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glenn e pickard • 4 years ago

The benefit of increased landings/take offs will go to the British people, not the airport owners !!! More slots drives business.Airports have to have a profit element. Otherwise the UK might as well go back to using Croydon and leave world business development to the US, continental Europe and China !

LHR does n't pollute/creat noise any more than Atlanta or Bejing, it is driven by the number of arrival and departures. But ground vehicles are also a problem, and appears LHR mgmt. understands that. They will have to work to targets for emmission reductions

Martin Durant • 4 years ago

Nothing above will come close to the devastating impacts of what Heathrow already inflict on the 15 million within a 30-mile radius of the airport with its' existing 2-runway airport, and all of the above measures can be implemented NOW rather than conditional upon the green light towards the third (then fourth) runway. Heathrow is already the most polluting & most noise-affecting airport in Europe by some distance, if not the world. By increasing aircraft movements by another 280,000 per year will be an environmental catastrophe, for London and the Home Counties, all for the benefit of its' foreign-owned low/no tax paying owners

David Tarsh • 4 years ago

Car chargers for electric vehicles - good BUT what Heahrow really needs to do urgently is to provide sufficient power points where travellers can plug in a laptop or a phone. The scrummage for access to the few power points in the departure lounges is one of the worst features of the Heathrow experience.