the boardroom wall - only to find out when.

Don't be surprised if they bring A.B.T.A. ( please ) to its knees by resigning from, a totally useless entity.