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Simon Mennens • 2 months ago

concerning paragraph was 'a suggestion that airlines would benefit if vaccines went first to younger people able to travel.' which he rightly scotched the idea - but what freakin' imbecilic mindset would even table a suggestion like that ??

PeterM • 2 months ago

This guy needs the bullet - NOW - and take more water with it.

Peter Sanity • 2 months ago

The economic landscape after covid will
have a significant long term impact on travel
and non essential expenditure.
People are struggling to put food on table
And pay their mortgages i dont think this
Chap understands that he like many others are burying their heads in the sand.

Antony Winspear • 2 months ago

Sadly, as in other circumstances, the financial affects of COVID have not been evenly distributed. Many, probably a majority, have maintained their incomes throughout the epidemic, some have increased theirs.
Agile well-funded airlines and tour operators such as easyJet are well placed to benefit from what will initially be a reduced but by no means insignificant leisure market.

Peter sanity • 2 months ago

Look at the food bank stats!
As you are a resident of Rhodes
Do you know the suffering of
Millions of families and self employed who ate getting no help?
Reality check needed!!
Easy jet have had significant help
From the uk tax payer 600 m £
I think !