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Observer • 2 years ago

No surprise that four major EU counties want us to stay. With the UK out that'll just leave Germany picking up the tab for all the other failed economies. None of them can afford to lose bi-lateral trade, or UK tourists, whatever the outcome.

Patrick Doyle • 2 years ago

I agree nobody knows how the figures will stack up if we leave the EU, a Brexit however would be bad for the travel trade, any kind of barrier of free movement of
people would be bad news.

Glenn Shaw • 2 years ago

More scaremongering. So if it's percentages we are looking at them 60% of respondents in Spain and France would not think it's fair to charge a higher tax to UK visitors, 75% do not think insurance rates will increase, 76% not worried about roaming charge increases, 78% no increase in pollution on beaches and 72% do not believe the cost of a holiday to Europe will increase. Get a grip guy's, the world will not end if we brexit.