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AJ • 2 years ago

Isn't it more likely that the Euro will plummet if it loses its 2nd most powerful economy? Even if the £ does drop for a while won't that attract tourists to a safe and exciting country and boost exports.This is all just BS.

Maz • 2 years ago

Hardly matters does it. We'd have all died by then anyway from a mass outbreak of chickenpox which couldn't be controlled by the NHS as they'd have gone bust immediately in the event of a Leave Vote.
What a load of old nonsense.

Oooh • 2 years ago

WARNING. Hamsters and gerbils will bite more kids if Britain leaves the EU.

me • 2 years ago

That's because the price of Hamster and Gerbil food will rocket if we leave the EU. Or it will be the same or less.

Paul Emery • 2 years ago

Scaremongering at it's best. I believe sterling will be even stronger in the mid term. Is this the same Treasury that insisted on us joining the Euro? Perhaps renegotiating airline slots are the real concern. Have a word with mystic Meg.