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steve kane • 2 years ago

Well Peter F why don't all the INDEPENDANTS get there acts together and say to those 2 greedy company's NO MORE I am sure that if enough of you make a stand and make sure us customers now you are ALL making the same stand then the BIG 2 WILL have too listen???

Julie drewls • 2 years ago

Dementia springs to mind when I read Steve Kane's rants.

Realist • 2 years ago

Also, your comment was missing quite a bit of punctuation...

mrscluckyat102 • 2 years ago

Why don't agents give customers a quick geography lesson and demonstrate that being the huge country that it is Turkey's resorts are well away from Istanbul and the Syrian border. A lot of tour operators are suffering from this apparent ignorance. Just saying.

steve kane • 2 years ago

Once again here I go Gobbing off ,When the traveling public say to the BIG tour operators enough is enough then perhaps they will STOP ripping the customers off. I tracked 1 specific tour operators holiday in Cala Bona for 4th March Bonaire half Board for 11 nights, over the period of 6 days this holiday went on sale for between £639 for 2 adults on the first day, then it went too £1060 for 2 adults the 2nd day, then down to £956 for 2 adults AND SO ON .Today its at £684 for 2 adults. Now I know I am NOT an agent however I an fully aware that the holiday has already been priced 12 months in advance with the hotel group Protur, this is blatant price hiking by the tour operator and this is totally WRONG the CUSTOMER IS BEING RIPPED OFF. So yes I am gobbing off but I and thousands of other customers have got a right to gob off at things like this. SO come on all you independent AGENTS start sticking up for the CUSTOMER and say A BIG FAT NO TO THE TOUR OPERATORS.

Julie drewls • 2 years ago

Forgot the meds again Steve Kane ?

PeterF • 2 years ago

You are of course aware that some of the price variation is due to exchange rates, not to mention demand and fiscal planning. That said we independents do fight for our customers - the problem is the fact that currently there are 2 big operators who dominate the market and they get away with pushing competition out.