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peter sanity • 1 month ago

its enough to drive you to drink....

Fabio • 1 month ago

I think Mrs Dobson should focus on petitioning other countries to withdraw their ban on Brits travelling from plague Island. This is going to be the challenge bearing in mind the new ultra infectious variant. Getting the UK government to relax our restrictions will be a doddle in comparison.

Geoff Douse • 1 month ago

With regard to the 4 nations working together, best of luck as they try and outdo each other all the time. Disgraceful approach to the whole situation. Acting like tinpot dictators.

James Hill • 1 month ago

Testing required for arrivals is just 9 months too late. The horse is so far gone to be over the horizon !! History will not view the decision making of our esteemed leaders kindly.

Maz • 1 month ago

By the time it was realised what was going on with COVID back in March, testing was in its infancy and there were hundreds of thousands COVID cases anyway. I had it in March; I just didn't know what it was. To then test Brits coming home would have been pointless and cause panic and delays. This time they're doing it to stop the new strains possibly coming in. Apart from benefit of hindsight experts, who knew?