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ChrisJ • 2 months ago

TUI really are a despicable organisation. Just how do they survive when they screw-over both their suppliers and their customers?

David Wootton • 2 months ago

Makes you wonder if they are trading correctly. As changing the contract after supply of goods seems a bit bordering on

steve kane • 2 months ago

Take them to court and MAKE them pay a contract is a contract as Peter M & Airpocket say Same old TUI they are just a set of rouges in the travel industry and should be brought to book by someone

Geoff Douse • 2 months ago

Same old SK. No punctuation. A whole new word “Rouges”. The gift that keeps on giving.

Rhonda Jenkins • 2 months ago

Alas the 3 stooges are back. Miserable Maz, Soapbox Steve and Pessimistic Peter. Nice to hear from you all again! Why is it I wonder you only comment on negative press releases about TUI, yet anything positive, you remain quiet? Strange! Or is it the fact you enjoy bashing the world’s largest tour operator? Whatever your reason, it’s becoming repetitive and quite frankly boring.

Maz • 2 months ago

So you're not a hotelier then, with staff and suppliers to pay? Or a customer, where the CMA had to intervene to get them to refund peoples holidays which they cancelled?

Rhonda Jenkins • 2 months ago

Yes I’m a customer and had no problems getting my money back first time. Obviously not every company is perfect and will make mistakes. BA, EasyJet and even Jet2 have made them. It’s precarious times we all know that. I’m not excusing TUI but it seems whenever I read this paper the three names I see most negative are the ones listed. No ones forcing you to travel with TUI there are alternative companies you can use. Peace & Love Rhonda.

PeterM • 2 months ago

Any agreement is only valid if accepted by both parties and in writing, Form the report only dictatorial TUI appear to be judge and jury and rule in their own favour. However, beware of a Greek bearing gifts.2,000 Greek hotelier - questionable ?????

Maz • 2 months ago

That's TUI for you. Nasty company, to their customers over refunds this year, and their suppliers, but continue to trouser German taxpayers money.

Airpocket • 2 months ago

Surprise, surprise...TUI witholds/delays payments!